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    What scares me is they admit that there is no real defense against these types of attacks. Of course cruise missiles have been around for years and we used them effectively in the Gulf Wars, but defensive weapons are few. We use the Phalanx CIWS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phalanx_CIWS on our navy ships, but not at land facilities that I ever heard of.

    This strikes me as an act of war. Do we want a war with Iran? What do you think?


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    Crow Bar

    It is a new type of warfare.

    In the strike, no one (as of reporting I have heard) was hurt/killed.
    What is the appropriate response?

    Also awaiting to see other actors learn from this strike.

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    Old School

    If nobody was injured in the attack, I would take a close look into who was on duty at the time, and exactly where they were. Who called in sick that night, who stayed home that night to sit up with their sick sister. This reeks of an inside job.

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    Metal storm is a capible defense,

    Remember iranians dropped stealth drone by messing with control frequency.


    Coil lasers will fry them but there is some issues with targeting  and linking systems


    There have been rumors of a Russian specialty electronic warfare group with intercept  capabilites as well linked coordinated fire control from  multi unit types

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    Interference in foreign affairs , work both ways .

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    Crow Bar

    They were using GPS enabled SAT phones for guidance. It will squawk once when first powered up, then it does not put out any signals. Just receiving the GPS feeds.

    They also flew low and on the opposite side of the Patriot missile battery revetments. The radar systems were pointed in the opposite direction.

    Problem with lasers in the desert is the amount of particles in the air. Sometimes it is so heavy you cannot see the stars.

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    All I can say is something smells and we better get it right.  I feel there is someone trying to draw us into a war we cannot win.

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    There is no winning any war in the Middle East.

    Thats what people do not realize .

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      Dan the Old Guy


      Princess Bride anyone?  “Never fight a land war in Asia”

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    Whirl is right every so called super power has been buried out there in the mountains and sand. Iran is not Arabs but Persians. ..they are beyond tough and resilient, I hope that the west is not stupid enough to go and fight there.

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