3 Compelling Reasons Preppers Should Buy a Patch of Land

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      Try to buy with ALLODIAL title… means you actually own your land and has othet benifit when dealing with local.government. Second water source an rights to it.



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      Olivia Green

      thanks namelus. had never heard of ALLODIAL title.
      will get on researching this.

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      This is basic how to get your land to allodial title. It just takes time and some money but worth piece of mind

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      Don’t expend too much energy on fancy legalities that can be swept away in some evil future, just get some land  that can meet your basic needs and go from there. Everybody in the Barrens agrees that he best time to buy is last year. So get cracking!

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      To quote Pastor Joe Fox’s dictum, “Do the best you can, where you are, with what you got.” Also, “always be improving your position”.

      And from John at The Prepared Mind, this is what you need:

      food water shelter clothing medicine a means of self defense – and a plan.

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      Type A

      In our county (Montgomery County Texas) the secretary literally tears down the public notices you have to make and then when you show up in court they act like they have no idea what your talking about and of course your notice isn’t there…

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