Americans are piling on credit card debt, despite recession warnings

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    Various outlets have been talking about a recession for . . . well, years now.

    Seems MSM has gotten into the act.

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    Ugh. People are going to be in horrible shape.


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    If you think that is bad, check this out (and I have seen other reporting of the banks doing a repeat of their follies that lead up to the 08′ crash),

    Banks Seek Lower Credit Score Requirements, Targeting Over 50 Million New Subprime Borrowers

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    It’s not a bad thing, depends on how you look at it and in which position you are in.  Atleast in sub prime you spent others money to mainly buy junk you tossed out in less than 30 days some within that day. Think of the lovely bail in where they steal your saved money and give you nothing to cover these losses. But wait there is more that is why they want cashless society so negative interest rates can steal any money you do have save as well and you can’t go outside the banking system because no other currency than barter. Do you have a barter network?  Been working one for a decade it is really simple as all of the people need to eat and we produce food. Three of our biggest expenses are either full or part barter those are fuel,feed and repairs.


    We even trade for some health care for food we have a doc but pay for things we don’t have like x rays, chiropractic  and massage with food trades.


    Last year one of our businesses started taking pay in silver, we have a silver face value price for some customers they get spot price  in  value but in pay in face value on bills. We in turn pay back in silver for things we buy from them. I make ok preserves but this one lady makes to die for stuff. In little village some store have a silver price now too for customers who know. Why pay bank transaction fees plus other benifit s






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