20 Million People QUARANTINED in China for Wuhan Coronavirus

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    20 million people in China were quarantined overnight without warning due to the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. Here’s what you need to do RIGHT NOW if you’re feeling unprepared.

    LINK: https://www.theorganicprepper.com/20-million-quarantined-wuhan-coronavirus/

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    I will be blunt, too late.

    It has already escaped, hitting many other places around asia and hitting Washington state.

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    Wuhan is a location for a bl4 infectious disease lab

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    Crow Bar

    Heard back from my sister.
    They live in Shanghai.

    They got out of China before any of this really started. They go on vacation outside of China for the China New Year celebration. It is crazy.

    She has two friends in the heath care sector, in China. They are treating it as the SARS outbreak: Masks, washing hands frequently. Pretty much all the stuff Daisy mentions in her post on TOP.
    As my sister is out of the country, she cannot speak to the actual numbers. But I would not be surprised if information is being with held or censored. That is my opinion, not hers.

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    Jonna Noord

    I suspect it’s a food shortage, they’ve lost 50% of all pigs in African Swine Flue since August 2018 and its Chinese New Year now and instead of admitting the food shortages come this very convenient coronavirus.


    Deadly virus has slashed Chinas pig herd by half

    Virus hit Chinese city goes into lockdown with transport links severed and food shortages fears

    Why China’s great port shortages is a serious problem for the Communists Party

    its a guess and I might be wrong but time for outbreak is a bit to convenient now at Chinese New Year and they blame it on this virus.





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    I’ll just opine for the moment. This seems like an extreme reaction from China and now that it’s even more in lock down, 56 million/18 cities last I checked, that is a gargantuan feat to pull off with even a modicum of success.The numbers for this “outbreak” I’ve seen publicly available, at least, haven’t warranted this kind of response in recent memory that I know of. And evacuation of Americans among others? Hmmmm….

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    That is link to probable cause of out break.


    This is projection done 3 months ago on this exact scenario..  pure coincidence right?



    Are you ready?

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    Josefina Arenas

    What I’ve read is that the incubation period is 14 days, that the virus can be transmitted without symptoms, and 1/2 of 10 million people in Wuhan (the epicenter) had already left the city before the quarantine.  Given that scenario, it’s easy to see how this virus could spread worldwide quickly and there is pressure on government health organizations to not promote panic and therefore drive down the markets.   If you’re traveling, N95 masks are recommended, and perhaps safety that wrap around or have shields.  It transmits through any exposed mucous membrane.

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    OldMt Woman

    Glad your sister got out of the craziness, Crowbar!  Great timing to take vacation out of there.

    OK…we keep hearing the horror of these microbe attacks.  And of course we are not hearing The Whole Story.  For comparison, here is a collection of data I looked up quickly..[hopefully fairly accurate].

    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was a coronavirus that originated in China.   8,098 cases, resulting in 774 deaths

    1918  “Spanish” flu …. infected 500 million people around the world and resulted in the deaths of 50 to 100 million.

    Our U.S. flu season deaths range from approx. 12,000 to 80,000 depending on a harsh or mild flu year.  [again – some of these are pneumonia and might not be particularly “flu”….]

    Rueters article has these numbers as of 1/26 for the Coronavirus :  China confirms 1,975 people infected, 56 dead.

    If this thing is like SARS….It’s way less deadly than what is labeled “flu” in the U.S.  If it warps into a version like 1918 “Spanish” flu…..THAT’S the dangerous type.  The type that kills off those usually young and healthy way more than the very young and very old.

    I just survived our “flu” here….  [Not that I was ever in any danger]   I’m not happy that I’m now in a weakened state. I’m certainly doing what I can to build back up to my normal.  But as of yet, I’m not too concerned with this Coronavirus.  I will be watching the mortality percentages.  If those change, that’s when I’ll get real concerned.

    OldMtWoman  ….of course  we’ve already restocked anything we used up recently.

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    Crow Bar

    Sister reports they are staying out of the country till this weekend. And that may change.
    She is getting reports of malls, gyms, restaurants and grocery stores all being closed.

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    Crow Bar

    Hong Kong scientists say “draconian” measures are needed to stop the spread of the new virus


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    OldMt Woman

    This was interesting…..about how the 1918 flu would be handled now.  Some data on why that one went so bad.



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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>On the ground  in China. ..</p>

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>. the Corona virus sample most likely stolen from Canada</p>


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    Mouse Wizard

    @oldmtwoman: That American Thinker article makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

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    Crow Bar

    China has quarantined 50 million people. Experts worry that might backfire

    Note the American in the article said food was already running low.
    How quick of a response will the China government be in getting food into the area?

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    If China lost 50 million people it would not even dent population numbers over a billion .5 percent loss and mainly sick, elderly and children.





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