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    Crow Bar


    Convenience is the sales pitch, but the real goal is control in service of maximizing profits and extending state power.

    Hard to argue with that.

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    Old addage if you can’t I’d the suckered in its free scam.it’s you. Nothings for free they are selling you.

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    Crow Bar

    Not Just Alexa: Google Employees Eavesdropping On People Via ‘Smart Speakers’

    My wife and I talk about the news on a daily basis.
    Once, she had her tablet sitting next to her while we were discussing the situation in the ME. At one point, she unlocked the tablet, and opened Google only to find it had performed a search concerning the ME without her prompting it too.
    Since then, we play music through a non-smart radio/CD/AUX player.

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    Glad we don’t have smart speakers and our computer is off and only turned on when we need to use it. It stays in the office and we have the camera turned off and taped across the camera so it can’t be used. We also have the microphone turned off. We never turn that on.  But on a couple of times, I checked after an update and the camera was turned on though the lens was covered. So now I check the camera and the microphones daily when we turn the computer on to use.

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    First thing in the morning after an update, check your settings.

    Every time I find the ‘bluetooth’ setting on.

    I don’t use bluetooth, don’t have anything for it to connect to, and never turn it on. Yet there it is.


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    Laptop has duct tape over the built in camera and speaker .

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    Crow Bar

    All good suggestions.

    I have to wonder, at what point will a “dumb” appliance (TV, washer/dryer, fridge etc.) no longer be available?

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    OldMt Woman

    Our elderlies wanted to replace their dumb washer/dryer.  Can’t be found and they wish they’d had the old washer repaired.  The new one sounds like a mini-construction site.

    VERRRY creepy about ME, Crowbar.  Invite Alexa into my house?   Not even if it was free…which it’s not.  We have rural wireless transmission of our electric usage tho.  And wireless Internet.

    So….I’ve always taped the camera but what’s this about settings and microphone?  Ack!  I can’t keep up.  Beginning to remind me of our constant problem with keeping MICE out of the house!  Shooo!  Scat!  BeGone!

    OldMtWoman  ….using WIN10 and not too computer savvy.

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    Surveillance like in China is coming to the good old USA.  I was in Walmart a couple of weeks ago. While picking up a vitiman for DH, a blue light flashed. Didn’t know what it was at first as I looked right at it before I knew it was a camera of sorts. It was on several isles. It is for facial reconition and the eye scan.  So no more Walmarts for me. I don’t do the hand thing in the doctors office either. They want my info, they have to look on computer the old fashion way. Not by me putting my hand on a machine for that info. I don’t go into Walmart often but that spying on every move you make and scanning you like that was creapy. Though I could wear sunglasses and keep my head covered. Wonder how that would work out for them.

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    I wonder how long it will be until people start wearing masks, gloves, hats and baggy clothes to hide their shape from the spy cameras. Would have to change the anti-terrorist laws for that to happen. Good luck with that.

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    Crow Bar

    Some states have anti-mask laws that were on the books back in the KKK days.
    A few tried to revisit those laws in order to expose the violent domestic terrorist group known as “antifa.”

    Dunno if we could pass a law to ensure our privacy in public by way of masks.
    Use the religious angle? E.g. “As a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I am exercising my religious right to wear a colander, fake spaghetti dreds, and meatball shaped sunglasses.”

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    They sell neoprene n100 mask for pollution and allergies. Doctors note on allergies easy to get.

    No wal mart for us or home depot with cameras.

    We now just buy in huge bulk or get it delivered. Dont need to go to store for that.

    Only issue comes with redflag laws and deliveries, as anyone can claim anything is suspicious.

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