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    King 16

    I’m curious if there are any other first responders on here that prep.  It seems that it presents it’s own set of challenges.  I’d love to talk to others and share thoughts and ideas.

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    Crow Bar

    Bout 2 lifetimes ago I was a EMT-B, Wilderness EMT, and basic firefighter.

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    10 years LE before the injury.

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    James Mitchner

    Thirty-three years in a metropolitan paid-career fire dept.  In four more days I will be retired 11 years.  EMT, haz-mat, USAR, instructor…

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    Ranger Rick

    54 years, Just retired Reserve Law Enforcement, Current Firefighter/Medic 42 years, CERT, SAR, EMT-A, Wilderness 1st Responder, Emergency Management, and such.

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    Crow Bar

    EMT-B, Wilderness EMT, and basic Firefighter.

    Unfortunately due to my new location cannot keep the certs up.

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    SVD Operator

    Three years Army infantry. Retired 10 months ago from a metro police dept from a medium-sized city. Boy am I glad to be done with that. So, 25 years police officer, 5 years welfare fraud investigator (non-sworn) , 3 years Army.

    Also an NRA pistol instructor for all their pistol courses. Kind of funny (sad); work in a hospital now where I’m not allowed to even carry a pocket knife. Strange world.

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    Was a medic in the army and EMT-B. Work in a hospital now though, changed career to nursing when I got out.

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      Crow Bar

      Good for you!

      I tried the Nursing route, but rocked out after the second year. It was an accelerated course, 4 years in 2.5.
      After that, I knew I had to do something so EMT-B it was. For fun, I took NOLS Wilderness EMT course. That was awesome.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    2 months away from retirement from a 20yr fed LEO career. I was also a reserve police officer when I was stationed CONUS while in the army. I did 3 1/2yrs private corrections as well.
    Preparedness certainly does come with its own set of challenges while being law enforcement. It’s rarely a win situation. But then again being a free thinker non dependent on .gov in law enforcement doesn’t always present a win either.

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