350 More COVID-19 Deaths Reported In NYC As US Braces For 'Seven Days Of Hell'

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    UK reports more than 700 deaths, mortality rate climbs to record 10.35
    Germany reports smallest batch of deaths in 2 weeks
    NYC reports 249 deaths in evening update
    Spain case numbers pass Italy, after reported lowest deaths in a week yesterday deaths
    Journalist says more than 800 health-care workers infected in Massachusetts
    Trump warns “deadliest week” is ahead for US
    NY reports 10k+ new cases as statewide total nears those of Italy, Spain
    Italian government agrees on emergency business loan program
    About 100 more New Jersey residents have died from COVID-19 than on 9/11 as state reports new cases, deaths
    US cases of COVID-19 near 280k
    Coral Princess reports 2 deaths, presumably from COVID-19
    US death toll tops 7k
    Portugal reported 638 new cases
    Italy reports another small slowdown in cases, deaths
    Belgium reported 1,661 new cases and 140 new deaths
    European death toll tops 45k as France reports ~400 new deaths
    COVID-19 pateints ‘accidentally’ brought aboard Navy hospital ship ‘overflow hospital’ docked in Manhattan
    Cuomo authorizes medical students slated to graduate in the spring to start practicing now
    A looting wave has struck NYC businesses
    France says 600 soldiers infected
    UK Health Secretary reminds Britons to stay inside this weekend
    Pop star Pink test positive
    India quarantines 20k people connected to Islamic missionary movement
    Trump uses DPA act to block export of medical equipment
    Tokyo reports more than 100 cases in a day, largest jump yet, as Japan’s 2nd wave worsens

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    If anyone thinks after all clear given to get back to business as normal look at China and japan’s secondary infection rate. Yeah not promising.


    Also losing around 10 to 15 percent of medical staff each round of infection. ..death spiral.

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      It is like, the whole nation thinks once NYC is over it, so will the rest of the country and lets re-open everything!

      Not really.

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