Americans exposed to toxic chemicals in drinking water 'dramatically underestima

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    Guess I’m going to have to switch to bottled water. Anybody know any “safe” brands of bottled water?


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    Are they including the amount of Rx drugs people are taking and local water treatment plants cannot filter out?
    It is so bad, drug levels are showing up in the brains of freshwater fish.

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    So, maybe I should start stocking distilled water in those gallon jugs from the grocery store? I know distilled water is supposed to taste bad, but maybe with cool-aid or lemonade mix it would be drinkable? Don’t they drink distilled water on the space station?

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      Have to check but I think those Berkely water filters can filter Rx drugs out.
      Maybe reverse osmosis?

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    Distilled water is hard on your system as it flushes nessisary salts and minerals.


    There is also problem if you drink chlorinated water you win bladder cancertain prize.

    Chlorinated Water Implicated in Bladder Cancer


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