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    Sawyer water filters were targeted. Be skeptical of everything, protect yourself.


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    “And how is my way or the grave any different regardless of who weilds the power?”

    That is the point, there are no substantive differences in the wielding of power, and the common man gets ground underfoot if he doesn’t get out of the way.

    Yes, I agree, the American culture is dying, as is western culture as a whole. Dying culture have spasms of lashing out, attempting to regain what is slipping through their fingers. Make America great again, I feel sure you know that phrase, but we are not the same people we were a hundred years ago, or farther back when we broke from England. The American people have evolved over time, while immersed in one of the most successful cultures the world has ever known, and we have become rotten, like overripe fruit, spoiled, lazy, corrupt, and balkanized. We no longer see ourselves as Americans, we hyphenate our identities, if we have one at all. Our culture is dying mainly because of this, not because of any other factors, although there are many things that contribute to the disintegration. How can America be great again when the population of this country doesn’t really give a damn about anything that doesn’t directly benefit themselves. Get mine now, and too bad for you.


    “Most don’t even get that there are at least 3 mathematical certainties of a major change in north American lifestyle.”

    No kidding? Major lifestyle changes coming our way? Why you must be out of your freakin’ mind. I do get sarcastic at times, please excuse me.

    You may be surprised that I am on the same page with much of what you say, when I can decipher it, lol, I just see it from a different perspective.

    It is unfortunate that we butted heads right off, but you know, you were wrong, LOL. Excuse me again, I couldn’t resist.



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    “Excellent, how safe is the manure once it is composted I would think it ok but? did it say? Human waste has contaminated a lot of food lately”

    Good question, and I see nobody has addressed it. I do not know definitively, how safe composted human manure would be.

    One consideration is correct composting, in which the temperatures would reach a level that would kill off bacteria. When I was big into composting I found I needed a very large mass of organic material to achieve those temperatures. Perhaps if the human manure were added to such a large mass of other material and composted correctly then that might take care of bacterial concerns. I don’t think a five gallon bucket of organic material would be adequate, more likely a huge pile about ten to twelve feet long, eight feet wide, at the base, and about six feet tall, like what I constructed. Sticking my hand into that pile about a foot in the middle would feel like it was going to burn me, couldn’t keep it there. It takes a lot of effort.

    Another matter to consider: humans are at the top of the food chain, and as such we get all the heavy metals from everything we eat, all the plants and animals that we eat, pick up heavy metals from what they eat. Compost from human manure would, I think, contain more heavy metals than compost made from living things farther down the food chain. This would be a cumulative thing, a long term concern, probably more germane to young children than old folks. The very young have a lifetime ahead of them to accumulate toxins, whereas old farts like me are pretty much done for, already poisoned from living my own sixty plus years eating whatever.

    Another thing, the pharmaceuticals humans consume. These things are excreted by humans, albeit in tiny amounts. There are real world concerns about this in water treatment effluent discharged into rivers etc. The treatment plants aren’t specifically designed to remove such things.

    I need to research this subject in more detail, although finding much on this subject may be difficult.

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    Short attention span, inability to focus, concentrate for any length of time, I can’t help but think the quality, accuracy of the decisions people so afflicted make, will suffer in proportion.

    It all started with that damned sesame street show for kids, rotted out their brains, LOL.

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    I try not to project a badaz image in the real world, it being counterproductive in many ways. Sometimes people will tell you things about themselves, if they feel dominate, that they wouldn’t otherwise.

    When I built my house in the woods where I live now, I was talking to a neighbor that I didn’t know well. He was recovering from a bad accident on a job site, he being an industrial plumber, also a Vietnam era Navy veteran. The talk wandered around to being somewhat prepared for situations in which food could be in short supply, or nonexistent. I asked him if he was prepared to any degree to deal with that eventuality.

    I was stunned by his reply. Now this was a seemingly decent person, a supervisor of many workers on large plumbing jobs, about 62 years old with grown children and grandchildren. He said he had no food stocks to speak of. He then said he would send his son to my door, for instance, to ask for food, while he hid in the woods with a firearm, and if the answer to his son’s entreaty was negative, well, he would get what he felt he needed by force.

    I didn’t react badly even though it was very alarming, just chuckled as if I thought it a joke, and changed the subject, no need to be confrontational, let him think he could get away with such an idiotic plan, rather than cause him to think up a better, more effective one. I told my wife about it, and we will react as necessary if the time comes to do so. We will never trust the guy, or his children for that matter. To be honest, under shtf circumstances, no one will be trusted, as I know what people are capable of doing when they are desperate.

    There was another one, years ago, a guy I had known since high school. He was a drug addict, used most anything available to get high, starting out with huffing gasoline out of a paper bag as a boy. His dad was a salesman for drug companies, and kept his overflow of pharmaceuticals on the closet floor about a foot deep. The guy said he would experiment with different things and his dad never knew.

    Anyway this guy showed me a new .270 bolt action rifle with scope he had purchased. Now I knew this guy didn’t hunt, always kind of scared of the woods. So I asked him why he bought the firearm, as it was a good bit of cash. He said he was getting worried about things, shtf sorts of things, and that he was going to survive by sniping others and taking what he wanted.

    This really angered me, but I didn’t react, I just found an excuse to go my way, and to avoid him ever after. I told my wife and son that in a real shtf situation, if this guy showed up where we live, to shoot him on sight, don’t even attempt to talk to him, that he was that dangerous. Fortunately the creep doesn’t know where we live now, but he could find out with a bit of diligent searching. Hopefully he will die of an overdose, or get run over before I have to deal with his schemes.

    Most everyone has the potential to do horrific things if the pressures upon them are severe enough. I shake my head at those who say they will walk on water through the shtf lands, bringing kindness and love to all …… potential raiders, murderers, rapists, or dead people without a clue, living in fantasy land because thinking about such things is so repugnant.


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    Listen to people on the internet forums long enough, and you will hear enough dumb bizarre things to write a long book.

    I just heard someone vehemently state the following, in all seriousness I suppose.

    ***** my firearms are NOT going to fail. Not during my lifetime nor that of my children.*****

    No amount of arguing could change his mind, and he hates me for trying.

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    Crow Bar, as I post in response to subjects being brought up, I see certain patterns of behavior emerging, it being obvious.

    I will employ an oblique approach rather than being personally confrontational, which would result in defensiveness and denial, rather I will deal in analogy.

    I have German shepherds, male and female, and I enjoy observing their behaviors. The behaviors of dogs have parallels in human behaviors, no matter that it makes some people uncomfortable to admit such. We are both social animals, and as such status is important to our survival. In dogs the status seeking, pack hierarchy behavior is without pretense, honest as such, whereas in humans we commonly attempt to obscure such behavior behind a wall of rather disingenuous justifications.

    I have observed my male German shepherd discovering where a stray has come through the yard at night, into his territory, and peed on something, thereby marking it as his territory with his scent. My dog cannot ignore this intrusion into his area of control, he must pee upon the other dog’s scent in order to reestablish his dominance over the territory. This behavior is never ending, it happens every time a strange scent is discovered. My dog is compelled by his survival instincts to act in this manner, he cannot control this behavior.

    Humans have, or should have if they are aware and honest as to the motivations for their actions, the ability to control to a large degree their own survival drives, instincts (yes we have them), or at least modify them in light of social acceptability. The sad state of affairs is that very few people can admit to themselves the why of their actions, what is behind the dances we play out with each other. The actual naked motivations for human behaviors are quite embarrassing for the majority to accept, and therefore, in this state of denial, we come up with endless justifications for doing what we do.

    Once a person becomes aware of these things, and gets over the ego bruising that results in the acceptance of what we are, and what really motivates us, these bizarre little repetitive dances get tiresome.

    It gets wearisome but so what, too bad, it is what it is, and it will never stop, because people cannot divorce themselves from the comfortable, self-aggrandizing illusions they create in order to replace the godawful actuality of the reality of our existence. This is why we fight over inconsequential things, this is why we cannot/will not accept the differences inherent to the peoples of this world.

    Just a little something to consider.


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    Hey Rainmaker, do you know of this, the tree branch water filter?


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    Definitely living beyond their means.

    James, you’re on to something with your post. Status within the group is very important to people, so important that they will hurt themselves financially to achieve the perception of high status …….. unfurnished McMansion,lol.

    The competition for status pervades many of our interactions, it drives the sale of the latest clothing fashions, I see it being employed in the sales pitches for the latest, greatest, high speed low drag tactical gear …..gucciflage, a must have for the real operator, more macho than all other camouflage, lol. People stab friends and potential allies in the back to gain status. It even appears on obscure internet forums, resulting in needless bickering and hurt feelings …… LOL!

    I majored in Anthropology in college, I particularly enjoyed cultural Anthropology. From that perspective meet the “Potlatch”, an interesting custom practiced by the indigenous peoples, the Indians, of the northwest.

    “In the <i>potlatch</i>, the host in effect challenged a guest chieftain to exceed him in his ‘power’ to give away or to destroy goods. If the guest did not return 100 percent on the gifts received and destroy even more wealth in a bigger and better bonfire, he and his people lost face and so his ‘power’ was diminished.”<sup id=”cite_ref-9″ class=”reference”></sup>

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potlatch       …….. Yeah OK, wikipedia is good enough to get a feel for what this is about.

    This was referred to as conspicuous consumption, proving status by “consuming”, giving away or destroying valuable assets, including the killing of slaves …… they had a special club just for that purpose.

    We cannot help it, the drive for status is hardwired, part of the survival instincts, the need to achieve the highest status possible to reap the rewards, of which breeding rights was the foremost. If we understand these things we can control, to a large degree, the drive to act out on it, especially when it is inappropriate, for example, when it is tantamount to financial suicide.

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    From the article in the op ………

    “In order to preserve their dominance and recover their indisputable authority, they use blackmail and pressure. They don’t hesitate to blatantly interfere in the affairs of sovereign states.”

    Lavrov states this with the clear intention of people perceiving these sorts of actions as unique to the United States. They are not, pressure, in all its forms, including blackmail, have always been utilized by those wielding power. Lavrov is contemptuous of the common man, he thinks the average person knows nothing of these things.

    Lavrov pontificates …….

    “……search for a balance of interests and compromises, so diplomacy should play a leading role here,”

    Gee whiz sparky, just what does diplomacy actually consist of …… we will trade you this for that, if we don’t get what we want, we will withhold this and that, or we will do thus and such which will hurt you, or we will tell the world, leak certain sensitive information to the world which will embarrass you, cause you to lose status, if you absolutely refuse to do as we desire, we will demonize you on the world stage, and then bomb you into oblivion, and on and on as it has always been done.

    Lavrov is spewing propaganda to manipulate, to attempt to influence people’s thinking about the United States in a negative way  ……… so what else is new.

    The best propaganda contains truth, with only subtle distortion added, and it should aim at telling the target audience what they want to hear, but through the careful distortion, guiding people’s thinking farther towards the desired goal.

    In that light, yes, globalism is under attack, it has become vulnerable to criticism. In my opinion the globalists have overplayed their hand, they became inpatient, moved too quickly with the changes they desired in western cultures. They could no longer control the negative ramifications of said changes, either on the ground, or in people’s minds through their constant propagandizing, and so evermore people are seeing globalism in a different light, as something threatening to their culture, their national identity, their life in general, and they are correct to do so.

    Lavrov, Russia, obviously has certain interests at stake concerning globalism, and so they attack the Trump administration through their attack on the United States in general.

    None of these niceties they insist the U.S. follow in our interactions with other nations will matter at all to Lavrov, or Russia, if they gain the upper hand in any big way, it will be my way or the highway, or the grave.

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    “Scared the snot out of me but showed me the power of a woman being armed and confident enough to use it.”

    How close were the people to you, to your daughter?

    Watch this video. It concerns the 21 foot rule. The concept is that anyone within 21 feet can be on you before you can defend yourself. I think it is not absolute by any means. It very much depends on the people involved as to how it will turn out in the real world. It is something to take into account though.

    Dan Inosanto, the guy doing the knife thing is a highly accomplished marshal artist, and they aren’t that common, nor do people of that level of accomplishment commonly go around jumping on people with evil intent ….. just some perspective.

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    James posits the following …….

    “By how much? How much population do you think the world can handle?”

    I contend that it isn’t simply a question of numbers, as people are not beans to be counted and placed into sacks. People are astoundingly complex creatures, and simple answers are usually lacking in predicting their behavior, or their survivability.

    How many people can the world handle? what kind of people, what quality (PC offense in progress)? Even a small population that is morally bankrupt, irresponsible, existing at a low level of moral development, ignorant, will have a low probability of survival, even in the midst of an Eden. They will waste resources, pollute most everything, fight within the group over petty things, and be ill prepared to defend themselves against outside groups who do a better job of keeping it together, and natural disasters. This can be observed in the world today, if one can take off the PC blinders.

    On the other hand, a population that is the converse of the aforementioned, will have a much higher probability of survival within the closed ecosystem that is the earth we live on.

    As the population increases, so to does the competition for all available resources. Taken more in depth, the competition increases for perceived needed resources, actually desires masquerading as needs. Foe example, desirable places to live. In some places the living is easy, pleasant, and in others it is posible to live, but it is unpleasant, harsh, and so the people living in the lessor habitats, in their perception, will compete against others for the preferable places to live. This has pragmatic reasoning driving it also, child mortality is less in certain environments, resources are more easily available in certain environments, etc.

    Wars are fought over preferable habitat.

    The current immigration/invasion by people from third world countries is driven in large part by the desire to live in a land of relative plenty as opposed to some crap hole where the life expectancy is abysmal. I cannot fault these people’s desires to do this, but it does engender certain serious problems of economics, politics, and culture.

    So, take a realistic look at the populations of the western world, the entire world for that matter, and contemplate what the competition is going to be like in the future with ever greater population density within the context of finite resources. What form of governance is going to evolve to maintain necessary control over such numbers? What will the overall quality of life be like, and how will this effect social stability with the inevitable wealth disparity that always grows in any culture?

    It’s not just numbers, it’s people, with all their faults and virtues …….. read history, among many other things. The answers are always right there, everything we need to know to quit killing each other, if we can only part the fog of delusional thinking long enough to see.

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    There is a lot of anger, frustration, and confusion ensuing from the leftist/progressive/Marxist agenda as it plays out in the real world. It doesn’t help anything to try to apply the old rules of fairness, logic, reality based law. One must see this for what it is, a culture war with political ends, that will end in yet another disaster in which multitudes will suffer and die.

    For way too long the left has been allowed to set the agenda culturally speaking, to create the narrative, rewriting, redefining the definitions of things, warping reality through unrelenting, incremental propaganda. Much has been accepted, tolerated, that never should have been permitted, and now they are accepted as the norm.

    The left never stops, their agenda is multi-generational, as soon as one pauses for breath in trying to hold them back, they make more progress. Little by little, bit by bit, they inexorably move onward, destroying, twisting, doing anything necessary to reach their ultimate goal.

    The Neo-Marxists have infiltrated nearly all the teaching institutions in the western world, public schools, universities, the film industry, the book publishers, google, facebook, everything they can  utilize to propagandize, control the cultural narrative they decide upon, they have taken over. They have infiltrated the judicial system, and all branches of government, the bureaucracies are filled with people who think according to leftist, Marxist philosophy.

    They have been allowed to do this, freely, with little opposition.

    They will prevail, because they use powerful cultural influences to fog people’s minds into accepting their philosophy, bit by bit, until it becomes the accepted reality. They use the Christian religion to push what I characterize as pathological compassion, compassion for all others at one’s own deadly expense. They use it also to push acceptance of things dangerous to western culture and its peoples in the name of tolerance …….. we tolerate what should never be tolerated.

    They will never stop. Trump and the resurgence of patriotism, nationalism will fade eventually, and the leftists will be right there, ready to take advantage, to force more of their philosophy into people’s minds.

    They are allowed to do this, people accept this, we allow our children to be taught this twisted philosophy ……. why?

    It’s too much trouble to educate oneself in philosophy, political philosophy, in order to understand the issues at hand. Rather we all too often settle for taking somebodies word for it, and all too often that somebody is a person you shouldn’t be listening to.

    We take western culture, and its astounding accomplishments for granted. We don’t even teach the children in this regard, because we are too often busy with other things we feel necessary, and we let others teach our children what they will. Vast numbers of adults don’t have a clue as to the massive expenditures of work, treasure, suffering, and death that has been expended in creating western culture through time, and so they would gamble it, like fools, all based on the lies and distortions of history and philosophy peddled by Marxists we allow in our midst.

    They will win, because we do not have the will, the inner fortitude to take decisive actions necessary to stop them. We are not willing to sacrifice, even for our own children’s future well being. We would rather putter around arguing over relatively inconsequential things, until we find ourselves helpless, with no allies, nobody willing to stand beside us, and we then get hauled off by the PC enforcers of the growing police/surveillance state.

    The OP’s post describes the maddening details of the implementation of cultural Marxism, and it isn’t helpful to become caught up in those things, the details, to the exclusion of being aware of the bigger picture, whats fast approaching.

    I’m thinking this turned into a bit of a rant, oh well, I feel strongly about it, and maybe it will shake somebody out of their complacency.

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    Namelus ……. your words….. hostility …..rage ….. bleed vitriol ……. barbs ……. are you man enough ……. petulant teenager ……. all directed at me, all intended to insult , all patronizing, who is doing what here?

    Can you begin again and state your case more politely? If so, then perhaps something positive could result. The manner in which you address me nearly guarantees a caustic response, although I choose to not take the bait.

    What happened when I posted my first thread? Who immediately responded in such a manner as to plainly imply that I knew nothing of what I was addressing? Who was it that never addressed the logical arguments that I made to support my case? Who was it that lectured endlessly without ever addressing what the post was essentially about?

    As I said, try again if you actually are trying to reach some sort of an amicable understanding with me, rather than simply attempting to dominate.


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    “I thought you and RainMakers posts were non-relevant to the conversation.”

    In a strict sense, I would agree with you. So you are saying the threat of action was predicated by simple thread drift? I do not think that is the totality of the situation.

    “It added nothing. It was anti-productive.”

    In my opinion, this is inaccurate. The most obvious inaccuracy is that I did explain stone boiling to Rain Maker. That was germane to his original subject matter. Preceding that I explained why the concept in the video was a poor idea. Doing so was to the point.

    But you aren’t referring to all that I think. I think you are referring to the mildly caustic poking back and forth that followed, the mildly insulting attempts at humor. I think you feared that sort of thing could easily lead to far worse, and so you headed it off in your own way. I do understand why you did this, I simply do not agree with that tactic being employed in lieu of other forms of communication to solve the problem.

    When I have been in charge of others, both in the military and in civilian life, I at times resorted to authoritarian methods of governance out of perceived necessity.. Afterwards I would try to talk to those involved to explain the why of it, in the hopes that they would take it to heart and learn enough to perform as was necessary without my supervision. There were times when I was thanked for making the effort, and the overall results were better than just yelling at people to do this, do that with no explanation, just threat of force.

    As to the conversation in question here being “anti-productive”, I again disagree. I believe that anytime two people can come to understand one another through contending, short of all out war, a more productive relationship can result. People need to come to these things, these understandings of one another, on their own, through their own efforts, with little outside supervision, for it to be meaningful enough to become the basis for becoming friends, or just simply getting along without fighting. It takes time, and it isn’t perfect, just as people aren’t perfect, but it works better than authority figures hovering over everybody with club in hand, ready to strike down the transgressor for most anything. Like I said before, authoritarianism teaches only fear and resentment in most people, to obey only under threat of some level of violence, with little to no practice or understanding of how to perform without the authoritarian figure being present.

    Remember when Moses took a vacation, and when he came back nearly everybody was going berserk, going total retard in his estimation. They were operating at the law and order level of moral development, and it all broke down into rampant egotism, and moral anarchy soon after the enforcing authority figure stepped out for a minute.

    This is a little discussed, but critical aspect of prepping/survivalism that people really should contemplate, as it has very serious implications for the governance of any group, post shtf.

    Given all that, the interplay of communication between me and Rain Maker was ultimately germane to what this forum is supposed to be about.

    It’s just the way I see things Crow Bar, really pisses some people off that I see these connections, but I cannot do that much about the way I think given my life experiences and level of knowledge.


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