America’s Social Unrest Is About to Get Much Worse, Congress Fears

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    Its  all part of the plan.

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    It will get way worse when more cops resign in the coming weeks, permanently. Once these areas become lawless, crime is going to spike off the charts. In Seattle’s “CHAZ/CHOP” area police are already getting called about rapes, assaults, and even a murder in less than a few weeks of these people LARPing. I expect it to increase ten fold after next election in November. And that’s just what’s happening here, not even mentioning the China issues.

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    I think we are heading for a civil war.  Can’t hardly find ammo anymore here as our governor is trying hard behind the corvid issues to take our guns away. He needs to go now. Needs a nice cushy jail cell for a while.

    Need to watch both China and N. Korea.  Something is in the wind.

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    Crow Bar

    There seems to be elements that want to keep the unrest up, the rioting and looting.
    The election in NOV is going to be crazy as some others have noted.

    There is a rumor running around about the possibility of NYPD having a sick-out on July 4th. Be interesting to see what happens then.

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    Josefina Arenas

    I think many “causes” have piggybacked on each other.  The riots served the purpose of either a cover story or in fact spreading the virus.  I believe this is why the protests weren’t discouraged and were allowed to escalate.  Those in power need to create chaos to cover up what’s really happening in the world-wide economy, which is just short of disaster and in world politics.  It’s a classic psy op using unsuspecting stooges.  We need to look at who benefits and how from all this anarchy…

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    I will start with a call for calmness.

    We have been through ammunition shortages before, 4, 8, and 12 years ago. And when Clinton was elected. Take a breath, don’t panic buy, patience.

    Work on your food stocks, no matter what else happens, we have to eat. And the challenges that are already happening are promising to be an interesting year.

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    Something strange going on with forum. I am logged in but can’t go to June check in as it says I am not logged in but can come to other areas and I am logged in. Seems to be only on certain parts of the forum that says I am not logged in.

    I ran up to Dicks sporting goods the other day as my son in law said there was a shortage. I had not even thought about it because of DH being in hospital for a month and then again for his surgery.  I was surprised. No ammo to speak of and no hand guns. Only some rifles and shotguns. I did buy some shotgun shells but had to order the other on line. Don’t like to order on line for that but only way I could get what I needed. I can’t go much further than that as I am caregiver for my DH. Can’t leave him alone for very long. Maybe an hour and that’s it.

    Living in VA, our governor is doing everything he can to take our guns away. He is hiding what he is doing behind the Corvid virus. The CVDL is on it. They are suing. Hope it works because if it doesn’t we are in a heap of trouble here in VA.

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      I will look into the issue with your logging in, seeing other threads.

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      Quite honestly, with Governor Northram threatening Americans in Virginia the way he did earlier this year saying he was going to have national guard kick in doors and take people’s guns, I thought we were heading for civil war then. How many 2nd amendment sanctuaries popped up in Virginia almost as if overnight? Haven’t seen anything like that in my lifetime, simply incredible. He backtracked on his little confiscation bill but I’m sure he’ll just backdoor it later on in something else. Luckily Virginians ain’t havin’ it, but covid, along with the riots and looting have sent this country into a tailspin, and it seems very, very deliberate. I’m keeping my head on a swivel everywhere I go these days. I feel I got my CCW at the perfect time last year. Feels like every morning I wake up there’s a new crisis.

      I hope you all stay safe out there.

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    John Park

    I think that the election will be the final nail in the coffin.
    If Trump wins, no democrat will believe it. They already believe there was collusion and that Trump’s impeachment came to the wrong conclusion. The polls say Biden is ahead. Anything other than a Biden win will be seen as evidence on cheating. They will riot.

    If Biden wins, no Trump supporter will believe it. They already believe the democrats are engaging in voter fraud, now there is talk of mail in ballots, and there is still no voter ID. Obviously the democrats stole the election. When the dems then push for gun control or reparations the conservatives will riot.

    Nothing good coming.

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    Crow Bar

    I think the Dems have to win, but not for control of the WH.
    AG Barr is digging deep and finding all the conspiracies, the collisions, various 3 letter agencies have done in order to get rid of Trump.
    More and more evidence of corruption of the Biden’s in the Ukraine matter, Joe Biden’s clear decline mentally, the near laughable Dem party trying to prop him up as a legit candidate.
    It is all going to go badly no matter the result.
    I am still waiting to see who they will pick as Biden’s running mate.

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