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      Stephanie Hale

      Hey there, Just wondering if there are any other preppers here based in the UK?

      I’m based in Oxfordshire and on a FB group, but aware as Daisy recently said that the posts are likely to be vetoed and taken down, so would be good to form a Whatsapp group instead to share tips, advice, support.

      Once 2021 rolls in I expect we are going to need it!

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      Crow Bar

      Howdy Stephanie!

      I do not recall anyone whom has been on here from the UK, but that does not mean someone may be here.

      Reading Daisy’s article on Facebook now.

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      Hi Stephanie


      I’m based in Bedfordshire, also in a few prepping groups on FB, mainly specific focuses rather than general prepping I relied on Prep Club and survival Mom for those



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      Frank Bassett

      Yep. East Yorkshire.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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