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    Accumulated injuries are a condition which every person on the planet over the age of 12 suffers from.
    You sprain your ankle and limp or damage some other body part and limp.
    How stupid do you have to be as a society for the above statement to be true? Totally!
    Limping is the shifting of weight and muscle use to avoid aggravating the injury…compensating…which you can do anywhere.
    I like sprained ankles because they are the most devastating injury you will ever have, even if it’s only minor and you only limped a couple of days…you are doomed.
    Stand up and try out limping. Your ankles, knees and hips are now miss-aligned, walk around like that for a day or two and your pelvis tips which then causes your vertebra to miss-align which works it self up to your head and give you a permanent head ache over 15 to 20 years.
    All those miss-aligned joints are attached to muscles which are now imbalanced across the joints a never ending source of pain generation.
    The really fun part of this is you are now at a much higher risk of further injury.
    Soon you will look like a pop can which has been kick down the street.
    Ever really look at old people? That is what you will look and move like after several rounds of injury-compensation-complications layered over or magnifying the earlier injuries.

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    Crow Bar

    2 years ago I sprained my ankle very badly.
    Livestock still need tending too. I used the ATV to take water out to them, and instead of moving them, I took them hay. This was in early Sept.
    Took a bit, but it healed.
    I ran a 5k the other day, just under 24 minutes. Yeah, I gotta stretch a bit more than in my younger days. But not bad for a guy closer to 50 than 30.


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      Took a bit, but it healed.
      You are delusional. To test your claim stand on a hard floor, bare feet. Take a deep breath and stand up straight head level gazing at the distance. Now with out looking down space your feet shoulder width apart with the toes pointed the same out, in, straight it does not matter. Flex you knees slightly so your weight is distributed over your entire foot. Do the deep breathing relax process and stand there…a while.
      Feel anything? Like you are not standing up straight or the weight on your feet is uneven? If there are vague sensations just keep standing there breathing and relaxing they will intensify.
      It’s called dynamic standing and is the most difficult pose in yoga or martial arts. It uses every muscle in your body and will clearly show you just how bad of shape you are in. Might take half an hour just depends on how much you have turned off your internal sense of feeling to avoid the pain.

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    From C7 to C1. C5-C7 are a backward C. C1-C4 are flipped backwards. Most days I just hurt. The worst days I can’t pick up a gallon of milk without using both hands and I can’t feel enough of my hands to hold a pen to write my name. That was at 14. At 16 I slipped on a wet floor at work and I am pretty sure I fractured my elbow and it reminds me of that moment often. My neck and elbow hate the cold a lot!

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      You are a major disaster, sorry but unless you are prepared to spend at lest the next 20 years working at a fanatical level you are going to hurt in increasing amounts until you die.
      Fresh injuries are easy and real fast…you have multiple old ones so the following equation applies. Number of injuries + severity of injuries x elapsed time -effort = healed.
      You have to unwind the compensations, clean up the complications and fix the injuries all the while experiencing pain at peak intensity..about 220 volts worth.
      Are you a fanatic?

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    Damgood Hunter

    Have you ever heard of a technique called Dry Needling? It is amazing for muscular problems. It is a lot like accupunture but it goes deeper. The PT inserts the needle then applies voltage to it. The voltage then resets the muscle to its normal resting place. It sounds very painful but it is really just uncomfortable, I found the results absolutely amazing! Robert’s technique also works look into Tai Chi, the pose he describes has also helped. Check with your local PT, a doctor can prescribe Dry needling.

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    Try DMSO for inflamation and joint pain dimethyl sulfoxide.

    I am looking for something for asthma, acute case trigger by some allergens. The allergens can not be avoided, they are part of life on homestead ie hay dust, pollen blooms.

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    namelus, have you tried local honey? I have read that it helps with asthma.
    I would try just a little bit till you see how it goes.

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    I do and I take pollen I have my own hives , thanks for input

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