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    We’ve talked about drinking water before other beverages. We’ve measured and marked our starting points. Yesterday we figured out how much we normally move.

    Today, I want you to increase that movement. How much you increase it will depend on a lot of things, particularly these:

    • Your overall level of fitness
    • Your motivation
    • Your time
    • Your mobility

    We are focusing here on time, not speed or distance. We just want to spend more time on our feet or moving around under our own steam.

    Walking with purpose

    One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is to walk with a purpose in mind. For example, if you usually take a four-wheeler to the mailbox at the end of your long driveway, make it your new habit to walk there. If you live in town, think of a spot you’d enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

    If you’re a parent, include the kiddos on a walk to the park. Walk the kids to school or the bus stop instead of driving them. Walk to the corner store instead of getting in the car and driving for a gallon of milk. Look for the most distant parking space at the store instead of the closest one.

    How I’ve increased movement

    In fact, all errands require me to walk in the little seaside town where I am right now. It’s mostly a pedestrian area and there aren’t lots of cabs at this time of year.

    I am staying in an apartment up a steep hill. So each day, I get out there to enjoy the sun and the sea (not getting in – it’s far too cold for that – just breathing in the salt air). I walk down the hill and choose which direction I want to go that day based on the errands I must run. If I need food, I turn right at the bottom of the hill. If I need services, like a hair cut, or household goods, like laundry soap, I turn left.

    On my very simplest days when it is straight to the food store, I walk a mile total, down a hill then back up with a loaded backpack.

    But most days, I walk for 3-4 miles because I so enjoy the scenery.

    What I mean to say by this is not that you should visit Europe for a few months. It’s that even when you start off barely able to get up a hill without gasping for air, if you stick with it, you, too, will be moving for the sheer joy of it.

    Bad weather

    I know it’s January and the weather is not ideal for a walking program. But remember, this is a program for preppers. If you had to bug out, do you think you’d be waiting for a convenient occurrence of spring-like weather before doing so?

    If you are extremely uncomfortable outdoors, unless it’s the middle of an actual blizzard or blowing rain, it is a matter of not having on the right gear for your weather. That’s a prepping problem you’ll want to address, too.

    Finding time

    We’re all so busy that finding extra time to work out can seem like an impossibility. Remember that it doesn’t have to happen all at once. If your schedule doesn’t allow you an hour at a time, break it up into 5-10 minute increments. No, that isn’t ideal but our goal here is just moving. You can work on longer intervals later when you begin feeling some results from the added movement.

    Modify these ideas so they work for you. If you aren’t very mobile, remember that every movement counts. If you use a wheelchair or a walker to get around, this movement counts too. Every move you make gets you a little bit more mobile.

    Here are just a few suggestions to help you add some steps.

    • Walk to the store and carry your things home.
    • If you must drive, park further away instead of closer when you go to the store.
    • Carry your groceries instead of putting them in the cart. (Not always realistic but sometimes it is.)
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Even if you only take one flight then take the elevator up the rest of the way, it’s a flight you wouldn’t normally have taken.
    • If you watch television, use the commercials to get in some movement. Go put a load of clothing in the washing machine, see how many trips up and down the stairs you can make before the show comes back on, or do some kind of calisthenics.
    • At work, get up and walk to someone’s office to pass on a message instead of simply sending an email. Bonus points if stairs are involved.
    • Walk or bicycle for transportation when you can.
    • Get up 30 minutes earlier and take a walk or do some form of exercise during the time you’d normally be sleeping.

    Here’s an article about adding more physical activity to your day.

    How much do you need to add?

    This is highly personal. If you are starting from a completely sedentary lifestyle, adding too much activity at once is a recipe for disaster. You’ll be too sore to keep going and you risk the possibility of injury. If you are starting from zero, 5-10 minute intervals once or twice a day is a great beginning. As this becomes easier you can add another interval or two.

    If you are not completely sedentary, you can add a bit more exercise. If your work is active, adding a 20-30 minute walk should be fairly easy. If you already walk 20-30 minutes, try doing that twice a day.

    If you are already fairly fit, you can add something more challenging. You could move from walking to running, for example, or add some steep hills to your daily routine. You could also add a full day of activity on the weekends, like going hiking or skiing.

    Remember – our goal here isn’t speed or distance – it’s time spent moving.

    How will you increase your activity?

    Yesterday you figured out how much activity you were already performing. Today, you’re going to think about adding activity. Be sure to track your movement so you can watch the satisfying increase in steps.

    What are some ways you can increase your activity? If you are modifying the challenge, can you share your ideas? You might be able to help someone else modify it to meet their own needs.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts and your goals.

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    Dala Barnes

    I love the suggestion of getting up during commercials! I will definitely incorporate that one in my more movement plan.

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    Lol better yet toss the propaganda device and use time to fill new hobbies doing something you love that makes you $$ and keeps you fit.. no tv on property, completely off grid…. was out playing with the kids snow ball fight….  Yeah that burns calories like mad… almost combat levels of energy expended but in joy laughter and you get to keep the memories.


    Had one of the girls come to shop today to help with strip down and redo of a mark 3 fire fighting pump. We had it striped and cleaned before snow ball fight…. 2 hrs of screams  some tears and a whole lot of sweat.. 15 kids in for vs 10 adults…. was a lot of fun… the drying room is full of wet clothes and the kids just ate and are all napping around the mass heater fire place. Will get a read story then to bed…a bit later…


    Not all exercise needs to be grueling hard work some comes in guise of laughter and delight…







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    OldMt Woman

    Well today was a rest day.  Doesn’t mean completely immobile but quite a bit.  Tomorrow will likely be better.

    Accomplished an ATTEMPT at that “plank” thing…..  Welllll….that’s not gonna happen.  Suspected as much.  I’ll need some other ideas on how to address Core Strength.  I’ve had a long history of neck injuries.   Barely 10 seconds in basic ‘plank’ position. It threatens to cause fragile neck muscles to strain AND ….hmph!  It flared up the weird shin-splint injury I got  from kicking a very stationary bit of ice in driveway 2 wks ago.

    Once upon a time I had one of those therapy balls…peanut shape.  Hmm, must be up in the attic.  I would have to climb on a chair….on the counter top….up onto the fridge…..over the  rafters and crawl into the low attic to access anything up there.  Then I’d have to find it.  And yes, I actually have done that many times….when we had a shorter fridge.  Now it’s more difficult.  I do still have flexibility.  No I don’t have a ladder that tall, unfortunately.

    Adaptions for core strength….any other suggestions?  I could vacuum?  I have always hated to waste energy merely for “exercising”.  I want to be accomplishing something as well.

    As for adding movement, I’d just make sure to do my dog walking at whatever distance I am able that day. There are still those 16 steps to exit/enter this house.  I can play with the dog on her hillside. By hill I mean sliding sand/grit …nearly vertical… using side edge of shoe/boot to grip.  I chase her a few steps and she RUNS in big looping circles and back to me.

    We also ….dog and I….have this game on the packed snow of our parking area.  Began when she was a pup and she still asks for it in winter.  We’ve been doing this for years and are quite adept.  Basically Keep-Away with a small soda or water bottle.  NOT on ice….only packed snow.  I use my feet and she uses her mouth and front paws to have possession of the bottle.  I kick it off and she chases and I chase her.  I have to keep us within the length of the big retractable leash…and keep it untangled.  Once the bottle is loose, we both dive for it again.  She’s quite LARGE so I engage with careful finesse.  I body check her or a quick flick with insulated leather gloves to steal the bottle from her mouth.

    Rather madcap like Namelus and the snowball fight.  Cardio, for sure.  But also stamina and balance.  We’re both quite good at staying on our feet, tho I can trip over a twig when not on full-alert.  I fell once…caught a bit of actual ICE.  Lay on my back for quite a while….waiting for everything to reboot.  Unable to move at all. That’s part of my disease.  She was standing over me and scanning for any that would harm me …..and assisted me to finally get back up again.

    Our playing field is quite small….don’t go out of bounds into either sand/grit or ice.  We can only play on packed snow.   Lasts less than 5 minutes for both of us now…not as young as we used to be.  As a suggestion for anyone else….like Namelus’ snowball fight, you’d have to supply your own situation and partners for PLAY!  🙂  Dog and children will often volunteer!!!

    OldMtWoman …need alternative to that ‘plank’ thing!

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    I love what everyone has going on!  OldMTWoman – one day this week I’ll be addressing some core exercises that are less difficult than planking.

    My day didn’t turn out as planned. There’s a family emergency in Canada so today and tomorrow will be spent traveling back – more than 35 hours of travel just because it’s last minute. Lots of hurry up and wait. I’m planning to walk through some airports with my backpack to get some steps in.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Daisy–safe travels to you and hope all is well with your family.

    Did a lot of stretching yesterday and took a long walk.  I’m starting from a pretty poor state, so am trying to increase slowly.  A couple years ago, I got motivated and joined a high intensity training gym/class for 3 months.  Two days in, I injured my knee and couldn’t use the rest of the membership, so I’m easing into this gradually!

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    Loving Life

    I so enjoy OldMtWoman and her adventures! She will keep me motivated to continue this challenge — just to read what she’s been doing! Lol!

    Winter is a much easier time for me to get moving. After the holidays, I start skiing. I am planning on skiing 3-4 mornings a week, a good 2-3 hours each morning. The skiing should be a good motivator to get me moving.

    Also, in winter, I need to go up and down the stair more to get my firewood. Until the weather gets bad and the snowdrifts are too high, I am getting my wood from the further woodpile.

    Every little bit helps. I am also monitoring my Fitbit with my goal being 10,000 steps a day.

    Off to get wood!

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    Crow Bar

    Taking today off from the initial 1st Day Challenge (planks, push ups).
    But even on “days off” still have to haul water to the barn twice a day, wood from the wood shed, and the dogs need their walks!

    @Loving Life,
    I am assuming Cross Country skiing?? If so, can you provide some advice on XC skis? Looking to getting a pair next year.

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    OldMt Woman

    @daisy …..thanks.  I’ll be watching for core alternatives.  Praying for your trip and your family.  🙁

    LOL  @lovinglife   Good to see you posting again too.  Skiing….we used to dog-ski.  Used Xcountry and had two dogs on a single loop of rope.  With dog harness, not neck collars.  If they headed for a tree with one on each side….let go!  Are you doing downhill?  Fast/Fun/exercise!

    OldMtWoman  …where’s @Muffy1938 ?

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