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    Crow Bar


    Some interesting developments, some are a solution looking for a problem, and others are actually practical.

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    Jack Simonton

    Hey Crow, you are genius. Everything is necessary for all of us.

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    Crow Bar

    @Jack, I dunno about that! But thank you!

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    Except for three or four , looks like another round of the same tired designs . Unfortunately , the firearm industry as a whole is too conservative , the only interesting designs coming out are from the small upstarts , who are not afraid to experiment outside the box , other than that ,  it’d gotten very stagnant .

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    Crow Bar

    Yeah, a few of those 1911s are good looking, cannot justify the price ($5k) for “claw mark” cocking serrations.
    IF money was no object, maybe. But then again, that is a safe queen.
    I am more into practicality.

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