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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Many good opinions and actions here that we agree with. Good ideas Old Mountain Woman. We may be Preppers, but we are far from Survivalists. My daughter talks about us “homesteading” which is fine to most people unless you are a realtor.

    John Wick – you are ALWAYS AN EAGLE SCOUT. You are just no longer a boy…scout.

    “Be Prepared, Prepared, Prepared. The motto of a Boy Scout.”

    “Retired” When Ex-hubby got out of the service, he told me to “stock up” while we had access to the commissary’s cheaper food. It is normal for the military who only get paid once a month, and the retirees who do not live near base, to do so. (I think it stuck.)

    We don’t talk about “Prepping.” We talk about gardening. With several food allergies, it is easier to use that as a reason. It is easier to be a prepper in the country. Also, being retired, on a fixed income, any discretionary money is limited. Gardening satisfies the food dollars – if anyone asks. There are some jars in the kitchen. The other “thousand” are in the basement.

    Our neighbors, in the country here, all hunt. So, no big deal. We all have freezers. Some even probably can.

    We joined our Ham radio club to learn about communication and emergency conditions. I have mentioned I garden and can and love to cook. People have been to our house, but nothing is obvious. Country basements and out buildings are very useful. We have taken SkyWarn and are having trouble finding a CERT class near us.

    My daughter does not want me talking about “survivalism” with her three sons. We don’t address it specifically. We are far from survivalists. She does not want them to be “afraid.” The boys will help with the garden and gladly take a couple of jars for supper. All are still in school, but they are learning our gardening skills little by little. The newly 18-year-old is willing to have discussions. We talk about “old days” and having a year’s worth of food. About how his great-grandmothers did it.  I will address with him what he should take to college – just in case he needs to shelter in place …under a foot of snow. They are all Boy Scouts and can shoot, they just don’t want to hunt the cute critters.

    We have told my son-in-law that if anything serous happened in “the cities” where they live, and it is near an airport, they are welcome to come here to avoid…ebola, flu, etc.

    My #3 grandson took his friend to look at my canning shelves in the basement to show what kind of a garden we had. Confusing to me. I guess because we “grow” a lot it shows in all of the jars on the shelf that I canned. The friend’s family has chickens and gardens and cans – in the city. Like minded.

    Step-daughter-in-law, is more open and accepting. She has stated that if anything happens they are coming to our house. My response was, “bring pillows. We don’t have enough.” Step-son and wife are willing to have conversations. They do not prep. But she gardens and is willing to help.

    Neighbors, a great young couple, salt of the earth helpful people, just pooh-pooh the notion. So, we just give them jars of food, or cookies, or something in exchange for them helping us with our heavy lifting items. Perhaps she will someday start a garden. They are newlyweds. Thinking about getting goats…I don’t know why.  For fun?


    There are only a few people, mostly family, that would know enough to come here. They are also the only people that we would get on with well enough to have here and work together with.

    So, no discussions. It is difficult to learn about people. Even if you hear about their activities, does not mean they are like-minded, or taking action. We just go merrily on our way…being prepared…in disguise.



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