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    Over the years, there is one thing that I haven’t “not had”, and that is a good .22.

    I have yet to spend any time in a place where I couldn’t keep food on the table with just a .22.

    Yes this generally means a .22 rifle, but for those good with the short gun, and I do mean good.

    I got to comparing notes with people feom various different places in the US. And one thing that stood out, was that none off us would go hungry if we were.

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    Crow Bar

    Cannot disagree with you on that one.

    While I like my 10/22, I would not mind having a bolt action.

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    I bought a Sears 22 bolt action when I was a teenager, some time in the mid 1960s. I plinked with that for at least 20 years or more, Tremendous fun. Sometime in the 80s I took the clip to a gun show and asked a clip dealer if he had any like it. I was shocked that he had a couple, which I bought. He was familiar with the rifle and apparently had one at one time.

    Do they even make bolt action 22s these days?

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    There are a good number of bolt .22’s out there, of varying quality and price.

    The high end guns are nothing short of artwork, but for the money, the CZ products are the best bang for the buck.


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      I would like to have a CZ 457 Varmint Match Target Rifle.

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    I just got an anschutz been saving for awhile to get it.  Using accurizer to sort the ammo and  the nose tool (thanks whirlibird) from Paco tools with a Leopold fx1 optic was just over 4 inches at 300yards …. it’s not the gun it’s me getting used to it still.I found the stock a bit short for me so will add recoil pad and a cheek pad for a better weld and fit.


    That was first 50 rounds sighting in out of the box.


    Not the scar looking one the old fashioned wood stock competition rifle. The action is so smooth it’s a work of art. I am sure I can shave a inch off diameter with mods and 100 more rounds.

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    1761 hb 544 mm barrel

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    Will say that I am jealous. Have yet to own an Anschutz.

    Had a handful of Kimber’s over the years, built a number of “target” semi-auto’s, and all ended up being ammo specific.

    Best average was @2″ at 100y. Thats not single groups, but cumulative. 500-1000 round “groups”.

    What I tell most people, is don’t skimp on the barrel.

    You can live with a cruddy trigger, it will get better with use, but a bad barrel, you cannot expect anything decent from. You can improve a tolerable barrel, but a bad one isn’t worth the effort.


    Hold off on tweaking the stock length until you get some time with it, any, you can work with a short stock but one too long will throw everything off badly.

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