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    As always, get training from a certified instructor.

    But there is one thing that I see a lot on prepper forums. Say SHTF. Why bother concealing?

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    Why conceal post-SHTF?

    So you don’t get popped as a threat by some of these preppers who are practically drooling over the chance to plug someone, their fantasies come to life.

    Training, as a certified instructor, I certainly recommend it. Unfortunately too many instructors teach stuff that will get you killed or sued.

    Avoid the schools/classes that teach ‘team’ tactics rather than individual. How a “SEAL” does things is different than you would. They are in different situations, have different rules of engagement, and different gear and resupply. You don’t.

    Most of the instructors I recommend are former Law Enforcement. Not because LE is “all that and a ham sandwich ” but because LE training is generally individualistic.

    Second major reason, the LE instructor doesn’t want to get sued for teaching something that is illegal.

    More to follow.

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    Aside from USMC training, I have also taken two CCW classes.
    The first was some old former LEO who spent nearly the whole time talking about how cool he was.
    Put a check in the box, passed the class, got permit.

    The second was by a former Army ranger who also did 5 years as VIP protection in the Green Zone in Iraq. He and his assistant were good. They put me through a series of drills outside the regular permit training.

    As for carry post-SHTF, eh, I figure if the ROL is out the window, everyone will be carrying, be it handgun or rifle or both.
    Not that I am expecting MZBs at the gate, but I likely would.
    A few years ago two fellons escaped a supermax prison north of where I live. Various reports had them anywhere from in the area, to NYC, to the Caribbean. No one knew where they were. More than a few carried around here, permit or no.

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    OldMt Woman

    OK…question.  I’m total civilian.  Had CC training.  Novice training long long ago.  Have handled and practiced with all of our firearms….not nearly enough but ….

    We’re in the boonies which means “lions and tigers [coyotes?] and bears” are obviously the primary reason I’m carrying.  To scare away and keep my territory [and my poultry]….primarily.  Seriously defend? ….only if I have to. NEVER gonna shoot a bear or lion unless there is truly no choice… Nah uh.

    That said, I have had several human encounters over the past couple decades that ….made me nervous not knowing who it was and what they intended.   [no, I’m not trained enough in those tactics… ]  🙁

    My question about the article is…obviously it takes time to chamber the first round on a semi-auto.  But do you carry with safety on or off?  Is the safety near a thumb/finger so it could be a part of the drawing-out-your-gun action?  Cuz none of mine could be.  Very small hands and short fingers.  Seems it would take me as much or more time to take off the safety……and I don’t trust the safety in some of the ways I carry the handguns.  I really don’t want to shoot any of my parts off.  [The lightest weight one and heaviest one ….do not have a safety …but that’s talking revolvers.]

    Since live in boonies and I’m with a very large guardian dog 90% of the time, surprise is not generally going to be a worry.  I figure the odds are with me to have the time.  Comments?

    OldMtWoman ….know some, not lots

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    I think it depends on the type of handgun.
    If it has a safety, I use it.

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    James Mitchner

    You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a firearms “expert” upside the head.  Almost all are opinionated and seem to think their way is the only way.  Even training from a LEO isn’t a sure thing, either.  I know LEOs who only fire their weapon periodically to maintain qualification.  If anyone is intent on carrying, concealed or openly, seek out a street fighter… someone who has mastered the techniques of staying alive using a handgun.  But they are rare.. and often expensive and involves travel on your part.  Check references, too.

    I disagree with “Myth ” 1.  Maybe not entirely, because we always should be intimately familiar with the handgun we choose to carry to the point operation is instinctive and has no need of thinking about it at a critical time.  But I do have more than one handgun that I carry, depending upon how I’m dressed and where I may be going.  I want to maintain concealability.  That also means different carry arrangements.  But they are striker-fired weapons that have a lot of commonality between them and no obvious safety to fiddle with.

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    Saftey on for carry , as threat increases saftey off, finger outside the trigger guard, imminent finger inside the guard. I practice draw and shoot slow and smooth


    Omw there is a squeeze saftey hkp7 m13. It might be a bit big if your hands are super small.



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    OldMt Woman

    Namelus….We have Grma’s [antique] .32 with squeeze safety.  It’s small. …I need to do some practice…soon.  Been too long.

    My options on the farm are heavy revolver or my semi-auto.  With that I never have safety on…but never have one in chamber.  I can pull that back faster than trying for the safety and I feel way more safe from accidental discharge that way.  In my situation, I have more chance of shooting myself in the butt than having a super-fast encounter.

    In the fall….BEAR season….I attempt to always carry a big ole SW610 revolver with 10m.  That’s my ‘cannon’.   It IS a bit of a trigger reach for my small hands. As mentioned….I would be trying REALLY VERY HARD NOT to ever shoot at bear….especially bear, or anything else.  BUT…..  I’d feel real stupid throwing rocks if I had a bad encounter.  I try to carry centered on my spine in back.  Least chance of pulling spine/muscles out of alignment to R or L.  [I’m old, small, and have disability issues.]   I’m outside to do PM chores so I need the front of me clear for hefting hay flakes, etc.  Have to have any gun covered completely cuz of hay debris.  Don’t want to get that in any mechanisms.   I usually have a long gun back-up waiting in the vehicle…ALWAYS with both doors unlocked for jumping in fast if I’m close enough.  I also carry a potent bear spray as back-up.

    Did have a wolf come in on me one late evening.  DH was in hay barn and our previous XL dog went off.  Saw it run across field and clear fence…across road and gone up ridge.  Was that a wolf??????  Not really supposed to be here but there are a few.  Then later, dog [my early warning] went nuts.  That thing was coming down ridge and crossing road AT me.  Without dog, I honestly would not have seen it.  It ran off….why come back?

    Is it someone’s hybrid pet?  {I hate those unless someone is an expert}  Did not look like it.  It was crossing road so I fired one shot into the ground…… which fortunately gave it second thots and it disappeared.  My dog is tied and about to turn herself inside-out cuz I had moved away from her…to get out of the yard light to see into dusk.

    Anyway, after the warning shot…. the semi-auto jammed.  DH put one too many in….it just doesn’t take a full load in the magazine.  So I’m backing up to return into dog’s range for protection….AND clearing gun and chamber a round again…..and wolf is gone.  ….ok, that works for me!  I was quite pleased that I did that maneuver under pressure and had it ready again in a few seconds.  ‘Course, that’s my favorite gun.  Checked the size of tracks in the snow the next morning.  Definitely wolf.  Big.  Coyote is small.

    Well, that’s the kind of “experience” I’ve had.  Nothing shooting back….just bite and slash potential.

    OldMtWoman…and why I don’t like a round in the chamber

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