Americans Are In Deep Trouble: 23% Save Nothing From Paychecks

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    Had a co-worker who’s girlfriend would plan on how to spend her entire paycheck in two weeks.

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    He lucky only HER paycheck not his aswell,  paying forever credit cards for plastic chinese crap you throw away.


    Most women I have dates have zero idea the difference between want and need. What is an investment and what is a money pit, many looking for a man to pay debts they accrued. Have seen 100 plus in credit card debt and wanting a 100 wedding  the channeling of the princess mentality.


    There are young guys clueless on finances but as a man you do what you have to not what you want if you are going to survive. No easy out cards. Everything you have you earn blood sweat and tears unless you are privaleged few, family relies on you no one asks how you provide only that you do,nor what it’s costs you to do so.


    We are entering the 3-4 jobs to keep afloat with 2 people. In 80’s one income could support  a family with savings. .. past the peak and into free fall.



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    Crow Bar

    While the end of the article turns into a plug for that guys book, the over all idea of living below your means, getting out of debt, saving, is sound advice.

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