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    Here are the small habits we’re incorporating into our daily lives.

    1. We’re drinking water before we drink other beverages.
    2. We’re adding a serving of fruit or veggies before each meal.
    3. We’re adding more movement to our day.
    4. We are performing 5 minutes of gentle stretches before we get out of bed in the morning.
    5. We are focusing on some rest or relaxation time on a daily basis.
    6. Replacing calorie-laden, nutritionally-barren snacks with fruits and veggies.
    7. Adding in the new habits to support the changes you want to make. (This will be different for all of us, based on our goals.
    8. Remember to sit in a way that supports your body.

    Today’s Challenge

    Today is an upper body strength training day. Here are two new workouts you may enjoy.

    If you want to stick with our original strength training upper body workout, you can find it here.

    What’s your favorite upper body workout? Share it in the comments.

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    Dala Barnes

    I am doing the triceps dip and using weights for the bicep curls. I moved from soup cans to the weights so it must be working.

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    Loving Life

    I am still using my weights for various upper body exercises. This morning I also downhill skied. Rather than using my locker, I carried all my equipment in.

    I am doing good with my habits. Thanks Dala Barnes for the water tips on how much to drink.

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    OldMt Woman

    I’m gazing longingly at the dog, leash and road.  After this virus….I’ll have to start at zero and rebuild ALL of my stamina.  I’ve got the strength of a wet noodle right now.  Blech!  Soon…  I’m finally no longer coughing constantly.  Still coughing a lot but I’ll take any improvement.

    OldMtWoman …haven’t had a siege like this in a decade!  Whew!

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    I have been mostly walking and still drinking a lot of water.  Pulled muscle in shoulder blade helping DH getting out of his chair. Legs not strong enough for him to stand from a sitting position. Thinking maybe a walker he could put in front of chair to pull himself up from. I am afraid of messing up my neck again. Need to be careful.

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