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    Mouse Wizard

    “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

    Well, we seem to have found something that’s lethal to both:
    When Will We Admit Covid-19 Is Unstoppable and Global Depression Is Inevitable?

    With an R0 above 4 and aerosol dispersion, everyone is going to get sick. It’s inevitable. 90%+ will get mildly sick, but many will die. What will kill more than the virus will be the financial depression triggered by corporate die-off due to knee-jerk lockdown containment measures and of course the fear. When people are afraid, they stop spending, and that’s just as bad as lack of workers and supply chain failures.


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    What kills both people and corporations ?

    Socialism .

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    Crow Bar

    CHS always has a way to cut to the core of the issue.

    Well said Mouse.
    I was thinking of how hard the fast food industry (just one example I was mulling over) would take a hit if people either stayed home, or only went to the absolutely necessary destinations (i.e. for whatever reason, your work place stays open, grocery store gas station etc.).
    And all those people who work in fast food.

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    Mouse Wizard

    And restaurants. Part of our graduate response process is to avoid fast food and restaurants now. Once the masses settle on this it’ll be corporate mayhem. Trump will be out there exhorting the people to spend spend spend. Like Bush did after 9/11, except everyone now knows when Trump is lying.

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      Crow Bar

      I agree with you Mouse, but only to a degree.
      911 was one thing. It was a man made attack, limited in scope and scale. Granted we did not know that at the time, but I for one, did in fact go out and dine out. Now, the restaurants I went to were not chain, and they had real chef’s working the kitchen.

      This thing is totally different. It is going to maul the economy of nearly every nation. It is going to infect nearly every nation, unless they close their borders now. How would they fair is a different conversation.
      This thing does not know borders, socioeconomic class, or political party. Of course Trump is going to say to remain calm, the government/CDC/WHO is monitoring things. He has to. Just like Clinton would if she won in 2016. All leaders would have to, and even if Trump were to lose in the 2020 election, the incoming pres would have to reiterate all is well.
      Because saying the opposite,
      “OH! Sheeot! We are screwed!”
      would not be responsible, and just induce panic.
      Be something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQdxP2m79n8

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    Yeah but spending after bush you had risk of dieing in attack but not bringing home sickness from crowd tonkill your loved ones.


    It’s not as simple as just a few words from a puppet to make me feel it’s all OK when other agancies are bracing for imminent outbreak….. I don’t care about markets I do care about not having family and friends dieing over this.

    This will make food shortage and famine incoming from last year’s harvest from hell be sold as virus related but it’s not. This winter we have had 3 big thaw cycles so there are several inches thick layers of ice in fields. No way this will be plantable spring fields will be too wet. Which will cause another crappy year unless sun gets hot and dries it up fast which does not happen  in solar minimum.


    Our pigs are taking 30 percent longer to get to Market weight with 33 percent more feed. This will have huge ramifications on pricing. We did secure our feed needs through other farmers which we hope can pull down enough to keep our operations running.


    Two weeks ago at beginning of the spread of Corona virus we bought and brought in enough feed till this fall. So we don’t have to leave here. Last of our building supplies for this summer arrived yesterday.


    3 of our projects are comprimised due to non parts from China. Basically a robot seed weed water and pick system is stopped no parts. Our pond liner is not able to be bought as no stock left. Our greenhouse extention has been halted due to no base  plastic available for company to make the sheeting we want.

    A few words from anyone will have zero effect on any of this words are cheap action costs. When ports in China start back up and both bring in and send out product Maybe in 3 to 5 months things will get to normal again but I think that is a long long way off maybe never.


    As for lieing mouse all politicians do you can tell as soon as their lips move.


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      Crow Bar

      Gotta ask, why are your hogs not putting on the weight? The cold? Breed type?

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