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    Crow Bar

    Just finished putting this together today.

    This is a Gen I Marauder PCP in .22 caliber.
    I polished the barrel.
    Installed a Hill AirGun Regulated Match Parts kit.
    The paint job is DuraCoat I did myself. It did not turn out perfect, as this was the first time I was using DuraCoat products, so there is a little excess paint in a few spots. Light coats, 3-4 of them is best.
    The stock is a Boyds Pro-Varmint, with adjustable comb.
    Scope is a SWFA SS 20-42.

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    Crow Bar

    Put it across a chrony yesterday.

    I got 54 usable shots (on the Regulator).
    Average speed was 889FPS. ES 32. SD 5.2.
    Average energy was 31.8ft/lbs.

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    James Mitchner

    Nice, CB.  I never thought about an air gun project!  Should be death and destruction of selected varmints and meat for the pot.

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    Crow Bar

    Thanx James!

    I have taken a number of rats with it (we had a real problem one year, it took care of that!).
    Otherwise, I use it mainly for target shooting. Usually 30-40yards, but have shot out to 105yards.
    For about $60, I can have 2000 match grade pellets delivered to my door, no hazmat fee.
    And, backyard friendly!

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    Jack Simonton

    Hey Crow, just hear to about your project and raise a keen interest in my mind. I think it is new I don’t hear about any air gun project and looking for the further.

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    Crow Bar

    Air guns have really advanced over the years.
    And once a new one hits the market, there are numerous guys out there doing mods, pushing the limits.

    Some of the newer PCPs have really come down in price and offer features found on much higher AG.

    The Marauder like I have, has a big following, many mods, many aftermarket products. Some guys are even taking a .22 and modding it into big bores.
    Speaking of big bores, big bores have really taken off. 7.62, 9mm/.357, .45 and even .50. Some states are now allowing big game hunting with them. More than a few guys have taken everything from hogs to deer with them.
    There are even some that take “Air bolts,” and can push an arrow faster than a cross bow.

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    Crow Bar

    I compete in a online (honor system) competition.

    Note the 10 ring is 6.75mm, the 9 ring is 18.44mm.

    All shots taken off a bi-pod, prone at 30 yards.

    Here is this matches target:

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      Jack Simonton

      Nice shoot, you are Brilliant. The targets are so exact.

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    Crow Bar

    One of the guys over on the air fun site did the math to scale a IDPA sized target for airguns.

    This target, if it were at 50yrds would simulate a real IDPA sized target at 600 yards.  Using this same target at 25yrds would simulate a IDPA sized target at 300yrds.  I took these shots at 30yrds so that would be simulating a real IDPA target at about 350yrds give or take a few.

    I do this for two reasons:  1)  I note the reticle hash marks/scale/mil-dots/whathaveyou for each scope for range estimating.  2)  Get a real idea of what taking a shot like that would be and how difficult it really is.  It is one thing to take a shot, from a concrete bench, off a led-sled and bags, quite something different when doing it from field positions.    For this practice I was using a IOR/Valdada fixed power 4×24 scope.  The current trend in the shooting sports is a low, variable power scope (1-4/6x20something generally).  My air gun is stupid accurate, probably better than I, and I consider myself a good shot.  I was shooting off a bi-pod, on a shooting mat with all the time in the world.  Now imagine if this was a SHTF situation.  I know a lot of people who run semi-autos.  I could be wrong, but slow hit is always better than a fast miss.  And, in a SHTF situation, what ammo you have on hand/stockpiled is what you have.  You dont have a DoD backed logistical train to support you.  Every shot you take you are that much closer to your rifle becoming a club.

    In the USMC we took shots out to the 500yrd line.  It built confidence in ourselves and our rifles to hit what we were aiming at with iron sights.  A lot of Ramboz wannabes out there really think they are going to be taking long range shots.  Not likely.  More like within the 300yrds and shorter ranges.  IMHO, per the late, great Lt. COL. Jeff Cooper, a rifleman with a bolt action rifle who has master the snap shot will live longer than the majority of the Ramboz wannabes with tricked out AR15s.

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