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    Crow Bar

    How is it going with your new habits?

    Today, remember, we’re going to follow up and continue our simple tasks.

    We’re going to drink a glass of water before we drink other beverages.
    We’re going to increase our movement deliberately.
    We’re going to eat a serving of produce before we eat our meals.

    Easy peasy.
    Today’s challenge

    Today’s challenge will vary based on your current levels of strength and fitness. Today we are going to do some easy strength training.

    Strength training is important for more reasons than just becoming stronger. It can help increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis, it can help improve your body mechanics, and it can help prevent fat gain.

    Some of us lift and carry things on a regular basis and others do not. Because I suffered some serious back problems in the past, my daughters always carried in packages from the store so I wouldn’t hurt myself. Until recently, I hadn’t done much lifting over the past years since we moved away from our farm in California.

    Today, when performing your movement, add some weight to it. This can be done in a variety of ways. Here are two that just about anyone can do:

    You can load up a backpack with 5 pounds or more, depending on what you normally carry.
    You can carry two bags with a few pounds in each. It’s important to balance the weight if you do it this way so it doesn’t throw off your posture and cause back problems.

    I find that canned goods are good makeshift weights.

    With this additional weight, carry out some of your movement.

    You can walk the dogs with your backpack on.
    You can walk to the mailbox with your two bags of canned goods.
    You can take the stairs at the office with your backpack on.

    There are various ways to get your weighted movement done. Be careful not to overdo it and remain in balance. Obviously, if you have joint issues or other health problems, you should speak with your doctor before performing new exercises.

    Base the amount of weight you carry and how long you carry it on your overall level of fitness.

    The amount of weight you carry should be greater than the normal amount of weight you carry around. If you normally have a ten-pound backpack, make it 15-20 pounds. If you don’t carry anything, add a couple of canned goods to each plastic bag for 2-5 pounds per side. If you generally carry giant bags of feed, carry them further or up a hill. Make it challenging but don’t hurt yourself.

    We will do a strength exercise three days per week, on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.
    How will you do this exercise?

    Based on the lifting you already do, how much will you add to your movement exercises?

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    Just filled water bladder to max… instead of 3 l went full 10 l… I also strapped on a tomahawk and a larger knife to belt to add weight and balance weight on hips not just on shoulders

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    Loving Life

    I am continuing with the water and doing good. I am slowly increasing moving — although today was a big increase. I am continuing to add veggies/fruit before meal.

    Today, I went skiing, my first day of the season. My strength training included hefting all that equipment to the car from the car to the slopes and back again. That may seem easy least but it’s a lot of equipment!

    I skied for about 4 hours today. I am tired and sore. Instead of leaving my equipment at the slopes in my locker, I carried it back to the car. My packed ski boot backpack easily weighs 20 pounds! I also brought the skis and poles back too.

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    Crow Bar

    Did the planking (just made it to step 9 again), 3 sets of 10 pushups, and then after I walked the dogs, I went back out and did about 2 miles snowshoeing. Of course at about the 1 mile mark, the snow started again, this time heavy. Visibility went from all clear to about 150-200 yards. After just a few minutes out there, I did have to remove a layer, open the pit zips on the parka, unzip the fleece and parka, and could take off the gloves.
    Felt good!

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    Still drinking water as that is mostly what I drink anyway.. Went shopping for can goods for our church food pantry. Then carried them from car into the church.  24 cans at a time.. Don’t know how much weight that was but was heavy.  I need to be careful doing that with the plate in my neck. Don’t want to mess that up again. Trying to add more walking as I can weather permitting now that DH is doing better.

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    OldMt Woman

    24 cans at a time, Lil’Sister?  Yikes….I don’t think I’d carry that much.

    I do water….but remembering to take in more.

    The last two days I have walked UP the very steep mountain driveway.  I keep saying this might not be wise.  I like having the vehicle at the bottom…in case of coordination malfunction or sudden blow-out fatigue….disease-caused.  But also in case of other threats…4-legged/2-legged…ordinary injury [ice] …other.  Still, I hate to spend the time/gas warming up the truck ONLY for the purpose of getting me back up the HILL.  Or being a place to retreat to…with more supplies.  {sigh}  Dunno what I’ll decide.  Any other direction involves more HILLS and deep snow.  But hey, I figure that hill is worth a whole lotta extra steps.  Haven’t had any trouble making it.  Tonite I spent energy scraping up some loose dirt/grit to spread onto the packed snow at the steepest part.  Falling is probably more danger to me than lions, tigers, bears, etc.  LOL

    Been eating baby carrots, orange slices, etc.

    Well…..I DO add a lot of weight whenever I go to walk in winter.  EDC, protection, house phone, extra layers of clothes/boots/gloves/head/neck covering…..  All of it is spaced out around my body – for balance.  My body is really picky about that factor.  My walking clothing is for durability…not light weight.  In summer – wow, light and free and wearing my Crocs!  😉

    OldMtWoman  ….have to step on scale, fully suited up or mebbe I don’t want to know!

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    Dala Barnes

    I did my biking today so I added a backpack with two cans and a sweatshirt for padding. It wasn’t enough. Back was not feeling good. Thought about swinging the backpack to the front but thought that would throw off the posture. I will do my walking on the days we are doing the strength training.

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