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    I tend to think we are already starting to see some of the results of the trucking industry. Still only Walmart and Kroger have signs up about the canned goods. But in other stores they are just tightening things up and have less of the canned goods. On certain days the canned goods have been almost wiped out. They are restocking but with less product. I really think this is the beginning of things to come. And with the breadbasket of the US still under water as I have heard, this will make things worse. Also I have heard of so many people that are doing back yard gardens as well as some farmers, they had a bad year. I know my garden has done nothing much this year. We replanted green beans and butter beans and so far lots of blooms but no beans. Now August is hear and that is starting to worry me a bit. Though we will make it through for the winter with what we have, I was hoping to add to that.  Watching closely.

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    Walmart has almost no canned goods on shelves. This is not a good sign. Haven’t been to Kroger yet and none of the neighbors have mentioned anything about it yet. The other stores have canned goods but they are pulled to the front and nothing in back. They are just spreading the canned goods out a bit to fill in what they no longer have.

    I am beginning to think this is a bad sign of things to come.

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    We had the opportunity to hit Walmart and Target in several states and not only was our local Walmart stocked well but so were the ones (W/T) in Montana and the one walmart in Idaho was also well stocked.

    Perhaps this is more a regional than national.

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