Americans Agonize Over $1,200 Relief Payments That Won’t Be Enough

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    Yeah, the $1200 was not even a band aid.
    To me, the frighting part is if this thing goes on long enough, the government keeps issuing checks, running up debt, at some point I think we could see real inflation or even hyper inflation.
    And, what if people begin to get used to the idea of getting a government paycheck and start demanding it.
    What does that look like?

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    And how much would we have gotten from a Democrat ? They are not the party of the people anymore , my guess is zilch . We all need to stop being that guy , that wins a million dollars , then grips and complains about the weight of the suitcase , and how bad it clashes with our wardrobe . Really man , all the negative stories help no-one , and the sites are full of nothing but . Yeah I know , but after awhile , you have to ask yourself , whats the point .

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    Chesty Puller

    I look at it like this, its just uncle sam giving us our tax dollars back. I intend to pay off a credit card with it. I have faith in this president and believe his intent is good. However I do not trust many in his administration. IMHO too many globalist / Marxists looking to undermine him and this country.

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    I will not criticize the relief money for various reasons – mostly because it’s our tax money and way more billions are being given to corporations –  but I will respectfully comment that Im surprised at so much cognitive dissonance on such a reputable forum regarding the freight train bearing down on us, friends.

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      I dont think it is cognitive dissonance as much as I feel this is the calm before the real storm comes. You know, one of those big storms you can feel it in the air? And you know it is going to be a doozy.
      More than a few of us have been on lockdown (some by their own choice prior to government intervention) for some time now.

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    Chesty Puller

    It sure does feel like the calm before the storm.

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      Crow Bar

      I feel it is not going to be some short lived one either.
      Will we still be sitting in our respective places, writing about this a year from now, still in lockdown or similar conditions?
      Be better than that and we all have a good laugh at ourselves?
      Or worse?

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    Mouse Wizard


    China is trying to start back up but finding there are a) missing links in its internal supply chains, and b) few customers placing orders, so it’s like pushing wet sand with a bulldozer that has only one track. This will force Chinese companies to close and trigger Chinese banks to fail, and that’s starting to happen right about… now.

    Meanwhile, This virus will ping-pong around the southern hemisphere, mutating and gaining strength during the southern flu season, before migrating north in the northern fall. Just in time to wreak havoc once again on what’s left of the world’s economy by forcing new lockdowns in China and everywhere else.

    My main problem with Trump is he can’t hire competent people to save his life. Reagan had significant dementia, but an excellent staff + cabinet and so went out in style. This administration should be able to see these upcoming events but it can’t or won’t, so we need to adapt. Current shortages will get worse and worse as China flails about in its death throes and big business continues to suck at the government tit instead of doing a massive transition to critical manufacturing in the US.

    So here’s how it goes in detail:

    If products don’t get used, or local businesses can’t place restocking orders, then the output end of the supply chain stops and like a slinky, the force gets reflected back down the chain to the manufacturers and their suppliers. No single product has all its components built single manufacturer anymore. Vertical integration got replaced by outsourcing and just-in-time. These days, a manufacturing plant sources parts, feedstock, expertise, transport, and supplies from a web of supporting companies. Now that they’re trying to bring people back to work they are finding that a critical person or supplier is still not available, so that line can’t restart, so the workers stand around for a day or so and get sent back home. That’s what it’s like to be near the tail end of the slinky.

    Once they do start up, they’ll find their customer base is less than half of what it once was, because capitalism and personal responsibility all that insure a ton of businesses fail because they can’t get zero interest bridge funding. The jobless rate goes through the roof, so everyone stops spending on non-essentials and starts hoarding cash. At the other end of the slinky, the manufacturers have to slow production, cut workers, minimize orders to their suppliers. Suppliers can’t meet their loans, so they get shut down because capitalism happens even in China now. Critical parts are no longer being made and the manufacturer in the middle has to shut down again. Eventually it can’t restart.

    I just ordered two additional solar panels for my stock of spares, and was told by my supplier that that particular (popular) model was out of stock in the US warehouse and awaiting another shipment from China. I asked how long. Still waiting on the response.

    Look at the grocery stores. Traffic is now at or below normal and yet bare shelves are everywhere. Why is that? Because packaging material comes from China. No bags for chips; no chips on the shelves.

    Right now, replacement parts for pretty much everything come from China. Including parts that keep our power grid up and running, and tires that keep our transport trucks rolling.

    There are ways out of this. Expensive, gut-wrenching, population-shifting ways that smack of socialism and wartime; right down to re-tooling manufacturing plants, converting shopping malls to manufacturing, trashing environmental and safety regulations and building codes for the interim, planting coronagardens, and shifting populations to temporary camps full of National Service draftees to support the new manufacturing plants from walking distance. But not to worry; these actions will not be taken because the current administration is stuffed with anti-science idiots too busy praising the buck-passer-in-chief to notice the zombies are marching up their steps.

    So the replacement parts won’t be happening. Expect more and more shortages. Expect more and more addicts roaming the streets looking to break into houses. When you hear that tires are in short supply, expect trucking to be in the process of shutting down, because they go through tires like crazy. When you see the first intermittent grid failure, expect that to become the new normal for you.

    Act accordingly. The time for planning has passed.

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      Crow Bar

      @ Mouse Wizard,
      Great post!

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    Yeah bit bezos needed to be given 24 billion cause you know hard times and the rest of us have to pay for it  WTF


    And of course the miĺlion Aires 43,000 of them each need another 1.6 million each

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>And you the slaves get a measly 1200 and be happy about it…  those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent one unavoidable jfk</p>

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    Already too late as mouse stated…. we stocked up on such items long before Corona was even a thing….. yes we have a place we call the parts yard…. looks like junk yard for old equipment… but it is cheap parts on hand…


    Seriously everyone needs to find food source withing walking or bike range. Get a hand cart to haul things like water and how to purify. Those systems RELY ON CHINESE PARTS to run. So does power. Get to know local food people for trade now people are suspicious now they will be right unfriendly if they don’t know you and people.start stealing. At least if they know your face they might talk and trade with you.


    Out old stuff machinery and some.of the super old horse and oxen drawn equipment might be gold if this continues as fuel refining only happens with Chinese parts and chemicals. Yes we have halter trained bulls and a fun and for the farmer days local show…. many either old tractor in or go on animal power for that day.


    No cows allowed on those days or randy bulls can be handful…expecially in herds





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