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    by Daisy Luther

    Here are the small habits we’re incorporating into our daily lives.

    1. We’re drinking water before we drink other beverages.
    2. We’re adding a serving of fruit or veggies before each meal.
    3. We’re adding more movement to our day.
    4. We are performing 5 minutes of gentle stretches before we get out of bed in the morning.
    5. We are focusing on some rest or relaxation time on a daily basis.
    6. Replacing calorie-laden, nutritionally-barren snacks with fruits and veggies.

    Today’s challenge

    Today I want you to give some real thought to any health problems you may be facing. Is there anything you could do about them that you haven’t done already?

    • If you have high blood pressure, have you cut out salt?
    • If you have an obesity-related illness, have you made the necessary changes to lose weight?
    • If you have mobility issues, have you seen a physical therapist or researched exercises you can do at home to improve it?

    There are so many conditions that can be improved by lifestyle changes, yet we often don’t make those changes and accept the limitations instead.

    Why do we do that? Why do we stubbornly refuse to make the changes that could give us a better quality of life now and potentially save our life when the SHTF?

    Think deeply today about the changes you need to make that will give you physical advantages as a prepper and help you lead a healthier and more active life now.

    What changes do you need to make?

    What are the changes you could make to deal with pre-existing health conditions? Why haven’t you made them? What is one step you could take today toward improving your condition?


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    Dala Barnes

    I have foot problems and I have exercises to do. I will do them until it feels better then quit until there is another problem. I will start doing these exercises more often.

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    I’m glad you have some exercises that will help your feet. Foot problems can be some of the most difficult to deal with.

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    Loving Life

    Posting a day late as the power went out here due to winds and ice. I had just read this post when the power went out! Lol!

    I had lots of time to think about my physical condition as I hauled more wood to my wood stove. Lol. Thankfully, my house is set up for power outages. I even had the opportunity to refine my wood stove cooking. After about an hour, I even had the opportunity to put more steps in play, such as taking everything out of the refrigerator and putting it in coolers outside as the temperature was below 38. Great practice!

    As I was doing all these tasks, I was pondering my health issues (neck and back issues due to traumatic injury; migraines due to neck back issues; clean physical except carrying too much weight; plus getting older sucks).

    After traumatic injuries, I am lucky to be alive. I try to remember that every day. I have gone through multiple surgeries (fractured neck spine, knee, leg, arm) and physical therapy. My doctors were quite impressed that I have worked my balance and mobility issues up to skiing.

    As to changes, I need to focus on continuing to improve my balance and physical condition. I want to be that lady skiing and hiking into my 90s.

    For this year, I am focusing on losing weight through healthy mindful eating and exercise.

    With the migraine issues, I need to remember slow and steady plus proper rest. My migraines are muscle-skeletal related, so my triggers are different.

    This forum and my Fitbit are helping me making these challenges into habits. I am celebrating my short successes, such as losing 3 pounds and quitting my diet soda habit.

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