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    From RenaissanceGeezerette in the Appalachians.

    Renaissance because I’m the consummate explorer into yarn crafts, sewing, painting, remodeling, cooking from scratch, computer stuff, music, writing, nature lore, wild-crafting/herbal healing, gardening, raising chickens and wool bearing animals, general self-reliance, and formerly wilderness canoe camping and sea kayaking.

    Geezerette because I just passed the 3/4 century mark and am starting to slow down a bit.

    This forum seems to be a great idea and I’m looking forward to checking it out!

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    Crow Bar

    Well hello there!

    That is a great list of skills!

    Like to get some kayaks for the wife and I, but we always seem to be busy doing something.

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    Hi, R. Geezerette,

    Welcome to this web site. You will find lots of folks who share your interest and enthusiasm for life! I’ve moved a bit past the 3/4 mark and have found reading the posts something to look forward to and I’m learning so much from everyone. It’s like a whole bunch of new “digital” friends. So again, welcome and post as time and interest permit.

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    Hello R. Geezerette:  I am also past the 3/4 mark.  Seems a lot of of us have slowed down a bit but keep on going.  You have a lot of interest in many things. Looking forward to your post. You have many interest that interest me as well. Welcome to the forum.

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