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    <span style=”font-size: 9.0pt; font-family: ‘Arial’,sans-serif; color: black;”>Three companies that tout their cannabis-derived products as miracle treatments for serious illnesses have gotten letters from the FTC warning that they’re at risk for legal action unless they have sound scientific evidence to back up their claims.</span>

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    You have to be very careful with your wording when talking about CBD or any natural product. You can cite studies but you cannot personally make medical claims.  The same thing happened a few years back to a lot of folks who sell essential oils.

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    Miracle or not I have seen what it does with late stage Parkinson sufferer. Family member which I care for was well enough after 40 drops to stop shaking and take his first un aided steps in years.  Will cbd pay for the cost of medical proof4probably not but big pharma will pay for useless pills yo be approved with a list of side effects longer than a costco check till tape.


    Don’t believe what you read without proof.  Alot of the new fad things like cbd ,chaga ect have alot of scammed and ignorant people… had one idiot  come out and harvest chaga in spring by cutting down the infected birch tree… Yeah it’s chaga but nearly useless because the chemistry chaga once temperatures change and it moves out of dormancy.  Still someone will sell it for $70 an oz and user will wonder why it does not work.


    Cbd   is another loaded group the cbd is separated from thc creating an isolate. Yes you can use a heavy cbd plant but all of them have some thc. So they mix the cbd in varying levels with oils and sell… well you can imagine if the mafia runs the olive oil business how honest the cbd guys are. It’s a hit and miss. Only true way is diy or buy isolate and diy. As a side note test double blind test ongoing at a university is showing better results with cbd and some thc below threshold of impact on mental cognitive abilities. Test should finalize in 2 years as it is a massive double blind. Again preliminary  data could be wrong .

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