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    Here are the small habits we’re incorporating into our daily lives.

    1. We’re drinking water before we drink other beverages.
    2. We’re adding a serving of fruit or veggies before each meal.
    3. We’re adding more movement to our day.
    4. We are performing 5 minutes of gentle stretches before we get out of bed in the morning.
    5. We are focusing on some rest or relaxation time on a daily basis.
    6. Replacing calorie-laden, nutritionally-barren snacks with fruits and veggies.

    Today’s Challenge

    Add some easy, fast, and healthy meals to your repertoire.

    So many times, we end up turning to fast food because we run out of time to make dinner. Here are some articles that can help.

    Plan your meals out instead of resorting to a drive-through at the last minute. Your waistline and wallet will be healthier for it. Keep the ingredients for your favorite fast and healthy meals on hand and a dinner that fits your plan will never have to be more than five minutes away.

    What is your favorite fast and healthy meal?

    Share your quick fixes here in the comments.

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    Loving Life

    For quick snacks, I really enjoy a boiled farm egg (quality matters), mixed nuts, and various cheeses.

    I usually make some type of soup on Sunday and then have it throughout the week. Also on Sunday, I will grill up a few chicken breasts and then have one on top of a salad.

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    Dala Barnes

    I have been making twice the serving needs and freezing a whole meal for later. I have also done some of the recipes that Daisy had that you can pressure can for later.

    There is a resource I have been looking into: Once a Month Meal Plans. They give you recipes and you prep one for cooking now and freezing everything you need for another night. I have done it a couple of times, so easy. I have done a few that I can make up quick in my instant pot but there are other ways to cook them also.

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