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    Here are the small habits we’re incorporating into our daily lives.

    1. We’re drinking water before we drink other beverages.
    2. We’re adding a serving of fruit or veggies before each meal.
    3. We’re adding more movement to our day.
    4. We are performing 5 minutes of gentle stretches before we get out of bed in the morning.
    5. We are focusing on some rest or relaxation time on a daily basis.

    Today’s Challenge

    It’s Thursday so this means it’s a strength training day.

    We’re going to do exercises that focus on your biceps and triceps today. It should be challenging but not painful by the time you get to 10 repetitions. Of course, you need to contact your doctor before starting this or any other exercise plan.

    These exercises will take you 5-10 minutes. You could even do a set during the commercials of your favorite show, then repeat throughout the program.

    For beginners, these videos are a good place to start. Even more important than the weight you lift is your form. So it’s a good idea to do this in front of a mirror.

    This will work the backs of your arms.

    This will work your biceps muscles.

    If you are more fit, this is a harder triceps workout that requires no equipment and uses your own body weight.

    And here’s a no-equipment biceps workout.

    What kind of upper body workout do you do?

    If you have an upper-body workout that doesn’t require equipment, please share it here! And keep on keepin’ on with the 2020 Prepper Health and Fitness Challenge!

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    OldMt Woman

    I’m a day behind.  After a mixed up day “in town” yesterday  [but we got surprising GOOD news at the doctor] I decided to have the rest day today.  Needed it!

    Soup cans will work well.  I have one chair with arms but the bottom sinks so far down, it might be more challenging than it needs to be.


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    Dala Barnes

    I did the can lift. I have foot problems and cannot hold myself up with them. The reps seem too easy but I will increase the weight as the challenge goes on.

    OldMntWoman so glad the news was good yesterday!

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    Sorry, I was originally going to jump in with this, and have been running daily.

    But the shoulder isn’t getting any better after a month, and we will see what happens after the MRI.

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    Loving Life

    I have some hand weights and dumb bells that I picked up at a Thrift Store. I used them to add some bicep and tricep strength work to my routine.

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