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      Here’s a survival exercise: What are the options for innocent bystanders during an event like the takeover of Terminal 2 in the Paris airport?

      Read this analysis and let us know what you’d do if you found yourself in a similar situation.

      *Please read the analysis and see the maps first.
      *Please understand that this isn’t about being at the airport in Paris – a similar situation could happen anywhere.
      *If your comment is “I wouldn’t be at the airport in Paris” you aren’t really participating in what could be a very useful exercise.
      *If you are bothered that the culprits in this situation are migrants, imagine a different group staging such a protest.

      Toby and Selco both weighed in – please share your thoughts in the comments AFTER checking out the article.

      LINK: https://www.theorganicprepper.com/wwyd-takeover-of-terminal-2/

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      After woring on construction of a major airport the places like one guy said would be the plane ramps. There will be some fire blankets in main terminal uou can use to get the drop  to a manageable 3 feet. Sometimes they have fire hose on reels.



      Second there are service ways behind restaraunts /stores for moving inventory. Most are simple squ are key lock if you are in store look under till counter it will most likely be there on a stupid over sized key chain so staff don’t loose it.


      Third go up… the roof access are at end points  by fire regulations. .. you can use these to get to a downn ladder. The last 10 feet will have saftey  cover so be prepared to drop. Take off pants and use as knot.


      Also use distraction… want a mess fast start a trash fire suppression will go off and certain security door have a auto unlock incase of fire.


      Hiding   spots go up on top of kiosks. If you are near an check in or baggage pick up… use the baggage chute just hit the red stop button before you go down some of the machinery can in jure you or small kids.


      As for weapon…Airport you are mainly f*&$ed as non available. Only in small airports can you get a carbon fiber stab tool in but that is risking jail. A fire extinguisher is a good one shot weapon  dust to the face then metal cylinder as a club.


      Some of the long glass walk ways will have movable incase of emergancy glass look for a red or yellow linen or tag near baseboard windows in long gallery.








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      Great insight, Namelus! Such good information

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      John Park

      Great post. I enjoyed the exercise and the general mindset guidelines. Namelus’ firehose idea came to my mind, but beyond that I think I would have to see what I had to work with, before coming up with much in the way of specifics.
      I loved the point that even if the original intent was for something other than violence, the mission can easily go sideways and suddenly the assailants switch to a “kill them all” mentality.
      Creepy world we live in, thanks for helping to keep us on our toes.

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      OldMt Woman

      Good ideas with your inside info, Namelus!  Thanks.

      My instinct would immediately be looking for opportunity to “exit, stage left” as the cartoon used to say.   …not be there.  Or at least not in the middle of things. That’s been my motto for a long time.   Quickly, if possible.  Casually, if it’s wise.   Keeping to the Edges and Odd places immediately, if possible.  If not, keeping with the pace and apparent attitude as others.  [will not be difficult to feign panic or anger…but don’t BE panicked or angry.]

      Trying not to get trapped in dead end.  I’d definitely start looking up….or down.  Even now, I can climb with enough adrenaline assist.  Each situation is different but as much as I avoid any crowds, sometimes you ARE THERE.

      So whether its an airport or just a crowded Walmart [never on Black Friday]….  Looking for exit alternatives even as you enter any place.  Restaurants always have back doors.  Like the movies:  grab a kitchen knife on the way thru- if appropriate.  By appropriate I mean…one does not want to look like one of the Bad Guys bursting out of the building.  Might want to exit with the newly acquired weapon concealed but ready.  A concealed weapon of your own would be more appropriate but….

      Many mall stores have back doors for loading.  Know which ones.  And they have those front entrance gates to close.  Remember, any exit might be covered by the Bad Guys.  Or by police/etc.  Don’t get shot by the Good Guys.

      Hiding might be good unless there is a lot of gunfire or explosions/fire.  Inside trash bins..especially cement ones.  Behind product on the bottom shelving unit.  This is concealment but not “safe”.  It would be my last resort….later move from there when possible?  Yes, I do amuse myself by looking for such places.

      Reading this scenario challenge reminded me of 2nd grade.  Bunch of us kids were playing around the school room in a sort of ‘conga line’.  To my shock, the lead girl passed by our teacher and slapped her on the rear!    😮     *DANGER*  Immediately I slid out of that line and into the nearest desk….. {whistling}  ….I am in NO way associated with this game!  When attention was on that girl only, I slid over to my own desk and became very busy with something.

      These adult scenarios are the same, tho with greater consequences.  Detach from the group that’s suddenly endangered.  The first location might not be the best….move to better when safe to do so.  Blend in by doing what would appear normal to that situation.

      I recently changed hair style….it is more ordinary.  [it’s also easier but that’s not the point here]  I dress in town in ‘mountain standard’ apparel.  I’ve got some disability things that would mark me as unusual, but I could work around that.  “Being Grey” for that reason is a bit of a challenge for me….[unless we’re talking hair color..lol ]  But there are ways to not be confrontational [hiding what I’d like to be able to do if someone is being violent].  It involves one’s whole demeanor.  Body posture.  Don’t look furtive.  Don’t make eye contact.  Look appropriately cowed and frightened.  I am not a threat – ignore this old woman.  I’m not even here.

      …and I’d be trying all the while to stop being there!!  Exit, Stage Left!

      OldMtWoman …..all theoretical.  Just plan to give it my best shot…if it ever happens….  😉

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      Admittedly I haven’t been on a plane since before 9/11. But I recall all of those down sloped metal plane ramps having an emergency exit door and STAIRS outside. Do they not have those anymore? I’m confused why all the talk about dropping off the end of the ramp. Just go down the stairs!

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      They don’t have the ramps anymore. Each door opens into a drop unless the steps or ramps have been attached. They’re only attached when a plane is there to be boarded or emptied.

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      OldMt Woman

      Why does it say in my index that James Mitchner responded to this more than 3 days ago but there is nothing here.  Happens frequently.  Confusing. —OldMtWoman

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