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    These cities, counties, and states have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries and have promised to protect their citizens against unconstitutional laws.


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    Trigger control ,  is liberal control .

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    Just an FYI the 3 counties in Maryland are Harford, Cecil and Carroll. These were all enacted in the spring of 2013


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    Don’ think you will find VA among those as we are becoming a very liberal state. I have been feeling like they are pushing CA laws down our throat. Northern VA is beyond extreme liberal. It is coming my way Southeastern VA. I have been playing around with the idea of either moving to W. VA or maybe N. Carolina. Just not sure what I want to do yet. Would be a few years before I could make that move though.

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    OldMt Woman

    In some counties, the commissioners vote.  For us, it was quick and unanimous.  The Sheriff had already made his stand clear.  Can you hear the ground beginning to rumble………..


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    James Mitchner

    Unfortunately its only a short reprieve.  If you remember, President Trump wanted to cut federal funding for all states and localities that had declared themselves as sanctuaries for illegals.  The cry from the left, including many Republicans, was loud and swift declaring it unconstitutional to cut funds… and he didn’t.  But once Trump is out of the way and the socialists take over… which they will eventually… it is THEY who will cut state and federal funding from those Second Amendment sanctuaries, mark my words.  Most counties and towns cannot survive without the infusion of state and federal grants and annual funding.

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    Missouri Senate Bans All Federal Gun Control Laws in Proposed Bill


    This looks promising, betting on mass shooting in missouri soon

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    Filiki Eteria

    I think we all need to make hard copies of these 2nd Amendment sanctuary declarations to keep as a reference in case digital media goes down.  Keep a file folder with hard copies of important documents.

    Also, do not be afraid to have a discussion with your local Sheriff from time to time to see what they are thinking or have questions during debates before elections.  I remember we invited the Sheriff to one of our group meetings years ago and asked good questions of what will his office do during certain crisis situations and if he needed a posse or something.  We gathered afterwards he was a puppet and would follow his orders.  But at least we knew that about him.

    I even joked that if things got real bad, I would declare my property a sanctuary 2nd Amendment property among things and post a sign out front.  Remember the Revolutionary era on how ordinary Colonists fired the first shots against the mighty tyrannical British that started the whole birth of our nation.  We should not forget what ordinary Patriots will do under duress against such tyranny.

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