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    This may not be a news flash for anyone who has always lived by the ocean, but it recently occurred to me that I should think of ways to stretch my stored freshwater in the event of an emergency. I keep 40 gallons of purified water in my condo, plus 20 gallons of tap water that my dogs can drink.

    But when I got hit in the face by a wave and got a mouthful of seawater, it occurred to me that it might be silly to add salt to my freshwater when cooking if I have seawater available. (It’s reasonably unpolluted here where I am.)

    So, I brought some mason jars down to the ocean and lugged them back to the apartment.

    I ran it through a coffee filter, then added a drop of chlorine to kill off anything funky.

    Then I made some soup with veggies, meat, and tomato paste. It turned out tasty. If any of my ingredients already had salt it would be too salty and I’d use half fresh and half ocean water. If I was feeding people who are sensitive to sodium, this might not be a good idea, but my blood pressure is actually on the low side.

    I think you could use ocean water for making soup, boiling vegetables, rice, pasta, or as an ingredient in dough, leaving out any other salt in the recipes.

    That was two days ago. I had soup that day, then leftover soup the following day. I have not yet died or become sick. Just a thought if you ever find yourself rationing drinking water near the ocean. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has tried something like this and if so, what were your results?

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    OldMt Woman

    Hmmm…..  Back when I live by the ocean and camped a lot, I thot of this.  Can’t remember [THAT far back] if we ever tried it.  I would worry about other contaminants depending, as you say, on the location.

    Another possibility is to use simple distilling method which would leave salt behind.  I’m thinking of the big pot of water [salt or otherwise unclean] and hanging a smaller container hung from a string tied to the inverted lid of the pot.  Boil the water in pot.  Steam will rise and drip down the slant of the inverted pot lid…down the string and into the suspended container.  [ pics available on Net somewhere if this explanation isn’t clear.]  Simple with equipment usually available if camping.

    OldMtWoman  …distilling takes a lot of fuel/energy I think tho…??

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    Distilling is definitely an option if we’ve got power. I actually have a steam juicer I was going to tweak and see if I could use that. 🙂

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    OldMt Woman

    In crisis…wood fire…   IF the woods are not CRISPY like our West has been this year.



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