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    I’m so sad, two days and nobody welcomed me here. I must have psychic B.O. or something.

    Maybe if I choose a really cool avatar things will change.

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    I have Sawyer filters, mini and squeeze, that I have set up as gravity systems utilizing heavy wall silicone tubing and quick disconnects so that it is modular.

    To make water potable, three things must be addressed,

    (1) Prefiltering, to filter out as much of the large particulates as is practical before the water enters the next stage of filtration. Doing this protects the next filter from premature clogging.

    (2) Pathogen filtration, to remove pathogens, bacteria, cysts, etc, everything except viruses and toxins.

    (3) Toxin mitigation, to reduce the possible toxins present after the water is filtered of pathogens. Toxins include pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and god knows what else people dump into the water upstream. This is a matter of degree, not 100% by any means. I utilize granular activated carbon and bone char in two separate filter modules.

    The Sawyer filters are simply pathogen filters. They are very effective if one understands how to use them in real world conditions. When they clog to whatever degree, the only way to clean them is by back flushing with clean water. If one has no clean water, the filter cannot be cleaned without contaminating it, negating its purpose. The filters must be back flushed forcefully in order to clear as many of the openings in the microfiber tubes as possible all at once. Back flushing slowly, low pressure, can result in some openings clearing, but others remaining clogged …… channels forming for water flow. When this happens the clogged openings build up evermore crud, making cleaning more difficult. Eventually the filter will not be able to be back flushed to the point that reasonable, usable flow cannot be reestablished by cleaning efforts.

    Employing a prefilter protects the pathogen filter by removing everything, depending upon the micron level of its filtration, leaving only the tiniest particulates, pathogens etc, for the pathogen filter, sawyer filter, to filter out.

    Many, if not most people feel that addressing toxins is unnecessary, mainly because toxins usually make one sick or dead slowly, and people find it hard to believe the amounts and kinds of toxins found in water. Personally I do address toxins in my filter systems, as best I can.

    There is more, but this is enough, perhaps too much, for now.

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Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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