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    This was really quite strange today.

    My daughter and I popped out today twice, first to run by the bank and then later to grab our Chinese takeout.  It was the strangest thing – there was NO ONE out.

    Our bank is in a little strip mall with all sorts of stores, which were open. Yet we got a parking space right up front and the lot was not even half full.

    The Chinese place is right by Target, which we assumed would be a zoo. Again, easily got a good parking space so we popped into Target to see if it was actually busy with last minute shoppers and it just looked like a normal afternoon at Target. When I dared to go to the grocery store this weekend for one ingredient I had forgotten, it wasn’t really that busy either.

    Usually, it’s INSANE the days leading up to Christmas. This time last year it took 20 minutes to get into the Target parking lot. I know this, because Chinese takeout is our Christmas tradition and we went to the same restaurant last year.

    This is giving me the heebie-jeebies. Anyone else noticing a lot fewer people out shopping this year? I’d like to believe folks are home spending time with family and baking cookies, but I suspect that the issue is economic.

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    OldMt Woman

    That does sound odd.

    OldMtWoman….haven’t been out so can’t report on my community

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    We’ve noticed the same thing not just today but for the last week. I’m wondering if it’s economics too. Seems a little scary. We were at Aldi and normally when hams go on sale they run out very quickly, but this year they still had some on sale so we bought another one to store in the freezer.


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    Well, I can think of two ways to look at that and I’ll pick the one I like better first:) Do you remember a little saying that most of us got from our parents, ‘don’t look your gift horse in the teeth?’ You found a perfect parking spot when you least expected to get one, the ‘zoo’ was not in evidence and you got in and out..taka taka. Greek way of putting it.:) In a flash. On the face of it, that’s nothing to complain about – though I’d be too superstitious to rejoice in it either. We all know that Mr. Murphy is waiting for something like that.

    Sometimes a thing is only what it is. It’s not going to be only what we think it is, it’s just there. If it’s something we like, we can smile and go about our business. We know we don’t get too many nice little surprises like that so all we have time to do is enjoy it and if we’re the efficient type, get the most out of that sunny little window of time. When we get home, nice and cozy, we can also enjoy speculating on what possible doom might be in the works contributing to our pleasingly convenient outing. 🙂 It’s too early to even guess, isn’t it? You’ll see a sign of some kind, whatever kind works with you best, if there’s a connection to anything else.

    Personally, I would like to think that a lot of people just decided to stay home and relax, for once. If they did more of that, I’m sure the general mental health in the nation would be vastly improved.

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    James Mitchner

    I remember from my first real job when I was 15 at a local Dairy Queen that customers always seemed to show up in waves.  Ever been to a take out restaurant when you walked right up and placed your order and before you walked back out the door a long line had formed? (Whew, we got here just in time!” is usually my reply.)

    Last night my SIL commented that she had gone by Target and the place was a wreck.  Shelves were empty to a large degree and it was obvious that the “thundering horde” had paid a visit earlier in the day.  But it was mostly empty while she was there.

    Enjoy your good fortune, Daisey.  Considering our sinking economy, crowds might be really thin next Christmas for a good reason.

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    Casper Ship

    Hadn’t noticed that here in Az. We hit the Anthem Outlet Mall (north of Phoenix) right as it opened the first weekend in Dec, and the parking lot was filling up fast. Drove by the Walmart in our central Az town yesterday, and it was packed. Hard to extrapolate many conclusions from a few random samples. Another factor is that Black Friday, and Cyber Monday spending may have front-loaded a lot of the Holiday spending. Will be interesting to see the final figures.

    We know a slowdown is coming sooner than later.

    One way or the other….Merry Christmas!

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    Shopping is about more than ‘the economy.’ If fewer people are leaving the house to shop, it’s more likely something to do with their environment. Who’s going to shopping malls now anyway when the internet is full of live video showing mobs of ‘teens’ (MSM obfuscation) trashing and looting them all over the country? Public order has taken a worse dive in the last decade than has the value of our dollars.

    Seniors, for example, embraced internet shopping with alacrity not only because it’s often cheaper but because they were tired of getting panhandled and mugged in parking lots and malls. I’ll wager that online shopping is showing gains instead of losses: that’s why disgruntled brick-and-mortars lobbied their state governments relentlessly to punish those shoppers by taxing those sales. Tough. Businesses that can’t, or won’t, protect their customers deserve to fail.

    By the way, what lady in her right mind would ever darken the door of a Target?! Definitely not a respectable one, or any responsible parent either. That was the first major chain that allowed male pervs into the ladies’ toilets and dressing rooms, offering neither employees nor customers any safe place to escape voyeurs snapping pics of them on their phones or child molestors attacking their children. Long before Americans get to the polls, they should already be voting with their wallets. What kind of country do we really want?

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    We went out for dinner on Christmas eve, the restaurant was packed. The roads were swamped with folks also.

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    Bobkitty, I promise, I’m both respectable and a responsible parent while still being a Target shopper. I understand that folks who are bothered by transgender people don’t want to shop there, and that’s 100% their right and the free market at work – luckily we have lots of choices in this country.

    I read this morning that Christmas spending across the country was up by 5.1% over last year, most of it on plastic. I guess you were right, James, and I hit it at a lucky time!

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      Daisy, it’s not ‘transgender’ people, who are at the least, mentally ill though not always dangerous. It’s that *nobody* gets stopped going into women’s spaces, for fear of lawsuits. The guy in Seattle who exposed himself to little girls in a swimming pool locker room, whom the police wouldn’t evict, was not missing any ‘parts.’ Most of these guys hanging around the ladies’ toilets and dressing rooms are not ‘transsexuals,’ only perverts. Parents’ natural instincts to protect their children from predators are being legally prosecuted if they physically remove them. Like too many others in the country who’ve lost the ability to see down the road, you haven’t thought this through to its logical consequence, no more than Target has.

      There is no longer any place out in the public that women and girls can go to get away from harassment: not even the restroom. There are no more women’s sports teams because men are now allowed to compete on women’s teams. Little girls in elementary school are afraid to go the toilet and showers because boys are in there snapping pictures of them on their phones and uploading them. Women who’ve gone to a shelter to escape domestic violence are being followed by their abusers who simply say they ‘identify as women’ and are let in. Trannies and homosexuals, who incidentally hate anybody sane and normal, have helped to establish ‘open season’ on every female in the country who dares to leave the house. Guess what’s that’s called. Sharia law.

      The entire country has been forced to throw out every standard of common sense for .001% of the population, violating every basic right of half the population and you’re not even curious about why that is? Nobody voted for this! Was that ever on any of your ballots? It was never put to any kind of referendum anywhere in the country: it was simply an ‘edict’ from the Obama Administration, as if he were a king and not one single conservative in government had the spine to tell him to take a hike.

      If all those goings-on don’t make you a little suspicious, I won’t take bets on your chances of survival when TSHTF. You’re supposed to know when something is just plain ‘off.’ When you accept what is abomination against every natural law out of convenience and support its proliferation even when it directly threatens your own children, you’ve already lost everything worth saving.

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    Well I was the first one out of our street, second out of the neighborhood this morning.

    At my side job the 24th, pretty much business as usual. Gas sales were up, and I will know about milk and the rest in about an hour.

    But yesterday, the only thing moving around the house was snowblowers.


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    Bobkitty: We try hard here to keep politics and religion out of the main part of the forum. We also try to make it an atmosphere where people from all belief systems feel welcome to discuss preparedness.

    It seems that you want to argue with me because I enjoy shopping at Target and that’s simply not what this forum – or this thread – is all about. I would truly appreciate it if you’d stay on topic and cease attacking me.

    There are no hard feelings – we all get to believe what we believe. I hope we can continue on a more positive note.


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    Whirlibird – that’s good news 🙂  Let us know how it looks when you learn about the milk and other stuff.

    Maybe it’s just our area. My article today is how the US spent 850 billion dollars on Christmas. (Very very little of that was from my fam! We had a “tight Christmas”)

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    We have noticed here in our area that the lines are long. People are buying up grocery carts full of food. The sales have not been that great but can find some bargains as meat has been on sale this month. I went to Sam’s yesterday and it was a bit busier than usual for this time of year. We had to go buy a new coffee pot as ours finally bit the dust. I do have my camping pot but I didn’t want to have to pull it out again to use for daily use. Had to do that a few months ago. We got more paper towels and toilet paper as well as some other things that we needed. What people were in the club had their baskets overflowing as well. We also bought some bleach and other things to restock what was getting low. I do feel something is in the wind but just can’t figure it out. So just doing what I need to do to keep us on top of the situation that might occur.

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