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    This is my name

    Hi there!  I just found Daisy’s sites recently and am so happy I did.  I am in the PNW in a suburban city.  Locally I feel like I am surrounded by the ignorant when it comes to prepping and emergency preparedness so I am glad I found this group to learn from.  I am a city-dweller, but still grow a small garden every year.  I am trying to think forward when it comes to growing my own food, saving seeds, and preserving food.  I am married to a carnivore and have two teenage boys so keeping stocked up in general is not always easy!  I am anxious to get my garden going and get more organized in my stockpiling.  I think organizing is one of my first questions for the forum!

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    Crow Bar


    We are planning on expanding the garden(s) this year.
    We saved seeds from the green beans and the spaghetti squash.
    Other than that, looking through the seed catalogs, and the snow still piling up outside.
    I think I am going to try to start some cabbage here in the house in another few weeks.

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