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    Hello, everyone!

    What are you up to in April?

    Spring gardening…making strawberry jam…hitting the farmer’s market…stocking up…learning skills?

    Tell us all about it in the April Check-In!

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    Piglets  chicks puppies calves poults mud fencing

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    I wish I could start gardening here.  Too early- the snowbanks are still high but starting to melt.  I’ve started some seeds in the house and went through them to see what I have and what I may still need.

    Still doing Morse code and making a little progress.  I am determined to master it.  Ran errands and did shopping today.

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    Mama cando

    Let’s see Hot water heater is in,  Bliss, hot water from every faucet AND it doesn’t take forever to get it to the kitchen LOL. Went to a seminar with DH tonight, on how to save seeds. It was great!! We learned a lot. It was put on by the township and the university extension people.  DH is getting the garage cleaned out as we are replacing the 30+ year old windows in the house and garage so he needs to move my desk (my craft area)  my dad made made me out and move the work benches from under the garage windows to that spot. So we’ve put it in the basement in preparation for when I get the old laundry room done as my “new” craft area. My grandmother used to tell me “Patience,one thing at a time” so that is coming along slowly. We are hosting Easter dinner and I can’t wait til the grand kids are here. I’ve continued the tradition of the Easter egg hunt for the grands. GRson2 is already “plotting” where grandma and grandpa will hide the eggs so he can find them fast. He sounds just like my brothers when we went to dad’s parents for Easter,LOL.  Gotta tell a funny egg hunt story. My grandpa always did up a dozen eggs for the hunt, well one year we only found 11 eggs. He swore there were twelve but he never found that 12th egg. Next year, he did up 12 eggs and we found 13 of them. My brother found the egg in the china cabinet, seems my grandmother moved an egg that year and because of her Alzheimer’s didn’t tell Grandpa she moved it. SO there it sat for a year in the china cabinet tucked into one of the coffee cups. Grandpa shook it and it rattled so we took it out to his compost pile and dad broke it open.  Phewee, it stunk but we found that 12th egg from the previous year!!  Sadly that was the last year we had the egg hunt but we will always remember the fun we had trying to find that 12th egg the previous year.

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    Columbia River

    Check up with doctor. Doing good. This is about a year long process so preparing for the long haul. It’s mentally hard and even Dr said even though he’s a surgeon but has to encourage his patients from not giving up. Warning from me: Do not mess with your shoulder. It’s really hard – in lots of ways

    Finished my queso with one head left to make a Mexican cauliflower dish for the freezer with a recipe I found in veganinthefreezer dot com

    I care about the garden but with shoulder, house project and life it just isn’t happening right now.  It’s funny because this is first year I’ve cared. But he’s busy on the house and that is the priority right now. Always before I was more involved once it came in the house with processing.  DH and I are talking about where we could at least have an herb garden so we could grow our own.

    And I found 2 pounds of turmeric at Grocery Outlet for $9.99. I cook with it and take it medicinally so that was a big score. Went to my regular store next and they had the bulk on sale for $10.81 a pound. So I got it for less than half the sale price. 🙂

    and it seems there a fewer postings. Is everyone to busy prepping and just dealing with springtime to have much time to post?

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    Columbia River

    Namelus. They’re all cute but oh so time consuming.

    Mama cando your shuffle project is similar to mine. What a pain, but hopefully will really make a difference in the long run. It’s hard to come up with the time and energy for other projects when you’re buried in moving stuff.

    I am starting to find things to get rid of – I got many of them over several years on a “perhaps this yard sale item will work in my new kitchen”  but now that the real thing is here I can see what works and let the other things go – and that is exciting.

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    Mama cando

    Columbia River, So true. Since I’ve been re organizing and sorting I’ve been much happier. It’s amazing what one accumulates in 45 years of marriage that’s been tucked away. I even found some extra Christmas Spode dishes that I’ve put on Craig’s list now. Got one inquiry from someone local,who wanted them and she would add an extra $50 if I would pull my ad from the list. Then she wanted my address so her husband could send me a “Registered Cashiers Check” from the bank. THAT made me suspicious so I emailed her back ,Sorry DH and I have been burned before so our policy is cash only and we would meet her at HER convenience as I understood about work schedules, that was a week ago,  haven’t heard from her since the initial email. Hope everyone is getting in the Spring mood

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    Been weeding the flower beds and found another area we might be able to grow some potatoes at. It is on side of garden shed where we can’t see it very well, so trying to see how the sun comes in around that side. Never paid attention to that before. We pulled up some azaleas from that area that were dying from that guy that was cutting our grass sprayed roundup on them. Go figure. Still raining so cannot get the main garden plowed and here it is April.  Been doing some dry canning today. Need to get that done and out of way. Looks like we will have a late crop this year if at all. Guess we will be hitting the roadside stands and heading to the farms in N. Carolina. That would be a nice drive out that way. Haven’t been in a long while.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    We had a lovely family time at the destination wedding.  My daughter’s family (5), plus her father, my husband and I work pretty well together.  I usually have more problems with my son-in-law, than with my ex.  We did touristy things in the freezing weather, took lots of pictures, and Hubby lost them somehow.  Deleted while downloading.  I have pictures of the wedding and I need a better flash.

    We were exhausted from the daily walking, so when we got home we did nothing for a day.  Then my arm acted up from swinging and twirling from dancing, so long hot bath was necessary.  Clearly, we need more exercise, but, I would do it all again.

    With Spring here, the snow is most gone, the conditioning will come quickly.  There is quite of bit of brush to pick up from the nearly tornado-speed winds last Sept.  The twigs will be taken to the city compost site. The rest seasoned for future use. Spring is late. Three years ago the plum trees and daffodils were already blooming.  This year nothing is green.

    We enjoyed the egg muffins; they were very easy to make and eat. Advice:  make sure you grease the pans very well!  Did not open even one quart of the (5) jars of split pea soup, so I still do not know how much we would eat.

    One grandson got cut on a plastic package, so we closed the simple cut with Crazy Glue.  He was surprised, but pleased.  Then there was the usual -one forgot his pants, one lost a button on a shirt, one needs something ironed.  I could help; except for the trip to buy new pants.  it was nice to know that they ask me first because i am usually prepared.  Yup, Prepared. (Daughter was doing the flower for the wedding so she was busy. Even she needed something I had.)

    So, now that we are back, we are putting together a box of clothes to donate tomorrow.

    I ordered cupcakes for Hubby’s 80th birthday celebration at the Ham Club, tomorrow.

    Still knitting during long car rides, and TV watching.  Made a few more items for donation at Christmas.

    Oh, yeah,  I bought hamburger and round steak at the grocery – they were on sale. So, I am going to try canning hamburgers for the first time; also Swiss Steak and Salisbury Steak for the first time.

    I’ve been lazy for the past week.  It is time to read all of your posts and catch up on your lives. And prep. A little item goes a long way

    Take care everyone.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Mama Cando: What are you doing with the old windows?  Do you have room for a greenhouse?  Use the old windows for that.  If you prefer not to do that, advertise the windows locally.  Someone will want them.  Greenhouse, Cold Frame, etc.  There are many things they can be used for.  We have been saving some old windows for just that purpose.

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    OldMt Woman

    MamaCanDo…..I enjoyed the story about the missing Easter Egg.  Those family stories are the best….our unique commonality with each other.  When we laugh and no one else knows what’s funny.  Like the time my brother had to hide in the changing room of a small store to keep from revealing our BIG HUGE surprise prematurely….  😉

    Hang in there ColumbiaRiver.  That shoulder will be healed up and strong…sooner or later.  And you’ll get into your house too!

    My nervous system continues to be ‘rattled’ and fatigue is high.  Drat!  But we’ve been trying to get a few holes filled in preps.  One has been a thermometer …non-battery, F – not C.  Hate to use glass but that seems to be the only option.  Reading the post about 6 Missing Prep Items for Medical in Daisy’s blog today….  we have all of them except the defib machine.  Ouch, pricey.  We’ve had enough medical issues in the past 5 yrs to warrant the purchase of all the rest and they DO come in handy.  When elderlies call to say they don’t feel well, we can have them get reading on some of those devices.  We have a set too.

    BUT the non-battery thermometer is Celsius.  It’s awkward since we’re used to Fahrenheit.  [Numbers are NOT MY FRIENDS so I’m not going to do the computations easily]  And we had only one….glass….  ‘One is definitely none’ when it comes to glass items.  So we’re lining up to purchase some that have both C and F thru Amazon.  Put one in each To-Go Med bags.

    I need to find a small Faraday container for keeping my Kindle when not in use.  Small decorative tins would work well, plus bubble wrap.  Just have to locate the right size.  I’ve got a green one……

    I’m trying to get some of my thousands of books downloaded AND into categories like Cooking, Garden/Orchard {I still have hope for that}, Pioneer Skills, and my favorite authors.  Need to continue reading the directions on how to utilize all of the Kindle’s functions…..  Things i can do while not being very physically active.  I don’t find a easy way to “toss” books into my categories.  Laboriously one by one????  That’s fine with 15 books but my quantity?

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all.

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    Hi, all…I think I mentioned I’ve planted my front yard raised bed using the square foot model. According to Old Farmer’s Almanac, April 2 was a propitious day for planting above ground cool weather crops. Got my fingers crossed. Second raised bed in back yard with more shade is finished and ready for planting, I think next week. I’m so grateful I have a handyman neighbor who helps me, else I couldn’t manage.

    Today, I went through my medical emergency bucket and got it better organized. I found a huge rubber band to secure the medical book I bought (recommended by Daisy) to the outside of the bucket after putting it in a waterproof plastic bag. There just wasn’t enough room for it inside the bucket. Anyhow, I have some basic things so that should I ever be required to evacuate, I could quickly put the bucket in my car. There is a rather large plant in our community that serves as a major connecting point for underground gas lines that run from Canada down to the Gulf Coast. I don’t know a lot about what goes on there, but it is conceivable that should there be a malfunction there, we might have to evacuate the area. Who knows… But otherwise, I’m determined to “bug-in” as my best and safest decision.

    I’m 80 years old. This quote I found recently, printed it out and put it on the front of my Emergency Preparedness Notebook. Thought some of you might find this meaningful as we each confront our own unique days, my new special Prepper friends:

    I will look for joy in all things.
    I will enjoy what is beautiful.
    I will listen. I will learn.
    I will believe. Because God has
    given me another TODAY.
    I will not waste a single moment.
    I am thankful. I am blessed.

    nite all and digital hugs…

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    cleaned out the fridge and cleaned out bottles. Plastic juice bottles went into the recycling bin.The others are stored.

    Gave my quickclot gauze pouch to a family member who has trouble with blood clotting. Curad has smaller ones, which I am going to pick up and send over.

    the southside of the home, just gets too darn hot and sunny for anything to grow ( except okra). The front under the tree just may do it. Will pick up some herbs and see how they do.

    Took inventory of my neighbors to see what resources we have. Brains, physical skills ect. I think we are ok except the transplant next door, who freaks out over lizards. Definitely going to be a problem if a hurricane hits this year.

    Nothing decent as far as grocery sales this week.Hopefully as Easter closes in things will pick up

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    Amy Dixon

    Mama Cando – Congrats on your new water heater 🙂

    Columbia River – I’m sorry your shoulder is still giving you trouble.  I hope it will feel much better very soon!

    Muffy1938 – Great quote!

    The past several days I’ve been busy helping a friend move into his new home.  I couldn’t do much lifting but could at least drive his back-up vehicle – so that reduced the number of trips he had to make back and forth between his old and new residences.  I’ve also been reading and judging submissions in a science-fiction writing contest sponsored by a club to which I belong.  So, I haven’t had as much time to prep as I usually do.  However, I did buy some more DAK canned hams this week when they were on sale for $3 U.S. each (at CVS drug store of all places, lol).  I’ve also been negotiating with an eBay seller to (hopefully) buy a used Black and Decker 8-slice toaster-oven inexpensively that I can modify to make into a DIY tea-light oven for (carefully!) baking and roasting food indoors if the power goes out.  I decided to try to get a used extra-large toaster oven for that DIY project so I can use normal 9″ x 13″ pans in it instead of having to purchase special cookware for it.

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    Mama cando

    Cinnamon Granny, Glad ya had a great time at the wedding. Went to nephews wedding last November. Know what ya mean about the dancing but it was fun Right? Can’t use the windows as all the wood is rotting out.DH thought of that too but when we checked, they are so far gone it would be more to fix them up .  We didn’t realize HOW bad they were til sons friend came this afternoon to measure and checked them out for us. 🙁  I’m just surprised we didn’t have any problems this winter. Besides I’m going to get a medical marijuana card  Can’t use the stuff but Son 2 said IF I get one HE’LL buy and build the greenhouse for us ROFL. Seriously,  I don’t need one and Son 2 will be helping us build the green house.

    Amy Dixon, Thanks.   sounds like you are busy, busy.  Your Idea of an old extra large toaster oven sounds great. Is there a UTube on that? Keep us posted on the project

    Hope all are safe

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    OldMt Woman

    That’s an interesting adaption, AmyD.  Let us know how toaster turns out.

    Corsaire…smaller quick clot by Curad?  Thanks for tip.  How small?  A styptic pencil  [<span class=”ILfuVd NA6bn”>Anhydrous aluminum sulfate]</span> or ….alum works too for small wounds…..and perhaps it won’t help if there is clotting problems, as you say.

    Got some clearing and cleaning done today.  Finally felt like I could use energy, in spurts.  Not a lot but even a little FEELS GOOD.

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all

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    Amy Dixon

    OldMtWoman – Glad to hear your energy level is coming back up!

    Mama Cando – Thanks!  I haven’t found a good YouTube video showing the particular method I’m planning to use to convert the extra-large toaster oven to operate as a tea-light oven.  However, here’s the webpage address for a great article (with lots of helpful photos) that explains how to do it:  http://www dot bluebonnetacres dot org/diy-tea-light-oven-off-grid-cooking/   The toaster oven the author of that article converted is smaller than the one I’ve ordered but the conversion method should be basically the same.  I’ll just need to make a few more holes in the back wall of the extra-large toaster oven for air flow than she did in the smaller toaster oven.  Also, I may need to use two terracotta bread basket stones or small un-glazed quarry tiles, instead of just one, to attach to the underside of the top of the toaster oven to store and radiate heat back down onto the baking/roasting food.  Of course, I’ll also need to plan on using more tea-lights to heat the extra-large toaster oven.  Apparently the best type of tea-lights to use are the kind that are individually poured into their little metal bases/cups, not the kind that are “stamped” out of a large sheet of paraffin and only then placed in the metal bases/cups.  I suppose you could also use soy wax or beeswax tea-light candles if you wanted to avoid burning paraffin candles.

    This morning I ordered a model “TO3265XSSD-HD Black & Decker Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry 8-Slice Toaster Oven” for $25 plus shipping from a nice vendor on eBay.  The vendor very kindly checked their stock for me and found one that had a damaged heating tube, which they could sell me at a significant discount.  Once it arrives, I’ll measure the interior and figure out how many (and what size) bread basket stones or small, unglazed quarry tiles I should buy to fit in it.  Converting it should be a fun project 🙂

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    I’ve been so crazy busy that I completely spaced catching up on here!

    DH lost one job last month, and we’ve been going constantly since. He was working 2 full time jobs for 2 years, so the house projects went to the back burner. Now we’ve caught up on a bunch of stuff and we’re both getting back into better shape, since we have time to do it together now.

    Last week, we sold a car, truck, dirt bike, and some random clutter around the house. That has helped us pay down a debt and take a payment off of our monthly budget. We’ve meal planned for the month using Daisy’s Flat Broke cookbook. We were able to put in raised garden beds, which we bought before the job loss but it’s bwen too cold to put them in. We have one filled up with dirt and one that’s getting filled up this week. I bought seeds and get to plant this week. We hung up an indoor cloths line to save on bills, and we will hang up an outdoor one this week.

    I’m continuing to find projects to save money and make use of what we have. We have 3 (!) kitchen tables in our storage room, so I am going to invest in a little paint and give them a cute makeover, then sell them. Anything to make life a little smoother while DH works on his time so he can pass the test to be hired as an officer. (😬)

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    OldMt Woman

    Good to hear from you, Prepperfan!  Sounds like you’re handling his loss of 1 of 2 jobs very well.  Working 2 jobs is awful anyway.  DH did that off and on thru the decades.  I think it took something out of him…esp. working nights and not getting enough sleep.  In his case, he clearly had too many hours a week.

    I finally got to ride that wild horse of mine today.  We had to take some serious precautions tho…cuz he hadn’t been ridden all of this icy/snow-covered winter.  Uff tah, he’s a basket case right now and I’ve NO intention of coming loose from him.  Wish I had a better option.  But riding helps so many non-working parts of me to work well again.  Takes the night spasms out of my hips….giving me better sleep.  Today was a short ride but we’ll keep increasing while Wild Thing gets back to normal.

    I handled a bit of paperwork too.  Had received a bill for driving on some toll road in NY – NJ.  Ahem, I’ve never been in either state.  Neither the vehicle NOR the license plate matched.  So….I’m thinking SCAM.  Yet, they say if you don’t pay [less than $2] then fines increase.  [NOTE:  they are NOT getting even $2 from me!]

    OK…they have my name/address.  I’m NOT giving them anything more like a phone #.  So I tear out the page in the local phone book that gives the number for the county clerk/recorder.  Highlite in YELLOW.  Suggest to them that IF they are not a scam, they need to reenter their data for the numbers on the offending vehicle.  Can verify with our county clerk that I do not own a vehicle of that description nor with those plate numbers.  I typed all of it.  Certainly did NOT sign my name…typed it.  Kept copies of EVERYTHING.  ….now we wait.  Just thinking…. I reallllly don’t need STUPID hassle.  Life’s tough enough without SCAMMERS or CARELESS data entry.  But the plate numbers are nothing like mine, except perhaps from this state.  I’ll see….

    Delighted to be handling some other spring chores…tho we’ll likely taste WINTER again …and again…before spring is here to stay.  Enjoying the previews tho!!!!!!!!  🙂  …finally got some things DONE today!!!

    OldMtWoman   G’nite all

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    Well, it’s summer here in Texas. High 80s (low 90s tomorrow) and humid! Ugh. The mosquitos are going nuts, and the spiders are spinning webs everywhere. The henbit is done, the cleavers are going to seed, and the lamb’s quarters are shooting up like crazy. I love to munch on their leaves when I’m outside with the dog. Grass is above my knees but I’m waiting til the cleavers are done seeding and then I’ll mow everything down. Sorrel and wild lettuce are popping up in all sorts of places. I’ve planted some non-hybrid comfrey, and where I put them I want them to invade– oh, yes, please! I have an island up front that I plan to turn into an herb bed, and I’ve started with the cleavers if they’ll come up from the seed. The island is a pain to mow so making it herby will work just fine. I do have to do something about the poison ivy up there. Deer are supposed to love it, but they’re not eating it and the ivy is being too sassy for its own good. I think humans are the only ones who are allergic to that stuff. It’s a pity because it is pretty but then so is water hemlock.

    Allergies have hit too. Lots of folks are in misery right now. The pollen is dreadful.

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    Mama cando

    Old Mt Woman, Hope you can clear that up without too much more trouble.  Have you tried calling them?  Had this happen about 4-5 years ago.  Got a letter from the DETROIT police telling me to pay overdue parking tickets or they were going to impound my car. So I contacted the police dept in DETROIT,  told them I was at work (have witnesses) on the days and times tickets were issued and I hadn’t been in downtown Detroit in over 30 years nor was my Green Honda CRV ever there. They sent me a picture (work email) of a Navy blue Ford two door car to PROVE it was my car. Told them that wasn’t my car and I don’t own any navy blue vehicles. The lady I talked to checked my registration (and DH’s too), looked at the picture that was sent, realized it wasn’t a green CRV (or DH’s RED vehicle), apologized, cleared it up right away. By the way I called from work so they didn’t have my home # or Email. Had her email me at work it was all cleared up.  Took about 5-10 minutes to clear it all up. Of course, I never heard the end of it from my co-workers the first time I had to leave my baby in the shop and had to use DH’s RED vehicle. LOL.

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    Columbia River

    Picked up  How to Stay Alive: the Ultimate Survival Guide for any Situation by Bear Grylls at the library and have been going through it seeing how much I know.

    Tornadoes (green sky)and hurricanes, mosquitoes, scorpion stings, driving through low water crossings, heat- thank you Texas

    climbing, rappelling, how to deal with a skunk walking through your tentless camp site, rafting (in whitewater with a busted raft) hiking, dealing with an injured person who has to be evacuated —(thank you Outward Bound) and that last one isn’t even in his book

    flying a helicopter in emergency- not high on my list right now.

    But it is an interesting list of skills. The information is a bit sketchy but much better than nothing and covers a lot of different topics

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    Hello, all!!! So much news you are sharing. Good to hear from Prepperfan. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…sounds like you’re taking a positive approach and that is such an encouragement to us.

    I agree with OldMtWoman that life is enough of a challenge without the hassle of scammers. I keep getting strange phone calls from all sorts of people offering this, that or the other. One today said I had a refund coming from somewhere totally foreign to me. Of course, I hang up and block that phone number from any future calls. But as I rarely give my phone number to anyone, it’s clear it has been hacked from some source and is now being sold. Whatever. Such a hassle to mess with answering my phone. My number is on the national “do not call” list so I guess I need to lodge a complaint. Maybe later. I’m tired today. 🙂

    Garden planted April 2 seems to be thriving. Yeah. Spinach seeds sown directly have sprouted. Backyard raised bed ready for planting tomorrow. We might have another frost warning but it will be easy enough to cover everything in the square-foot 8 x 4 foot size.

    Family news is good. Oldest grandchild (a rising senior in college) has been elected President of her social sorority for next year. Next oldest granddaughter will be graduating from the U of MO in May in just three years of intense effort. She’s thinking to do a bit of world travel for a spell before settling into job/career. Wise choice, I think. Oh, and my granddaughter who most loves the country life, just won the “best of show” for her cake entry in the County 4H club baking contest. Sorry, I’m a typical grandmother, so proud of my off spring as we all are.

    OldMtWoman, are you still riding? that is AWESOME. Way to go girl.

    Have we heard from MollyM recently? Wondering how her studies are going.

    Amy Dixon, you always have such good info to share! And, Namelus. Thank you.

    It’s been a long day. Blessings to all.

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    Columbia River


    I think the scammers often just dial the next number so getting on the do not call list doesn’t help with them.

    I had one caller who knew my name, phone number, address and age. That was concerning and after having had a credit card number stolen I think I might go ahead and freeze my credit as the warning after illegal use of credit card doesn’t last all that long.

    They are a royal headache – especially when they “spoof” a local phone number.

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    Mama cando

    This maybe in the wrong place but for those who’ve been keeping up with me on my Grand nephew . Niece posted this morning: “Pneumonia and GVH of the gut – very serious – his heart stopped for several minutes but he’s “back” and “stable” for now … please send positive vibes”.

    They have sedated and intubated him and now we wait. Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers.

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    Mama cando– praying for sure!

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    Thanks for the update Mama
    Cando. Please keep us posted

    and indeed keeping him in my prayers

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    Mama cando

    Update:<span dir=”ltr”><span class=”_3l3x”>Niece just posted a vid. He is not getting enough oxygen and he has a blood infection, possibly septicemia. They are still working on him, they may have to transfer him to Boston Children’s</span></span>

    Thank you

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    Mama cando

    My niece sent this:
    <div id=”js_el” class=”_5pbx userContent _3576″ data-ft=”{"tn":"K"}”>

    So, this is what they’re saying Noah has, and hoping it’s not the “HUS” type …

    <div class=”_3x-2″ data-ft=”{"tn":"H"}”>
    <div data-ft=”{"tn":"H"}”>
    <div class=”mtm”>
    <div id=”u_jsonp_6_b” class=”_6m2 _1zpr clearfix _dcs _4_w4 _41u- _5cwb _23bq _2bf7 _64lx _3eqz _20pq _3eqw _2rk1 _359m _3906″ data-ft=”{"tn":"H"}”>
    <div class=”_3907″>
    <div class=”clearfix _2r3x”>
    <div class=”_42ef”>
    <div class=”_3ekx _29_4″>
    <div class=”_6m3 _–6″>
    <div class=”_59tj _2iau”>
    <div class=”_6lz _6mb _1t62 ellipsis”>pediatrics.aappublications.org</div>
    <div class=”_3n1k”>
    <div class=”mbs _6m6 _2cnj _5s6c”>Streptococcus pneumoniae–Associated Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome: Classification and the Emergence of Serotype 19A   </div>
    <div class=”_6m7 _3bt9″>Streptococcus pneumoniae –associated…She also said that his doctor is worried ,he may not survive this. Thank you all again and I will update as we hear from her.</div>

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    Mama cando

    Thank you all for the prayers I’m sorry to report my grand nephew has passed. the infection was just too much for his body  to fight.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Mama Cando:

    Please extend our sympathies to your niece.  It is horrible to lose a child.  I lost my sone when he was 34.  It does not matter the age.  You are losing a piece of yourself.  My pain caused severe depression and lasted for months.  She will need time, love, and patience.

    She had an opportunity to love him.  The Doctors had an opportunity to learn from him.  But also, he had an opportunity to learn what life on earth was like.  He will see her soon since there is no time on the other side.

    • #13803

      Mama cando

      Cinnamon Granny, thank you for your kind words. It is very much appreciated I am sorry for your loss as well.I know it will take them a long time to heal. Thank you again.

      God bless everyone here.

  • #13804

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Yesterday I tried to dry the laundry on the line.  It was a tad too cold and I had to finish them in the dryer.  It was 60 degrees on Monday. Fifty degrees today.  Started hauling the branches, that had fallen over the long winter, to the city brush site; we kept the ones large enough to burn.

    I organized the outside table where I pot the plants and start seeds.  Pretty dirty after winter.  Need to get seeds started – but keep them inside.

    Today we have six inches of snow and temperatures have fallen to freezing; more is supposed to come.  Hubby keeps shoveling the snow under the feeders, and adding more corn & sunflower seeds on the ground because the poor Juncos and Fox Sparrows have no place to get food otherwise.

    I organized/rewrote a few recipes.

    Spent an hour practicing Morse. My teacher (called an Elmer in Ham circles) is pushing me to get better at Morse.  After today, I realized that I lost most of what I learned.  It is like a second language – you must keep it up.  More tomorrow.

    I made cornbread today to go with home-canned chili.  I put the cornbread into a loaf pan and it needed 30 minutes because I added some leftover mashed-up green chilies in their liquid, and cheese.  Tasty with the few chilies in it – not too much. Satisfying lunch on a snowy day – in front of the fireplace.

    I hope you all avoid the serious freezing rain and snow.  Stay safe.



  • #13805


    I am so sorry Mama Cando.I pray that all will have strength during this very difficult time.

    Take care and feel free to vent, cry or just talk here. We are all listening,

  • #13911

    Columbia River

    1) Mama Cando – my sympathies on your loss. I can’t even imagine how hard that must be for everyone.

    2) today I learned how to loosen a tie down strap  with the tightener/rachet on one end. I was trying to help DH and couldn’t get the tie downs loose. He showed me, so now I know a new skill.

  • #13898


    Oh, Mama Cando, I’m so sorry for you and your family. Do know that we are praying for everyone affected by the death of this child. Please don’t hesitate to let us help carry you with our prayers during this difficult time.

  • #13922

    OldMt Woman

    Praying now, MamaCando.  Poor lil’ guy.  🙁

    Yes, Muffy.  That horse ride solved [temporarily] my hip problem.  If I can ride once a week or even couple times a month, it really helps.  Only reason we still keep them.  Wish I had my old reliable darling tho.

    Snow here but not such an unusual thing this time.  Usual late spring in mountains.  Still, I’m fully aware of where all preps are if power goes out. {heat source}   Only real problem would be limbs dropping on power lines.  But it hasn’t been windy much.  Jiggle snow off the branches….a good wind.  Going to just let it melt.  DH went to pay bills and groceries, etc.  We’re fine here.  ‘Cept dog is needing to ‘go out’ ….something not quite right.  Back to rice, I guess.

    …and I’ve got swollen throat glands today.  Hmph, I haven’t been anywhere in … a month.  DH hasn’t gone much.  Throwing every immune booster at it ….hoping germs will flee in defeat.  Not used to being ill.  Thankful for that.

    OldMtWoman   G’nite all ….take care, you who are in the storm’s path.

  • #13959


    Mama Cando, I’m so sorry for your loss <3

  • #14023


    Mama Cando– I am so sorry. You all will be in my prayers.

  • #14029

    Amy Dixon

    Mama cando – I’m so very sorry to hear of your grand-nephew’s passing.  Sending prayers to you and your family for strength and comfort in one another’s love.

    Muffy1938 – Thank you for the kind compliment.  I learn a lot from your great posts also!

  • #14124


    Just trying to catch up reading and learning. Been very busy.

    Mama Cando I am so sorry to hear about your grand nephew. Prayers are with you and your family during these trying times.

    OldMtWoman, I also have been trying to gather books and receipes together and putting them in folders. Don’t want to loose these if EMP hits. I am not trying to protect the computer as I use it for so many things. Don’t think there would be much of a warning so I figure I would loose them.Though I do have my nook and kindle protected.

    Columbia River, glad to hear the shoulder is getting better. It will take time but you will get there.

    Cinnamon Grammy. Glad you had a great time at the wedding.

    Prepperfan. My best to DH on getting that job. I am sure he will do great.

    I have been going through things to get rid of. Went through and made a list of foods I am low on and got them restocked as the sales allowed.  Got organic carrots on a good sale today. 5lbs for 2.99. For organic that’s not bad. So I will be canning 10lbs of carrots tomorrow. Then I have chicken in freezer and some other meats I need to pull out and get canned. Hubby is having heart issues and we got a new heart doctor for him in same group of doctors. The first one just sat at his computer and did nothing. Not even an EKG. That was a bit odd for a heart doctor. But the new one is great. EKG right off the bat. Showing a bit of congestive heart failure. He has also ordered a stress test and echocardiogram as well. Tried to get first doctor to do this and he said he didn’t need it. Hubby has been very tired and has shortness of breath. He has already had one heart attack and I wasn’t going to sit back and let a do nothing doctor take care of him. So we should know what is going on in a couple of weeks. He did go out to day and planted green beans. So the gardening has begun. Weather has been really nice. Not to hot and not to cold. But the pollen is really bad. Everything is green. Glad I waited to wash the windows as they are really green from the pollen. Will need to wash down the house when this is over.

    Caught up on some reading of some books I didn’t want to get rid of till I had read them. So now I can box those up to go to the salvation army. Got some herbs planted but not many. Basil, chives and parsley for now. Got more to get done on that. Working on a place in the flower beds in front yard for the herbs.

  • #14146

    OldMt Woman

    Hmm…gets confusing since I posted the one above about 11PM last nite.  That “moderation delay”.  No help for it, I suppose tho.


    MamaCanDo….so very sorry to hear that you lost the little one.  Yes, do give our condolences to the family and will continue praying for them.  Can’t imagine your pain…. 🙁


  • #14332

    Mama cando

    Want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. They are home now and niece is starting to get the things they had been given to help my GR nephew together to return.  One of their friends in the small town they live in is organizing a Make a meal campaign for them to help them out. One signs up to deliver a hot cooked meal to them on one day and it looks like it is for the next two weeks.

    For us, our county/township is having a “Recycle-Rama” tomorrow. DH and I have gotten things to take over there. AN old printer, PC with the motherboard out, old fluorescent lights, etc.Couple of old Irons that don’t work (rusted out, can’t fix ’em) and REALLY old meds(more than 4 years old),DH’s old syringes that we’ve been hanging on to. Plus ALL the stuff DH has Gotten out of the garage. They had a list of stuff they’ll take so THIS year we’ll be able to get rid of things. We’ve been out of town the last few years at this time(family stuff) so hadn’t been able to do it.

  • #14380


    Got 19 pints of carrots canned this morning. 9 of them are glazed carrots and the rest just plain for using in stews and such.

    Grandson came over this evening. He is upset. He got a job at burger king as a cook. a month ago and now is being layed off. Seems they think he is not fast enough. They only gave him 2 days of training. And speed comes with experience which he did not have. So he is down in the dumps. Spent the evening trying to cheer him up.  He is 17 and most jobs here, you have to be either 18 or 21 to work in some of these places. He won’t be 18 till middle of Nov. Though he is graduating in June. So maybe things will turn around for him soon.

    I do have a question for you guys and gals. My next door neighbor has stage 4 throat cancer. He has nurses that come to the house. His wife and I were talking and she said that 3 nurses that came to house wanted to know if she was prepping for what is coming. She played dumb but we both though it was weird that 3 different nurses at different times kept asking her this. Does anyone have any thoughts on why a home heath nurse would ask someone if they are prepping?

  • #14392

    Amy Dixon

    Littlesister – Sadly, I think perhaps the nurses were talking about her preparing for her husband’s possible passing.  It sounds as though his condition is quite serious, so maybe the nurses were trying to encourage her to make sure his affairs are in order so she would know what to do, (and would have family and friends available to comfort and guide her) when he passes on.  Alternatively, they may have been trying to get her thinking about what hospice or health care facility he could be moved to if his condition worsens.  Even though it will be scary for her to do so, I think she should just flat out ask them what sort of preparing they’re talking about and if they have any suggestions for her.  My late Father had throat cancer, prostate cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease, and his doctors and nurses were wonderful sources of information and guidance for me while I was caring for him at home (including training me to give him his stomach tube feedings, care for his PEG tube insertion site, etc.).

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  • #14399

    Amy Dixon

    Today I took an old friend with me to my favorite Amish/Mennonite operated “Dent and Bent” discount grocery store when I went to do my monthly shopping.  My friend ended up getting more groceries than I did, despite his initially telling me “oh, I don’t need a shopping cart because I’m not going to get anything”, lol  😉   By the time we finished checking out, he was so impressed with the amount of money he’d saved, that he was talking about coming along with me every month when I “make my rounds” of the local discount grocery stores.  Since he lives on a small, fixed income also, I was really glad to be able to show him how he could save a lot on groceries – and to think it only took a year of my repeatedly telling him what great prices that Dent and Bent store has to finally convince him to check it out, lol!

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  • #14409


    Little sister, I believe Amy is right about the language they are using is to get ready for his passing. Tell relatives friends last visits, financial, funeral ect.  You will want to make sure bank accounts are joint and no payments come from a him only account as those can be frozen for 6 months. You will need multi copies of death certificates for banking, insurance, government, pensions ect.


    Also get prepped for funeral home, they sell on emotion have a second person there is a good thing as some are very predatory.  I have all details of mine done already to make it a no choice for others as its already a tough time, plus the entertainment value of my last gathering should be remembered in a way that is uniquely me.



  • #14568


    Amy and Namelus, I to thought that might be it. Her husband is home and is on a feeding tube. He is able to now eat jello and yogurt. He is back on radiation as his ulcer had started bleeding so they took care of that. He is home, But seems he will make it through this.    What his wife said was these nurses were asking if things went south and started talking about if war broke out. She said she told them if things come our way she will move in the other direction and if she can’t get out of dodge she would stay and they would die.  I should have been more pacific about what she told me. I at first thought about his passing but then she said they talked about war and such. He is up and sitting on porch and doing a bit of walking to get his strength  back. Parton the spelling of words. My keys are sticking bad today.

    Otherwise I have been canning chicken today. Got 11 pints of chicken. Next I am going to make and can poor mans steak. That one will take a good while to prepare so I will have to time it right,

  • #14621


    Lately I have been making things from scratch. Pizza’s to red beans and rice and pudding. Not quite at the biscuit stage yet.

    Been perusing the thrift stores lately; found cutlery as well as a wire whisk.

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  • #14653

    OldMt Woman

    I’m trying to get stamina back up.  I’ve been bouncing up and down in the past few months.  I told DH tonite, its so odd.  One day I can walk with the dog all the way down there and back with just her on leash and a walking stick.  [I use a ski pole with the point in our dirt/grit, actually]  Then the next day I can barely walk with bi-lateral support and get breathless in a quarter of the distance.  Hmph.  No sense in it…just do what I can when I can.  My disease excels in inconsistency!  But I’d sure drive a fitness trainer crazy!  LOL

    Our area is sunny and snowy….sometimes taking turns.  Sometimes at the same time.  Scattered bands breezing thru.  Nothing sticks for long but the ground and trees and new growth is getting a long drink of water.  In arid West…that’s always a good thing.  …..I’m just hoping my missing pair of reader glasses didn’t drop off outside in the goat pen earlier today.  Under a few inches of snow now, if so.  Me and these readers…uff tah!

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all

  • #14897

    Columbia River

    #1 son is here doing some stuff for his brother. I offered to buy him his choice of The Pocket Reference or The Desk Reference by Thomas Glover (think someone here mentioned it) and he asked was it a little black book. He already has it!  I love finding out that my children are marching forward ahead of me!

    That’s generational prepping I guess. I gave him a copy of Making It, as I liked it so much I bought one for each child’s household. Also learned of that on here.

    We have 4 yellow flowers up and fruit tree buds are swelling but garden is neglected in favor of house. Might do more farmers market than usual this year. There goes the grocery budget but I suppose (hope) groceries are cheaper than the rate we would pay someone to do the work DH is doing – such as digging a trench for new power line and moving old kitchen cabinets back in as the new cabinets will be later phase. Infrastructure is phase 1.

    Busy spring whatever. Very late this year.

  • #14985


    Picked up pig feed, was talking to other farmer friend there,  he lost his herd of 20 pigs last week to mysterious illness….. went into high decontamination mode….

    Willows are blooming, hope I get willow honey this year from hives, nice tasting asprine honey lol.


    Wolf pack issue near me killed a caribou ate only internals of 3 animals left carcasses to othe animals. So glad I made my place with chain link as outside fence so far nothing but birds inside.


    There is a new bison farm in area…. the wolves tried their luck there and two got trampled.





  • #15067

    OldMt Woman

    Columbia River….”generational prepping”.  That’s a great thing!  Hoping that will increase with ours if/when we finally live closer again.  They’re in that “too busy to breathe” stage of life…  🙁

    Namelus… your neighbor’s pigs ..was it that same issue with the quarantine?  Wolves vs bison…only if bison is alone and weak.  Those things are HUGE and the hide is tough too.  They ranch some out in the western high altitude flats.  Pretty cool…..tasty too!

    Well we’re still having snow and sun.  Good moisture.  I’ve heard snow [up here or in general? I don’t know] puts down more nitrogen than just rain.  Dunno if it’s even true.  But I know we don’t have to shovel it now…being warm enough to melt if you just wait for it.  Springtime in the Rockies.  LOTS easier than winter in the Rockies!!!

    Harsh week for XL dog.  Theory by now is that SOMEthing was wrong with a particular bag of dog food.  Been eating that brand for a year.  Has had that flavor plenty times.  But poor thing was “running loose”.  Got her cleared up with rice and stuff.  Then tried mixing that bag with another flavor cuz we weren’t even sure that was the problem.  She does occasionally find non-standard issue things to devour…  {don’t even imagine it}  Gave her a cup of the mixed dog kibble, watered, with mostly rice.

    Well, that nite no one slept.  Woke us to go OUT QUICK NOW to do business X3.  Then ’round about 5am….she just barfed the rest of it all over the carpet.  Uggg.  LOVE the Bissel Green Machine!  So…back to rice to settle her.  Tossed out the bucket of mixed and the rest of the bag that is now identified as …..somehow toxic to her this time. ????   By now we’ve eased her back to full kibble.  She kinda misses her rice but doesn’t need it.

    With animal food and our own, do we really know who might have put what where?  There’s no recall on it.  DH called the company who offered to replace with a bag of something else.  No…but we won’t order that flavor again….tho she’s been ok on it.  ????   [I’ve mentioned that I hate mysteries…]  Anyway, 125#  dog with G.I. distress …never a good week.  Whew!  She’s back to normal and we’re all happy .

    OldMtWoman     G’nite all  …..and have a good time, Daisy!

  • #15063


    My heart is heavy…Notre Dame is burning…I’m not Catholic but I’ve seen that amazing building…built by so many sweet simple folk, in great faith, centuries before power tools…such unbelievable beauty…so much is happening, so rapidly….it’s almost more than I can comprehend….my sweet Carolina is studying in France this semester….she and classmates were going to travel to London today and are now returning to this awesome tragedy…the French, the world, we are stunned…I am a Christian and this is the beginning of our holy week…goodness….I’m just trying to understand, to cope….all the trivial things I might have shared seem so insignificant as I try to get my head around the sadness…it’s just a building, no one died….but somehow it seems to represent something so much more significant…goodness…what’s going on in this sad, sad world…digital hugs to everyone who understands my heart…thanks

  • #15150

    Crow Bar

    Yes, it is sad.
    I did get an opportunity to see it. One of those once in a life time trips.
    If they rebuild it (I am sure they will), perhaps I will have to make the effort to see it again.

  • #15210


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>notre dame was amazing…</p>

    @oldmountainwoman thier herd is of about 60 of them on 200 acres. His farm was not under quarantine as those pigs where not officially listed as they where for his families consumption only. Asked him to contact pig tracking people about it but not much more I can do without  overstepping the line I set for my own actions.


    One of our dogs get sick this time of year too I am sure it is from allergic reaction  as they eat green shoots…  carnivore only my butt. One has a sneezing issue with dandylions, she tells us when tike to let bees out is lol We changed dog food to only meat grown on our farm…. they do so much better 5 dogs, we feed them mainly the internals of the ones we process they love the stuff all raw we just freeze to preserve it.  To make it simple we freeze in a packed square 1 foot by 1 foot square 3 feet long use the log splitter to pack it in. It’s lined with a plastic bag then frozen… 3 days later we take apart the frame and use band saw to cut into butter 1 lb brick size chunks which are bagged and stored. Each morning you bring in 5 chunks on sErving tray and let dethaw for dogs evening meal. The only problem is they have their own freezer for dog food lol… I had a guest open that up and ask why we did not butcher paper our stew meat…. and what we added to it that was chewy…… they cooked it thinking it was for humans…… was so hard not to break down crying with laughter,  after that freezer has a  dog face  cartoon on top  with big letters MY FOOD under it.


    Off to till the garden… and sighting new fencing lines.



  • #15232

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Muffy, I am glad you got to see it.  Travel really does broaden the mind and helps you to realize that we are all one family – Man.

    Notre Dame is “just a building”, she says with tongue in cheek.  If only we could share that same concern and effort with the people of the world and help them when they need it.

    I have not been to Europe, except for England, and a breakfast in Munich. I have been to other more out of the way places.

  • #15233

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All

    Welcome to Spring. Weekend Yard “<span style=”text-decoration: line-through;”>Warriors</span>” workers do too much too fast and hurt their muscles. From sitting all winter, to full bore catch up with Spring is not smart, we must ease into this. The snow is nearly gone from last week’s snow- and rainfall. Hopefully the daffodils are coming up.

    On the hottest day of this year (62! Chuckle) I decided to make and can Salisbury Steak, and Meatballs for Spaghetti Sauce. Senior discount day is Wednesday, I wonder if my exchequer will let me buy some more beef in addition to the hams this week.

    I looked online for the recipes and combined what I thought would taste the best. The Salisbury steak, “hamburgers” in an onion, mushroom beef gravy was ok. Not particularly flavorful. I was able to put 3 beef patties into jars and add the onions, potatoes, and mushrooms to get 11 dinners. But, the meatballs were outstanding. Maybe it was the parmesan cheese in it. The meatballs, I formed with a 70 cm scoop, baked then weighed them, then put ten meatballs each into eleven ½-pint jars. All will be covered with beef broth, with water added to the one-inch mark.  Just dump the meatballs into the spaghetti sauce and dinner is soon ready.

    Eleven dinners of each is 22 meals. Slowly the dinner menu builds up. The Swiss Steak I made last week was very tender. I need to make more of that since I only ended up with three on the shelf. 25 dinners. (One a week for 25 weeks.) Now I need another (6 days x 52 weeks) +27 and my year will be complete. Ha, ha. I have not counted the soups that are already on the shelf. I did realize that I have NO Chili! That must be on the to-be-canned menu.

    Now what will YOU can with the ham that will be sale priced this week? I like: split pea soup, bean soup, ham with sweet potatoes and pineapples, plain ham, Hoppin’ John. I am sure there are more.

    I finally got up the courage to use my new gadget today – a food processor. Those blades are sharp! I sliced onions, garlic, whirled eggs, ground breadcrumbs, and mixed the ground meat together. It was much easier and faster than cutting it all by hand. Clean-up is not easier compared to one knife and one cutting board.

    While it is too early to till the garden it is time for me to start the seeds.  Hubby was cleaning up outside today. Washing the tables on he porch, raking the sunflower seed hulls away from the now exposed grass, picking up sticks; lots of bending over. He is pooped. I am hot and my feet hurt from standing; while the creating is completed, I have two more canner loads to do.  At least I can sit while they process and write up my recipes for posterity. I took careful notes so I don’t have to experiment next time.

    There are thirteen wild turkeys outside with three males displaying. Well, one is dominant at the moment. The ladies do not seem to be paying attention. There have been more visiting at one time. I think my hubby needs to get a turkey license this year. Corn fed from the neighbors’ fields should be good. During last week’s snowfall, we had over 30 Juncos, over 40 Fox Sparrows, 3 Song Sparrows, plus our normal assortment coming to the feeder for food. I even saw a Tri-colored Blackbird visit. It flew into a lock of nearly 70 Red-winged Blackbirds and they all flew. Have never had a blackbird at the feeder before. A few years ago we heard Great Horned Owls calling. I’ll have to have my resident ornithologist see if he can all one in tonight.

    Take care everyone. Happy Easter/Spring to All.







  • #15285

    OldMt Woman

    Muffy….I love the old and ancient ways people did things.  It’s said that trying to rebuild like it was….possible cuz someone did complete digital imaging something….but do we even have folks with those skills?  I wish I’d seen it.  Glad a lot of it was saved…..did the stonework take heat damage?  Will be a long long time before anyone has a tour there…or services.  🙁

    Namelus……they didn’t!  Someone cooked the dog food…..innards?  I would have trouble trying not to laugh or throw up!  Did you ever tell them?  LOL  I hope your neighbor decontaminates well.  🙁

    I had an in-town day and got some stuff FINALLY accomplished.  Dead-out fatigued now.

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all

  • #15413


    The neighbour is starting with tilling In quick lime ( bacteria), the diatamteous earth (parasite) it also stays fallow for over a year walls where already detoled and iodined.

    No I did not tell them but I threw out leftovers to the dogs lol.  They seem no worse for wear but ewww. When I was way younger and I had a little dog in city I fed it those wet food  that came in tins. Not having alot of money I bought at dented tin place sometimes labels missing, had parents over dad was about to eat it on cracker and was wondering why dog was going nuts..

    cousin did eat wet food said it tasted salty and close to texture of the canned corn beef…. out of hunger I have eaten milk bones…. they are tough and never eat the green ones they are truely awful.


    Off to do some plumbing on new barn.


  • #15469

    OldMt Woman

    Namelus…..toooo funny.  LOL   I’ve eaten a lot of Non-Central USA-Standard foods.  Have legal immigrants in family/friends.  Sometimes I don’t ask but they’re eating it.  So fine, I’ll try it.  But unidentified out of a farmer’s freezer….uh uh!


  • #15682


    Mama Cando: I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. (Sorry it’s later than it should be.)

    We’ve been working on our water storage and cheap meals. We spend the money on Apple Juice for our kids because it helps them stay regular without meds, so we’ve been keeping the containers and filling them with water.

    I got my rain barrel installed this week, and then we had a rain storm the next day. Perfect timing. I’m excited to get more rain.

    Today, we cleaned out some “flower beds” around the edge of our yard, and I’ve decided to use that space to plant some veggies or fruits. I’m trying to figure out what would be best since I’m hoping to plant perennial veggies and not have to mess with them much. (Grapes, strawberries, asparagus…).

    Tomorrow we have to spend the day repairing sprinklers. We will also take some time to hang gun hooks at the top of our closet so we can have a hidden and secured weapon that won’t be reachable by our young children.

  • #15844

    Amy Dixon

    Muffy1938 – I too was saddened by the destruction wrought by the terrible fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.  I saw, and prayed in, that beautiful, historic building when I toured Paris on a school trip many years ago when I was just 15.  It’s a blessing that the main stone portions of the structure were saved from the fire, and that so many of the artwork and relics were rescued by people willing to brave the flames and heat.  I hope that the intense heat did not damage the stonework too much.  I am going to send a modest donation to help rebuild the Cathedral – one small way I can participate in preserving something so lovingly created centuries ago by many people of faith.  Watching the news coverage of the fire, I was particularly struck by the scenes of Parisians (and possibly visitors also), standing in the streets, singing hymns, and praying for their “Lady” of Paris.  It was touching to me to see so many people, even in a bustling modern city, unashamedly expressing their faith.

  • #15874


    Prepperfan with water collection make sure you have screens on top to stop t from becoming a mosquito haven. Algae will also bloom and cover sides, I found a cap full of bleach into a full 3x3x5 foot water cube once a month keeps it to a minimum. Eventually you will need to pressure wash it out.

  • #16042


    Good Afternoon

    Gosh, not much going on. Picked up some herbs yesterday, saw veggies but even though they sell them here, doesnt mean they will grow here.Lettuce, ok in the winter but in April…hmmm no.

    Monday will be the six months since the dog bite. Good news is that I have improved, bad news is that it not where it can/should? be. The OT isnt optimistic. Was kinda gun shy as far as the numbers were concerned after the re-evaluation. I go back on tuesday as I said he would talk to the doctor on friday

    Not having full use of my hands is not an option. I have already made adjustments cause of the fibro. Dont need anymore thank you.

    End vent

    Have a blessed Easter all. May it be filled with peace, joy, hope and strength.

  • #16296


    First I want to say I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

    Our grandson has been over for the week. He is going to be helping us with garden as soon as we are sure hubby will be able to do one this year. He will be finding out about his test on Tuesday. Hired a new guy for cutting grass, so that is taken care of.

    Grandson got a new job that I am not to happy about, but when he is done with school I think more things will open up for him. He will be delivering pizza but will have someone with him. But I am not keen on him doing that.

    Went to sunrise service and then had breakfast at church after. Really nice service. That really makes my Easter. Then family time and dinner. It has been a great day today.

    Now that Easter is over and grandson has gone home tonight, I can get back to the spring cleaning and finish getting things together for summer canning.  Will be teaching my niece how to can this summer. She and her husband are doing a garden this year. She has horses and goats and wants to get chickens. So learning to can will help her a lot. Just wish I could get my daughter interested in canning. She will have no part of that. But she does a small garden every year.

  • #16327

    OldMt Woman

    Sorry to hear about the difficulties with your hands, Corsaire.  Needed for everything!  DH has arthritis in his hands…..”all the way up to his ears” he says.  Hoping not to be eating with his elbows someday, he says.  My friend makes a cream that helps that problem somewhat…I only know it has magnesium in it.  Hope you find something that helps yours.  Fibro is nasty!

    We had fairly nice weather for Easter.  Made ham, sweet potatoes dinner for last nite.  Ate leftovers today.  Low key day.

    Still walking in evening to regain stamina….  Made three-fourths the usual distance tonite.  Was one-half yesterday.  It varies.  Tricky part is keeping enough functioning for the entire return trip to car.  Have only had to recruit help a few times in the past many years.  But…it has happened.

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all

  • #16275

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Happy Easter to all (Or whatever Spring Event you celebrate).

    Yesterday I picked up seeds.  Nope, not heirlooms, my bad.  I just want to get seeds started.  I will look for heirlooms more leisurely and package them for future use.  I have not tried seed saving yet.

    Today, I put to “soak” the squash seeds.  I wrapped them in wet paper towels that are identified  by type.  I want to get a head start so i am soaking them for a day or two.  There is only one month before they need to be planted here.  Then time to start seedlings of the cole crops.

    Last year, my cole crop failed.  One package was not what it said, and the rest just did not come up.  We think it may have been the compost that was bad.  ( Or a rabbit or pocket gopher.) A friend’s wife said,”…cabbage is so cheap at the store.”  She clearly does not have a clue and I am not gong to enlighten her about the need to grow our own.  At mid-70 I doubt they will change their beautifully manicured lawn to grow more than salsa ingredients.

    Vegetable gardening is our big thing.  It all goes in at once and ripens at once.  With global warming, the Springs in MN 4b are more abrupt.  As is the sudden hard frost in the fall.

    I need more jars.  I have no idea how many I have, but I have mostly 1/2 pints and I need pints and 24-oz jars.  Plus another shelf to put them on.  I never thought I would say that I need more jars, or more shelves for my canned food.  Wow!  Increasing a little bit each year, getting better at growing some things, constantly trying something else, adding new garden beds, learning which crops to let climb, companion and staggered planting…all adds up.  Now if we can keep up the fence so the deer don’t eat the seedlings we are in good shape.

    I was outside, sitting on the porch and thought, I should sit in the sun.  I moved the chair and rolled up my sleeves and took off the shoes.  I could only handle 5 minutes at 78 degrees.  From snow a week ago to full sun.

    Hubby has started sawing down the limbs of the tree that fell in tornado winds last September.  There are a lot of branches to take to the city compost site.  Plus, good wood to save for winter wood stove fires.

    Tomorrow I am going to try digging in the veg. garden to see how wet it still is. Hopefully, I can start turning over the two new beds that we had planned. One is going to be a Hugelbed.  It is on a serious slope, and needs a retaining wall, so, why not go ahead and fill it with rotting logs instead of soil.  Less maintenance in the future.

    Wishing everyone a good Spring.


  • #16633

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings All.

    Good Attitudes!  Old Mt. Woman, Corsaire, keep up the physical work.  Good for you.  The moment we sit and say, “It hurts too much,” or “I’m too old,” is when we may as well just give up completely and move to assisted living.  Fight!  Fight!  “Do not go gently into that good night.”

    It rained most of the day yesterday so the garden soil will be too wet to dig.  Hopefully the temps will rise today, things will dry out, and I can start working. Not 40 degrees today.

    I bought a large rack last year that would have been used in a bakery to store the baking trays when they are removed from the oven.  I am putting the (soon to be) seedlings on that rack and wrapping it with clear plastic to keep it warm.   It worked last year.  Too many seeded pots to keep inside and no greenhouse.  So, seeding some flats today if hubby can get the plastic. I need to cover the plants so the local critters do not dig in the soil.

    I may have said that my Husband is an ornithologist, ecologist, a biologist, biochemist, etc.  Since it was raining, he sat at the window and watched the birds.  It is cool when we get to see an influx of ONE type.  Much easier to identify and learn the differences that way.  With “birding” it is often a matter of looking out the window at just the moment a new bird appears.  Warblers have arrived. If you are a  bird watcher, you know that those little things flit around like the branches are hot under their feet.  Very difficult to get a good look.  As a hobby it is a benign one…unless he is driving.

    I am still knitting/crocheting caps to donate.  I need something to do with my hands while watching television.  As a result, I am trying new patterns, learning new stitches, slowly reducing my yarn stash. VERY slowly.  I would donate for cancer patients and preemies, but my yard is not the right kind for their sensitive skin.  The requirements are specific.

    Tornado training finished here.  SKYWARN sponsored by the National Weather Service has classes each Spring to show us locals how to look for and identify the different clouds and conditions that spawn serious storms and tornadoes.  The NWS radar does not see the lowest 1,000 feet, where the tornadoes actually occur, and need storm spotters’ help.

    Next training I would like to take is CERT.  How to handle local emergencies-Community Emergency Response Team.  When we do that, I want to contact our local police chief in our town of 3,000 and identify ourselves as trained.  Our Ham radio club is in another, larger, town 20 miles away.  I’d rather volunteer in our town.

    Ok, off to find some plastic and cut it to fit my rack. Gotta get those seeds sprouting for mid-May planting.

    Take care everyone.

  • #16876

    Cinnamon Grammy

    No other comments.  Everyone must be busy!  That is what happens is Spring.

    I fixed up my bread rack/seedstarter rack.  Nice warm day here.  No sprouts yet.  Bummer.  Why is it that even though we consciously know it will take at least a week, we check everyday.

    Raked the one set of flower gardens out.  Took a walk with Hubby to check out the vegetable gardens.  The strawberry bed looks good.  We identified several currant shrubs that have branches that rooted so we can transplant them into a different place.  He is working to put a fence around the blueberries that have been eaten.

    Oh, the joy and “pie-in-the-sky” dreams of Spring.  We will see what happens.  We have no flowering trees yet.  The only flowers in the garden are the early small, blue squill, and one Johnny Jump Up.  Pulmonaria is growing, pachysandra is flowering and everything else is still resting.

    Enjoy your Spring.


  • #16877


    This is the time of year when everyone gets busy with gardens and then canning. We have now been able to get the garden tilled and ready to plant. More rain to come on Friday though. But things are looking up. The seeds hubby planted that he said was old have come up. Those seeds must have been 3 to 4 years old and he had them stashed in a bin in garage. So it really surprised me to see them coming up.

    All the grandchildren are home with the youngest who went home Sunday night. So now I am catching things up. need to start getting windows washed. The rains we had really messed them up and they have really gotten dirty. Pollen didn’t help that much as the rain just made the pollen stick to the outside of windows and they look really nasty. So I will not be on computer as much with doing garden and windows.

    I am sure that everyone on here is getting really busy now. So hope all goes well for everyone and your gardens produce a bumper crop.


  • #16882


    Hi, all….I just LOVE reading your posts!!! I’ve been busy, busy, busy continuing my prepping efforts which for right now are focused on learning how to garden. Steep learning curve, but exciting as the seeds I started indoors last month have turned into plants which I put into 3″ pots and have now transferred into the raised garden beds outside….and they LIVE!!! Well, most of them. And, I have so many extras I’m now giving them away.

    My first experience with pest on plants…don’t want to go the chemical route if I can manage naturally. Granddaughter #6 came today and we mixed up some soap, water, oil and sprayed plants. Hoping that will take care of current issue. But, as I read about gardening, dealing with pests of all sorts will be an ongoing task. Whatever, so far it is something new and different for me and that is good!

    Handyman neighbor is helping me get my deck ready for Spring/Summer activities. Fresh water sealer applied and some additional deck furniture. Saw a red Cardinal today and that was cool.

    Scratched my leg on rusty fencing gave me an opportunity to dig into my medical emergency supply. Found some serious antibiotic cream that I slathered on scratches and looks like going to be okay. My first thought was “do I need to go and get a booster shot for ?” but decided to wait and today looks just fine.

    Nearing top of my to do list is to stock in some more flour. Maybe floods this Spring won’t affect availability but I’m just not so sure. I’d rather have a bit more than run short as I love to bake bread. Who doesn’t love a loaf of homemade bread ?; and I find that is something I can give away while suggesting others might want to learn how to bake their own bread. It was a sweet Mennonite lady many years ago who brought me a loaf of bread on my birthday that got me interested in bread baking and I am so grateful to her.

    Been a long day so will say nite all…be blessed, and keep posting…love to know what’s up with your lives…wondering what has happened to Molly and her closet…

  • #16910

    OldMt Woman

    Cinnamon Granny…..yes, we all check our plant babies daily..at least!  Cuz gardeners are a crazy lot and each year we get ALL EXCITED as tho we’ve never seen the tip of a radish leaf begin to break the ground.  LOL   But isn’t it great to still have that wonder….for all the negative in the world?

    Lil’Sister…ugh, pollen.  Hasn’t started here yet.  We get mostly pine pollen.  Yellow all over.

    Muffy….you’ve definitely joined the gardeners. 🙂   Can hear it in how you describe your baby plants and wanting more of them.  You’ve really done well to grow them up to small pots and have enough to give away.  \0/   Isn’t it fun?  The best enthusiasm is early and then when you get your first harvests.  The weeding can get tiresome…tho I really like it but now it HURTS so much.  Enthusiasm can wane by the end of a long season with a big garden and endless produce.  The canning, dehydrating, freezing…it isn’t quite as thrilling after umpteen batches.  But taking a look at canning jars on shelves…soooo ‘purty’.  Or dehydrated food…taking up waaay less space and yet it’s lots of food.  Amazing.

    We took one of the elderlies out to eat today.  The other is …being difficult.  It’s getting to be that season of life.  🙁   But we had a nice meal and Walmart stop.  I finally got some back-up thumb drives.  Something may or may not have gone wrong the last time I backed up this struggling laptop.  I save a LOT of data.  I would be QUITE irritated to lose it.  So now I’ll have a back up.  Then the next time, I’ll use a different thumb drive to back-up.  If it messes up, I haven’t destroyed the original.  Then I’ll just leap frog them.  Want to do that soon.

    Also renewed my supply of near and mid-range [computer] reader glasses.  Lost pair still hasn’t turned up yet.  It will but was old and scratched lens anyway.  I like them at point-of-use.  Or tied to me.  If StuffHitsFan….I NEED to see!  My far vision is fine.  DH is opposite.  We make a pair. QQ

    Now that we have a regular trash pick-up and DH has more free time, he’s making one day a week for clutter clearing in garage/basement.  Yeah, that wilderness area once inhabited by “ratfinkus mutitudinous” and it’s lessor cousins.  ICK!  But since my ancient kitty died and we began to use poison, zero population….so far.  It’s been 6 months but… I’m still holding my breath.  I’ve been fooled before.  Anyway, he’s making slow but sure progress.  But if I catch him throwing out my treasures, he’s in for it!  Hmph.  We tend to see value in different things.  LOL

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all

  • #16981


    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Wise words CinnamonGranny.

    Lately I have been helping a neighbor with her first aid kit, Giving her some surplus as she had nothing and teaching her a few things.

    Doing some minor things around the house and making lists for hurricane season. I am prioritizing in terms of necessity and what will run out quickly.

    I think large/jumbo binder clips may be able to secure solar lights to the gutters. Will have to get some and see.

  • #16982

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Regarding old seeds:  I am sure you all have heard of this but, let me post as a reminder for those that have not.

    Many of us have 1/2 used package of seeds that we have saved. (Ex:  we only plant a few zucchini seeds so we don’t alienate the neighbors with our generous gifting.) Some from last year, perhaps some from 5 years ago.  There is a simple test to see if the old seeds are viable.

    On one end of a paper towel, write on a piece of paper toweling the name of the seed and year of packaging  – in ball-point ink not felt tip.

    Then dip the other end of the paper towel into some water, so the towel is damp for several inches.  Line up the seeds across the damp end of the towel.  Use a round number like 10.  Roll the paper towel from the damp end to the written end.  Place this damp towel into a small plastic bag; and wait.  You may need to re-dampen the towel if you need to wait for a week.  Don’t use too much water or the seeds will rot.

    If the package says germinates in “X” day, that is how long you wait. Larger seeds with harder hulls ( think squash) will take longer than small,  hull-less seeds like cabbage.

    So, if you wet 10 seeds and 9 sprout roots, you are pretty safe to plant normally.  If only 5 sprout, then you should double your seeds.  If only 2 or 3 sprout, don’t plant them, unless they are special seeds that you really want to grow and have the patience to pre-sprout the seeds.

    I just did that with some old squash seeds.  I saw the seeds were swelling, so I put them into the ground before I saw the root emerge.

    Warning:  if you wait too long, the root may grow into the paper towel.  No problem.  Just cut/rip the paper towel apart and plant the rooted seed with it attached.

    Hope this helps someone.



  • #17000


    Cinnamon Grammy: I had not heard of doing old seeds like that. Will be going through hubby’s old seed stash he has in that bin. Will be trying it out. Although the old green bean seeds all came up but maybe just one here and there. But looks like we will be having a good first crop of green beans. We now have the larger garden plowed and ready for all the other things to be planted. Tomatoes, butter beans, green peppers, cucumbers, etc. Not going to plant squash this summer as we still have a lot from last year that will get us through next winter.  So next year we will plant squash.

    Hurricane season will be here before we know it as well. So will have to start getting ready for that also. Though it starts June 1st. For our area it normally hits end of summer or early fall. So have plenty of time to get ready for that.

    I am finally getting to the clothes that I needed to go through. Had to put that on back burner for a bit. We have a lot of clothes we haven’t worn in a couple of years, so figure we more than likely won’t ever wear them. So I am going to donate them to the Salvation Army and Kings Daughter’s hospital. They both use donated clothing and are good organizations.

  • #17007

    Amy Dixon

    Corsaire – Sorry to hear that your hand is still giving you trouble.  I hope it will continue to improve and regain more function!  Good idea about using the large binder clips to attach the solar lights 🙂

    Yesterday I tried again to find a used blue 55-gallon barrel at the apple products’ company’s outlet store.  No luck, so I’ll have to check again next month.  They did have some nice, used white square plastic buckets with lids though.  I also had some fun yesterday checking out the Thrive Life Spring Sale items.  I ordered some pantry-sized cans of Instant Quinoa, Instant Refried Beans, Freeze-Dried Seedless Red Grapes, and Freeze-Dried Shredded Parmesan, etc., to try.  I also ordered some of the Freeze-Dried Granny Smith Apples they had at a great 50% discount 🙂  I’ve been enjoying reading Daisy’s articles about her trip overseas!

  • #17054

    Crow Bar

    Prepped the raised beds.
    New load of 2 year aged compost.
    Covered the beds with ag grade green house plastic.
    Will let the weeds that are still present come up, and take them out before actual planting starts. Wont be till late May. While today was a beautiful day (upper 60s, sunny), we have a chance of snow in the forecast for Sunday, lows in the upper 20s.

    I did find a spaghetti squash that I missed last year. I doubt the seeds survived our winters, but you never know. I have had tomato seeds come back from over winter that I never thought would.

  • #17068

    Olivia Green

    Reading about the gardening going on with you all almost makes me miss the large garden at our farm-ette. Moved down from the coast range 19 years ago.
    With my AI condition pretty sure it wouldn’t get the care necessary.
    I am going to try to ‘tub’ grow some grape tomatoes and lemon cucumbers this summer..

  • #17178

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Old Mt. Woman:  glasses.  Chuckle!

    After Hubby had cataracts removed, he just needs reading glasses now.  There is a pair next to the computer, near the TV, at bedside.  Plus, one in my purse with my clip-on sunglasses.  I have worn glasses every day for the past 60 years so I am not very tolerant of  people who do not simply wear their reading glasses – for vanity reasons.  (“Can you read this?”  I say, “Yup,” and walk away.)  Or him not being able to read when we are ‘out’, so I started carrying his reading glasses with me.  If he goes to the store without me he invariably purchases the “wrong” item because he did not read the label.

    He went to Grandson #5’s school concert last night and did not take his glasses!  He had no idea what the program said.

    Glasses are an inexpensive thing to buy and keep, in increasing magnifications, for future use. (I wish my bifocals and strong prescription [20/50] lenses were as simple to anticipate.)  I am waiting for the cataract surgery so I can get Lasik at the same time.


  • #17176

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Crowbar:  my dream is to have raised beds.  I would settle for defined beds this year.  We have one bed done that way and it is great.  Twenty-one+ more to go.

    Our garden is a series of 3′ x 17′ beds in three rows of seven beds. All enclosed in eight foot tall wire.  It makes it convenient for rotation.  One row of seven is Cole (broccoli, cabbage, etc.), second row is Solonaceae (tomatoes, peepers, potatoes), and the third is legumes (beans, peas).  Plus I companion plant whoever possible.  The beds do not stay defined as the crops grow over their “boundaries”.  I would love to put down some edging, such as a couple of treated landscape timber on top of each other.  It would make mowing easier.  (Hubby would know to stay at the boundary and not mow over the herbs growing next to the trellised peas. Not that he has done it of course. Ahem.)

    Some of the beds have been deeply double dug specifically for root crops – potatoes, carrots/parsnips.  All of the beds are looking pretty good this year after six years of gardening.  We also get local compost to add to each bed.  Worms are increasing and the chunks of clay are getting smaller.  We could actually use a tiller this year since there are few weeds to worry about.  (I hate tilling up gardens that have weeds since the tiller will break of the weeds’ roots into a million pieces for a million more weeds.)

    So time to go outside.  Fence will be installed for the blueberries; the  straight trees to use for posts are waiting. I will work on weeding strawberries, and creating a new bed.  I want four new beds for this season.

    Next year we are going to a college graduation of our first international student the end of May.  He is getting his Dental license at Columbia.  We will not be home for Spring planting next year, so I must be as ready as possible in early May for the best possible crop.  Knowing in advance will give me incentive to grow and prepare more this year, and be ready early for next year.  Plant and then vacation exploring the NYC area where I have never been.

    For now, work.

    Here is a link to the Gardening Channel’s video of sprouting seeds.  https://www.gardeningchannel.com/pre-germinating-seeds-gives-you-a-head-start/?fbclid=IwAR2JJM0IiwqdVwvm0kb5u-BKnYv0bgdB-_hUwSjS8HT305fhPnD_rPRmxbQ

  • #17237


    Due to storms today we were unable to work in the garden. however, we did spend the day going through summer and winter clothes. So that is a big job off my list. Hubby though is so funny. Everytime I say we need to go through the clothes he always says I will take care of mine, don’t you mess with my clothes. So I just say ok. And this time When he took everything out of dresser and put on bed, I started going through his clothes. He had rags for shirts. So I would just ask why are you keeping this shirt, has it not got enough stains and holes in it to ditch yet. Carma is great, he let me go through his clothes and we got rid of a lot of stuff. Now he has room for his good clothes. I did the same with my clothes as well. Glad to have downsized the dressers of clothes. Still have the closet to do but will have to wait till tomorrow as it is getting to late to start that project yet.

    Our youngest grandchild is graduating in June from high school. So then we have another one off to college in fall. That is the end of the line till the great grandchildren start coming. With only 2 out of 5 grandchildren married, It might still be awhile yet.

  • #17250

    OldMt Woman

    Cinnamon Grammy….yeah, the worst purchase I ever made was regular eye doctor glasses.  My far vision truly doesn’t need correction.  But I need small print/close-up readers and computer distance.  Distinctly two different magnifications.  With the “real” glasses, my need to look a the ground as I walk was dangerously distorted by the high magnification a the bottom of the lens.  So imagine me about to stand on my head, trying to tilt the glasses down far enough to be able to see the steep down hill or down steps, out of the top portion of the lens.  Uff tah!  With this terrain, it’s steeply up or down hill most of the time.  Lucky I didn’t break my neck.

    The idiot eye “professional” should have advised me to order bi-focal readers…..for close and mid-range.  That’s my perfect combination….and worn with a leash so I can drop them when trying to walk.  AND….I love the leashes to keep track of the wiley things!  At this point I wear the close readers around my neck and the mid-range readers are stationed near the computer.  I can’t stand it when I CAN’T SEE!  That’s why I stash extras around everywhere.

    …..then, I add sunglasses if I’m outside.  Have the type of eyes that have always SNAPPED SHUT in direct sunlight.  Perch them on the top of my head.  Life was less complicated before needing all these aids to normal vision.  Hmph!

    And it sounds like you have a wonderful garden set up.  A one and a half foot reach from either side is all we found is comfortable now.  But raised up is also lovely.  A friend of mine bought a shallow livestock watering tank….drain holes in the sides…and planted some of her root crops in there.  Had it set up higher on cement blocks.  We’ve had a terrrrrible siege of voles these past years.  Those nasty varmints eat EVERYTHING.  Stole my baby carrots and I found them stacked up like cord wood in their underground tunnels.  Hmph!

    Lil’Sister…..that is one chore both DH and I need to do….again.  I sorted and slashed a few years ago.  But didn’t get completely finished.  Hmmm, WILL I ever be THAT size again?  {roll eyes}   Well maybe in a post-stuff-hits-fan era.  LOL  I can still find much to drop at the thrift store.  Shoot, at this point I could BE a thrift store.  (not quite)

    Long arduous day yesterday.  But I did walk the dog further than I’ve been all winter.  Less clothes and light shoes rather than heavy winter wear does make a difference.  But I’ve been trying to make sure I’m walking with purpose now.  I do a lot of HILL climbing just getting things done around here.  Need physical fitness to the level it’s possible.  For many reasons….

    OldMtWoman  …Just getting over the headache I woke up with.  Uff Tah!!

  • #17382

    Mama cando

    Good morning all, Haven’t been on line much lately, Easter went well . Cooked the ham in the crock pot this year, turned out well although DH and I figured out 8 hours on low was just a bit too much but everyone really liked it.  Ham was NOT dry but it fell apart getting it out of the crock LOL. Son 2 was disappointed he couldn’t “carve” it.He’s a butcher and loves doing that for us(and I think he likes to impress his Aunts and Uncles LOL). The grands were very happy Gramma made mashed potatoes AND gravy. Everyone had a great time. DH and I went to the hardware store to look at new locks, we’re replacing windows and one door(out to the deck). So he wanted to change the locks on the new door, one manufacturer has a deal on right now buy four get fifth one free, so we decided to replace all the locks plus they re keyed the locks so we only need one key rather than 5 different keys for free. Windows and door have been ordered and should be here in May. We’re going to have snow tomorrow YUK!.  DH is hoping it goes away quickly as he’s just itching to get back to planting. Had to laugh, he really can’t wait till he can mow the lawn regularly, had the rider out Wednesday and “mowed” the lawn such as it is HEE HEE!. Thank you all again for all your prayers and thoughts. Niece, nephew and grandniece are doing okay, They have the bad days and good days.  Niece has been getting the special needs things together,returning them and has been going thru Grand nephews toys, clothes and donating them. It’s going to be a long process for all of them. An Uncle(nephews) started a pay pal account to help them with the costs, etc. They are still looking for someone to make a custom urn(that doesn’t cost an arm and leg) as my grand nephew went thru the “Magical Mist”. That is what the funeral home called it for grand niece. How do you explain cremation to a 5 year old without traumatizing them. She was happy she would be able to take her little brother home and not bury him. That upset her more than anything that little brother would be in the ground. The funeral home they went to as I understand it does not charge for children under 5 for cremation. They will be doing a memorial later on for him. Hopefully DH and I can go when that happens.Hope you all had a great Easter and hope Daisy is enjoying her trip. Look forward to her reports.

  • #17437

    OldMt Woman

    Mama Cando …Praying grief will slowly and eventually lessen.  That small things… moments with others… will comfort all of you.

    How big is your crock pot.  Mine is large but don’t think a ham would fit.  Sounds like a yummy Easter dinner.

    I’ve been reading a variety of things.  Finishing up Clan of Cave Bear series.  Half thru last book.  ‘Bout killing my hands cuz that one I picked up as a large hard-cover book.  I prefer paperback or ebook.  [Especially FREE ebooks]   Reading one of Chautona Havig’s fiction.  I like her books.  Easy, family, Christian.  At the same time, I decided I was in the mood for a Jerry D. Young book.  I’ve got many.  Read most of those, but not all.  I just grabbed one I read long enough ago that I don’t remember which story this is.  But I always reread.  […like I don’t have enough new FREE ebooks to chose from?]  But J.D.Y. is a known quantity…and I’ve started too many other author’s books recently that I won’t be finishing.  Just wanna sit back and read a story.

    Did my hike with dog tonite.  Yesterday was a strain so not as ambitious for projects today.  Keeping up with daily Duoligo lessons.  It’s fun.


  • #17655


    Thanks for the update Mama Cando. Echoing OldMt Woman praying that the grief will lesson and that in time you can use this to help others.

    I have been watching the video series Money revealed. It is made by the same folks who did GMOs revealed, Christ revealed and probably a few others. Its really good.

    An plastic egg shaped bag with small plastic eggs ( clearance at Walmart) turned out to be a great case for my sharpies. I repacked the eggs in a bag and will donate those.

    Duolingo, oh dear. I missed a few weeks with that.

  • #17994

    grannyj smith

    Despite being ill for a over a month and not well yet, then having tornadoes here for the past weeks here that knocked out power and ruined food in the refrigerator and freezer, but so thankful and blessed to still have my home and family.

    So now that I have faced the reality that I cannot depend on electric I have to do thing differently to keep food safe, so that is my question for anyone on here that lives off grid, how do you do it?



  • #18031

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All


    Little Sister: We noticed a lot of weather in your part of the country. Hubby has gotten into watching the weather and has discovered new computer programs which allow him to see it. Yours has been worse that ours.

    It is a great feeling to remove clothes that you do not like or just don’t wear anymore. It felt good for me. My mother always mended our clothes so I still think I need to do that before discarding them. In reality, my wardrobe when I was a teenager is probably 1/100 of what I have now.   I have suits and formal clothes that I should probably dry clean and take them to a consignment store. There is no dry cleaner in our town, so that is an issue.

    What bugs me is that DH will wear a t-shirt to bed that is one of his newest and best, while leaving the crummy stretched out ones on the shelf. Then he does not have a good one to wear away from the house!

    Old Mt. Woman. My eyes are like yours. I have needed correction in only one eye for decades. Now, with aging, the other has changed a bit. The Opthamologist said he would only do Lasik on the bad eye and not touch the “good” one. Afterwards, I will still wear regular glasses; I like being able t read all the time. I really enjoy the no line bifocals. Yes, I was dizzy for a couple weeks while trying to get used to them, but they are well worth it with the huge range of magnification. I keep threatening to get hubby a nice pearl and rhinestone chain on which to wear his readers.

    Mama Cando: I did not like ham gravy when I was small. I appreciate it now. I think my favorite thing to eat is mashed potatoes and gravy. For us, Easter dinner is Ham, with a fruit sauce, German Potato Salad, and Green Bean Casserole. Plus the deviled eggs, and pickle condiments. (The juice, and bone are used for soups!) We only color Easter Eggs when we are with family. But at home, whenever I cook eggs I put vinegar and a squirt of food color in the warm water.  That way, when looking at eggs in the ‘frog,  I will know they are cooked. It is a bit put-offish, though, when I take out an egg that has cracked and it is magenta in color.  Still tasted great.

    I hope your niece is doing well. Grieving is a process and one that is undertaken in each person’s own time and step by step. Have your niece look into a wooden box with engraving on it. Our funeral director had someone who would laser engrave whatever we wanted on the wood box. When my son died, at age 34, we had him cremated. His father, sister, and I each had separate portions of his ashes saved from the larger container. They each have a small metal or marble urn, about 3-inches tall, that they have on a shelf where he can be part of daily life. I had his ashes put into a silver, heart-shaped locket and I wear it whenever we have family events. (He had his own house and it took us a year before we could clean it out to sell.)

    The funeral director was kind to explain things to your nieces that way. Perhaps, her parents can have a small urn set aside for your grand-niece that she can have when she is old enough to understand. I am sure your niece will be a help to other parents of children who have this condition or have lost their child; and the doctors will have learned a great deal from having your great nephew in this world and his treatment should be written and published in medical journals. Love to the family.

    Dystopian books are my favorites. Loved the Jean Auel Series. We have them all. I wish I knew my herbs as she does. Also, appreciate Jerry D. Young. Wish I had the money to set up a compound as he always describes. I always learn a lot from his books. Am currently reading a Kindle version of “Into The End” by B. R. Paulson. More dark psychological than prepper, but promises to have Ham Radio sub-plot.

    Granny Smith: Hope your weather stabilizes and sorry about your loss of power and food. I would be devastated if I lost the food in my freezers, even though I pressure can. Good luck

    I don’t have the energy today to go outside and keep working in Garden B, or help DH with hauling the cut-to-length pieces of wood from the downed trees. Not health related, but weather related, cold and cloudy. I’ll find something to do.

    Stay healthy everyone. Don’t work too hard in the great outdoors.


  • #18033

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Here In Zone 4-A we cannot plant the gardens yet.  Plus, we really only get one crop.  Not much can really be succession cropped due to the freeze dates.  We are not set-up for cloches and other tricks for planting early.  This is how my gardens are organized:

    Gardens: We have three fenced in sections of Gardens. Eight-foot fences to keep out the deer. The furthest from the house is the most flat and Garden C has 21 beds, plus a bunch of currants that I want to take out because they have gotten huge. Garden B is where we are digging up more now to create specific beds for squash, plus beds against the fences for climbers such as dry beans and cucumbers. I want to move the strawberries from C, to B or A. Garden A is where we started, closest to the house, but with poorly installed fencing that is being replaced this year and needs the most work, and it was so hilly. A is where we put the blueberries, now nibbled to the ground, and to where I want to transplant the currants. A and B have a lot of terrain and need to be terraced. We are going to use some landscape timber to define the beds, especially in B, and build them up a bit which will limit the amount of soil/compost we need to haul in, but not to the “raised bed” height.  That is a goal further down the line where we can eventually make mini-cold frames from each one. Gardens A, B, and C have common fencing between them, and a gate large enough for a wheelbarrow.

    We are able to rotate our gardening beds, in C, every three years.  Goal for this year is to organize B with enough beds for rotation of squashes. I figure I can put in 14 specific beds, with some for perennial vegetables. Goal is to establish some perennial flowers this year to attract pollinators. Plus, a bed for garlic which would be a new crop. Garden B, with squash, dry beans, rhubarb, and hopefully asparagus, etc., would not need the daily attending as C does because C is where the “harvest today” tender crops are.

    Garden C has taken a few years to get to the point where we just pull out the weeds and plant. We wanted small beds that we could reach from side-to-side in and not feel as is we were trampling the crops. Yes, it does take mowing between the rows, but the grass is comfortable to sit on while weeding. We are trying to encourage clover in the grass. The length of the beds was determined simply by the area of the land that was easiest to fence-in due to terrain and strips for mowing.

    I don’t want to go to specific raised beds to avoid critters, but I may need to because the pocket gophers ate a lot last year. Another goal is to put in a chicken wire fence below ground around the outside to keep them out. But, that is just silly since they can just burrow deeper, right? Perhaps that is why I have no parsnips! Plus, voles can get through the chicken wire. Have not seen any vole stockpiles, but I know I planted a lot more than I harvested.

    It has taken about five years to develop these gardens to this point. This has all been hand-dug and hand weeded.  I am hoping that next year will be the final year for the garden development and we can just enjoy planting and harvesting.

    How are all your gardens doing?

  • #18072


    Old Mt Woman, I had cateract surgery last year. Don’t need glasses except for really small print. I do know they make glasses that are just clear for distance and reading at bottom. I know a couple of people from my church that did this and it works great for them. They wear the glasses all the time but only need the reading. the upper part is just clear glass. They got those so they could just wear them all the time and not have to keep up with reading glasses.

    Mama condo, still keeping your family in prayer. I know it will be hard times for a while, but you will get through it.

    Granny Smith, glad to hear you are doing better and prayers still going out for a full recovery. Glad you guys were ok from the tornadoes. Could you use a generator to keep freezer and fridge going during outages. That is what we have. But it is now a whole house generator.

    Cinnamon Grammy, The weather for us hasn’t been that bad. But further North I think got it bad. I know Franklin area was hit by tornadoes as well as other areas. All we had was some high winds and rain. Though we were under a tornado watch for a couple of hours.  Also My husband will wear his good t-shirts to work in garden instead of his old ones. So I have been hiding his good t-shirts in dresser in other bedroom and he only gets one when he needs it. Then when I do laundry, I put that t-shirt back in other bedroom where he can’t find it.

    As for our garden, we do have green beans coming up. We are in zone 7-b. It is almost time to get the rest of the garden in. Though today it has been in 50s all day and tomorrow and next day it will be in the mid 80’s. Crazy weather for this time of year.

  • #18102

    OldMt Woman

    Well since the Midwest got snow a few days ago, it’s the Rockies turn.  Not much.  Won’t stay.  But it IS 28* and sticking.  Weather map shows a whole slew of LOW pressure systems all over the southern half to three-quarters of the West.  Smattering of snow here and there.  A HIGH pressure system or two also thrown in, just to scramble things further.  Oh well.

    DH got business done in the village today and brought home groceries.  We can stay put if it’s slippery but really not expecting any problem on roads except maybe early morning.

    I’m clearing some things away from where I get in/out of bed.  Encroachment has narrowed that walking space…just setting something there {till I can get to it} and then something else….  Time to Get To It!  The problem with very tiny houses is there is really no place for too much of anything.  And it’s a real chore to get somethings into the place they belong.  But….we’ve definitely been making progress.  DH has been hauling out 2 big trash bags per week from the barns and/or basement.  It’s starting to show the difference.  \0/   THEN we can keep track of where things actually are stored.  Prep stuff does no good if you can’t FIND it!  Hmph!

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all

  • #18517

    Columbia River

    First my sign-in just changed itself and when I finally got my log in and password and typed a report it disappeared. Grrrr

    found How to Stay Alive- the Ultimate Survival Guide for Any Situation by Bear Grylls at the library. Several skills in there that aren’t common that I learned from life in Texas, going on an Outward Bound program etc.  And I definitely recommend Outward Bound. There’s a lot of inside learning as well as the skills they teach. It’s great for teenagers, young adults and “grown ups” (whatever age those are).

    We drove by Sheriff and power company rigs with a tree leaning on the power line and came home to no power. Normally no big deal but I wasn’t feeling well and no electricity meant no microwave and no stove and thus no hot water for tea. Too warm to light a fire. We’ve gotten lazy. Going to have to rethink things and maybe consider propane for the stove since it is still a to come in the kitchen. Ahh – brain shift!

    DH still not finding time for garden. Shoulder still says no to working in garden. But farmers market started today although they mainly have plant starts right now.

    Spring. Still trying to sort out what little stuff I have access to. Excited and dreading the day we go to the storage unit.

  • #18667

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Columbia River:  We changed stoves a year ago.  Went to a propane.  It is costing us more gas each year, but, we can use it whenever we lose electricity.  And, we do lose electricity frequently.  We don’t bother with the generator unless the outage has been overnight.  As you said, it is too hot to light a wood stove.  Our wood stove is a Hearthstone which is soapstone and not made for cooking.

    That said, do you have a camping stove?  A Coleman white gas, or a butane?  Butane can be used inside.  It would be relatively cool to use during the summer compared to other options.   I do not yet have, but would like to get, a butane stove.

    It is the little things that trip us up.  We have camp stoves, but they are in the garage in the camping gear box.  Not going out there during a big storm.

  • #18698

    OldMt Woman

    Hi folks.  Low key day.  Leaving early tomorrow to have minor surgery [outpatient] but it’s a long way to the city.  Very early, ugh!  But will be VERY glad to get this over and see what’s what!!!  Pray all is well and done after this procedure, please.  Pray for DH…you know they worry!

    It’s been ‘raining snow drops’ today.  This altitude, we could honestly have a blizzard even in May…but not this year.  It’s been warm too long for that to strike any terror.  We’d just wait for it to melt.  This bit isn’t sticking at all.  Winter just showing off again.  Spring always wins eventually.  [I’ve read the book] 😉

    OldMtWoman  …see ya when I’m up again.

  • #18872

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Old Mt. Woman: Best wishes on your small procedure. I hope it improves whatever is wrong. At “our” age, we can only hope to be a bit better than we were yesterday, we will never be as good as we were ½ a lifetime ago.

    My energy left. It has been cool, drizzling and dreary here this past week. Plus, I have had digestive issues for the last two weeks. Today, I have no energy or desire to go outside and work. The gray days get me down, and the other issues have left me with no strength. I realize that if necessary, I cannot have the attitude of, “I’ll deal with the inside/computer/sitting-down stuff today and go outside ‘tomorrow’.” So, I must get off my chair and move outside. I really have no excuse.

    About once a month I go to the grocery store and spend over $100 on food. The other weeks, I send Hubby alone to get the minimum replacements and he can keep the bill low. That way I can continue to can with new foods on the shelves, and keep the rest of the grocery bill low.

    I have said that we lost money in the 2008 crash due to investments of our retirement funds in real estate. “A” bank literally wants us to repay the $500,000 mortgage dollars they lost; but we lost that much as well from retirement funds. They want more than we are now worth. Now we have just Social Security and Medicare. We really have only $200 a month of flexible spending, so we are very careful with that. No credit cards; but a savings account, and a HELOC, with sufficient amounts to cover an emergency. We have only one debt that we are paying off in addition to our mortgage. I really wish we had more flexible money. It would allow us to build the raised beds, better gardens, and do repairs on this house which has not had an update in 20 years. No solar, or wind, or even a new fence, nor money to pay anyone else to help.

    So, for those of you who are thinking about moving to someplace to be self-sufficient. Allow yourself more money to use. There will be too much to do and not enough time or money to do it.

    Best Wishes.

  • #18903


    This week I learned that flex-seal liquid works for leaky PVC pipes. The connection just wasnt sealing. Time will tell if its a long term solution

    Carpet protectors, the PVC stuff in a roll makes a great shelf liner.Not exactly pretty, but perfect for under the pots/pans and sinks

    Got rain here in FL from the system near the Bahamas. Nothing noteworthy though

    OldMTWoman.Prayers, you got it.

  • #19050

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Old Mt. Woman:  hope all is well.

    I did get off my chair and outside.  I raked a large area of flower gardens.  No more dead flower stalks.  I found three mouse nests – no mice.  This garden has Goldenrod and Sylphium running wild in it.  Those roots must be dug out.  The Sylphium will grow to ten feet tall!  That is too tall for a garden that is between the house and the driveway.

    Today, I am meeting my daughter for our annual Mother’s Day Shopping Spree – at a garden center. She gives me a gift certificate and I get some lovely things, like, blueberry bushes, or a clematis.  This year I have spots for more shrubbery – in place of those darn rhizomatic Goldenrod and Sylphium.  Hopefully, some of her darling sons will join us; they can choose something to remember.

    I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.  The Bluebirds and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are back so Spring is finally on track.


  • #19059

    Columbia River

    Cinnamon Grammy – discussion with DH was a no – there will be no combustible gasses in the house.  We do have a propane grill with a small “cook top” on it out back and we do have a camp stove (in storage) so I guess if we get a repeat he can fire up the grill to heat my water until we bring everything else in our life that’s in the storage unit back home.

    Old Mt Woman oftentimes the recovery is harder than the surgery. Praying that isn’t so for you.

    Still working on trench for electrical. Had I realized how big a job that would be (everything is already there so I thought we were basically done – silly me) I would have recommended renting a ditch witch, but now he really is almost done so no point in the equipment.

    Been working my way through The Make Ahead Vegan cookbook I ordered and planning what to fix. Also trying to figure out how to organize freezers once we’re back in the house as there is only room for one of them up there and the other two will have to stay in the shop.

    Ordered almonds from wild soil dot com. If you buy three 3# bags they are on sale right now. They are not organic but are steam pasteurized as opposed to being treated with PPO (some nasty chemical which I don’t want) as ALL California almonds must be treated in some manner. My Champion juicer is already sitting in the pantry and some of Wildsoil almonds are pre-roasted so I can make more almond butter. We had a pretty good stash but opened the last jar today. And ne

    The plum tree almost sounds like a busy highway with all the bees on it.

    Tried a recipe for DH making cookies using black beans, almond butter, maple syrup and carob powder instead of cocoa as he doesn’t eat chocolate. Recipe said don’t add salt if nut butter is salted. I’ll  see what he says later on today when he comes in.  I thought  we had more PNB but couldn’t find it so made it with almond butter (which is yummy fine). So PNB goes on the list. Or else ask DH where he moved it is probably better solution.  I don’t eat PNB so it usually doesn’t matter where he stashes it.

    We have a mountain near the town and the rule is not to plant corn until all the snow is gone from the mountain. We’re not there yet. But it is doing well otherwise.

  • #19060

    Columbia River

    There are no other ingredients in the cookies I forgot the vanilla and didn’t add the baking powder but they are light anyway.

  • #19062

    Columbia River

    He said it tastes like fudge

  • #19070


    OldMTWoman, haven’t been on in a bit. Really busy so just saw where you were going in for surgery. Hope all is well and prayers going out for a quick recovery.

    Spring has sprung, although it has been some cool mornings which I love as it is better for getting the garden going. We worked the garden all day again today. Got the tomatoes planted, green peppers and hot peppers as well. Also got some basil, rosemary, and other things like this planted. Going to be a cool morning tomorrow as well, So have a few other things in yard to get done in early morning.

    I have really got to get out and start walking around the neighborhood again. My body is screaming at me just from working in the garden. Guess I got a bit out of shape during the winter months.

    Hubby was struggling to help me get things planted. He is really having a hard time with his shortness of breath. Not sure what they are going to do for that yet as all the test came back good and his pacemaker is working great. They changed his fluid pill and now we are back to his feet swelling. So I am having him wear the support socks. They seem to be helping. I am starting to wonder if there is a bit of vascular issues going on. We will have that checked out at next Dr. appt.

    haven’t read all the post that I missed but from what I can tell, it looks like everyone has been busy. It is that time of year again. Garden season is either already here for some and almost here for others depending on where you live.  I truly hope everyone has a great bumper crop this year. We have had a bumper crop two years in a row now. So hoping for another one this year.

  • #19068


    Perusing the thrift stores lately. Purchased a nice leather binder, but I wasnt paying attention. When I got home I saw that was a 7 ring one.Oh well, I’ll just add more holes to lists. Found plates and pyrex containers. Also purchased some canned veggies for storage.

    Our tax free hurricane prep days is going to be May 31 through June 7th. I’ll take inventory and see what I need.

    Aldi selling butane burners next week for $15.00. There are some other camping stuff too. So if there is one around check out the online flyer.

  • #19073

    Columbia River

    May 27 to June 1 is the Between the Rivers gathering north of Spokane. If you want to spend the week learning primitive skills. If you’re nearby or want to travel (folks apparently come from as far as Florida) go to –  betweentheriversgathering dot com.

    It is a 501(c) (3) organization

    Seems like an awfully busy time of year but I guess they want you to be able to be outdoors learning.  One guy used skills learned to move a 3,000 pound kiln without a forklift, so the skills are useful.  Seventh year although I never heard of it before. They are obviously expanding their coverage area for advertising/news articles.

    Also, blood drive coming up and will try to schedule for that. Maybe a backward kind of prepping but I had a child who went through 1 1/2 times the blood in his body in just a few hours before they could figure out and fix a problem. I pay back because if others hadn’t given I wouldn’t have him around today. So I guess you could say I’m prepping for my part in someone else’s emergency.  Once again I’m so grateful for the medical care we currently have in this country.

    I tried working on weeds in the strawberry patch but even with the trowel in the other hand it didn’t take long before my shoulder said no.  Fortunately the weeds aren’t too bad yet and also I did get some of the grass around the edges worked on before I gave up.

  • #19075

    OldMt Woman

    Hi everyone.  Well the surgery went very good…took biopsy and surgeon expects it to come back clean.  \0/   THEN I went to recovery and didn’t recover.  Nope.  Hours later, still very low BP and very high, erratic pulse rate.  They thot there might be a bleed ….but that didn’t make sense, all things considered.  I didn’t stay awake more than seconds so I missed the drama around me.  Considering how HORRIBLE I was feeling while awake, asleep was better.  But medical folks around me didn’t think it was so good.  Eventually they caught a problem that was totally unrelated to the actual surgery….except for the stress it put on my system.  Got lotsa fluids squeezed into me and a lot of meds pumped in too.  [YUK…all those chemicals into my mostly chem-free body.  But better than the alternative.]

    Finally stable enough to ‘take a room’ for the night…supposed to be outpatient surgery.  Woke me up frequently for vitals check [which were improving] and ‘vampire’ more of my blood.  Seriously, they watched me very carefully and were very kind.  Same the next day and a couple tests added.  Things FINALLY straightened out late afternoon and my discharge got under way.  Then we had the long drive home which was unpleasant for me but bearable.  Pretty dizzy on those mountain roads!!!!

    First day back…I was pretty shaky, weak.  Today I’m 50% better.  That’s the direction I want to go but need to rest carefully.  I’ll be fine but now have meds that have nothing to do with the actual surgery….and a new specialist doc I’ll need to see in a week or so.  Hope this was a unique set of physical stressors that set this off… and it doesn’t show up EVER again!  Thanking God for alert Recovery room folks!!!  Thanks for prayers and thinking of me, folks.

    OldMtWoman…I’ll catch up later….going to bed earlier these days

  • #19084

    Crow Bar

    gald to hear you are ok.

  • #19092

    Mama cando

    HI all, DH and I have been “hunkering down” after the Easter festivities. Windows and new french door for living room have been ordered and should be in next(?) week so DH has been getting the casements ready, staining ,etc. He has continued clearing out the garage so now he (I) can find things LOL. We’re getting ready to get the planter boxes ready. He’s got the flowers in so now the weather HAS to co operate .The lawn guys came by last week to do the spring clean up and trim the trees. Sorry we can’t do it anymore. DH has had the lawn mower out twice(in between the raindrops). Have started my go round of estate/garage sales. I’m hoping to score some cast iron reasonably before the pickers get to it.Went to an estate sale down by BIL last week. Lady and I were going for the vintage aprons had some jerk practically knock us down on the stairway to get to them. Lady and I got a couple of the aprons, not the ones we wanted but more practical ones for everyday use. I recognized him from a couple of sales DH and I have been at and he’s a jerk. While we were there the owner of the company holding the sale caught one of the pickers switching price tags on some old books. He tried to say that the tag was on it , she looked him dead in the eye and said I priced the books and pulled out her list. She kicked him out, said if she ever saw him at one of her sales she’ll call the police. She said that is stealing and she prosecutes. Plus she told DH and I that she knows who he is and will let other dealers know about him. DH did score a few scrapbooks with 40’s stars pictures in them and a few have REAL autographs on them so that was cool. Had lunch with BIL and caught up on his home renovations. Over the last few months he’s been calling DH for advice. I guess we’ve done enough renos that his brothers (older) have been calling HIM for advice LOL Heard from my niece, they are doing better,  bad days and good days but good days are coming more and more frequently. They found a good company that is doing grand nephews urn and NOT charging an arm and leg like the first one they found. CO. wanted over 5 grand for it. One of their neighbors found a couple of others and got quotes for them. SO they decided on one of them instead. She’s been going thru his toys, things and donating what she can. One of their cousins is making a stuffed bear out of one of his pj’s for my GR niece to cuddle.  An anonymous person gave them an envelope full of cash and she said the note in it was for the three of them to specifically go to a good restaurant for Easter dinner.The town they live in really has rallied behind them. On a sad note my husband’s cousin just lost her husband Saturday, drunk driver, head on collision. He was a great guy,  he had 3 girls and our cousin had two, second marriage for both of them. He used to joke about his “harem”. I think even the cats were girls too. DH and I are planning a trip to Son1’s to see them and the grands this summer and hoping the garden will do better this year than last. Oven is going out and I’ve been “babying” it til we can replace it.  That is the next thing on our list to replace.  We’ve discussed it and it looks like we’re going to re hook up the gas. I want REAL burners (canning)but he doesn’t like electric burners so gas it is. Then next BIG project is fencing in the area I want to corral the grands HA HA, seriously I want to get a green house built and don’t want it too “available” to the neighbors, IF you know what I mean.Once the windows have been done , looking to get security film for them, being on a “main” drag want to be better protected. Can’t afford the alternative right now and code says we HAVE to have windows and doors in the house,  LOL.

  • #19095

    Columbia River

    Oh those recoveries!

    Glad things are looking up

  • #19097

    Columbia River

    Mama Cando. Have fun with all that code stuff. Our Electrical inspector situation is challenging, to say the least. DH gets different responses with different guys. Hoping the one coming for the final is the same one from last time so that we did what he wanted done instead of getting a separate list of “need to do” and still have work to do

    Glad your family is working on dealing with the loss of the little one.   Has to be really hard


    • #19102

      Mama cando

      <span style=”font-size: 90%;”><span style=”font-size: 100%;”>Columbia, Sorry,  was being facetious about the codes.  Although I’ve seen a home I think in Denmark marketed for “survivalists” that shuts up tighter than a drum made of concrete.. But of course that is IF one has more money that one knows what to do with LOL.</span></span>

      Old Mt Woman, Thank you for your thoughts,  praying for your speedy recovery as well as Lil sisters’ DH and everyone on here. Talked to cousins sister, she said when the cops came to the door, they couldn’t tell her sister where her husbands body was taken to . Just gave her his wallet and their customary “Sorry to inform you”, about an hour or so later, the hospital they took him to called letting her know where he was. So for awhile she was going crazy “They lost my husband” she kept saying.

  • #19096

    OldMt Woman

    MamaCando….glad your family is taking steps to remember/deal with your loss.  And now another tragedy with drunk driver?  🙁   Prayers continue.  And such predatory behavior at estate sales?  Ack!

    Columbia River…. I really love this:  “So I guess you could say I’m prepping for my part in someone else’s emergency.”   We truly never know when the one NEEDING something will be us.

    Lil’Sister….hope you can find something to help your dh’s shortness of breath.  Not good.

    So…..Corsaire…you said you like my story writing.  To amuse myself after an annoying day of TRYING to get more sleep for healing, I wrote this essay.  I don’t think it’s tooo long….  🙂 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    And that’s why I can’t get any sleep around here….

    It’s Day 3 after the Medical Incident. The doc really did pour a lot of fluid into me thru the I.V. The result is that I’m still getting up for the bathroom three times a night. Number three happens somewhere around 5 or 6 AM.  At that point, I might as well forget trying to regain sleep. I’ll try to grab another couple hours later. Considering what occurred, I’m not ready to suppress my system by taking my usual half tablet of sleep aid.

    Around 11AM, I’m nodding off at the computer. Alrighty then! I stumble out to the hall and turn the loud humidifier on high. I toss the phone handset to DH and he knows his instructions read: “Answer it before it wakes me!” Normally I’d unplug it but we are expecting a call that we need to take. I shut the door to bedroom, turn on an additional sound machine, and crawl into bed. I shut off the lamp and pull the sleep mask over my eyes. Ahhh…

    By 11:10AM, I’m asleep.

    At 11:20AM, the phone rings. DH answers it quickly but of course he’ll never actually prevent it from waking me. I’m an extraordinarily light sleeper. I burrow back down into the pillow.

    At 11: 30AM, the phone rings again. DH answers it on the first ring. I can picture him snatching up the thing, desperate to silence it. I grin a bit and burrow further. It’s no use. I stagger out of bedroom to announce….. “I’m awake”. His look of ‘but I tried!’ brings up a small laugh. What can you do?

    The next groggy period came at 4PM. I went through the same routine of turning on the noise makers. I again assigned the phone to DH, since we were still waiting on that call. Position the sleep mask and get reacquainted with my pillow.

    At 4:20 PM I wake to find myself flying thru the living room. I’m opening the door without knowing why I’m here. A man is just letting himself out the gate at the top of our porch stairs. He points to the brown package at my feet. If he said anything, my ears were not recording data yet.

    “Um….yeah, thanks,” I mumble while reaching for it. I’m looking around, trying to figure out what happened to the super-sized guardian dog and my on-duty husband. Why am I answering the door? Do I vaguely remember hearing the man’s light knock on my flight to the door?

    I meet the missing monster dog when I open the door to bring the package inside. DH is not far behind. He’s wearing his utterly-confused look. Without words, I hand him the package as explanation. Then we both stare at the dog.

    “I know I’m getting really deaf but you should have heard that ….even from the back room!” he tells her. She’s already aware that she’s missed an incursion into her space. NOW she wants out the door to follow her nose. Something fishy has happened and she needs to get to the bottom of it!

    Honestly, if she had heard the man ON HER PORCH, I’d still be trying to peel myself off the bedroom ceiling. Her first move is always an attack on the auditory senses. She’s well equipped for that. By now, I’ve got the shakes that come when I run in my sleep. I crawl back into bed, not even bothering with all the other preparations. It’s no good. At this point I just need to calm down the trembling…and wait for the next opportunity for sleep.

    OldMtWoman….. just shaking my head…  😉

  • #19131


    Didn’t work in yard today as hubby was tired.  Got a copy of his echo and he has congestive heart failure. His ejection fraction is at 20%. This explains a whole lot. Not sure if there is anything else they can do but control it as best they can. His feet and ankles swell up bad sometimes so I have him elevate them and use the support socks. That helps with the swelling. I am not going to push him to do anything. I will just do what I can and get the garden planted. I rather not have him out in the heat to much anyway.

    Mama Condo, I am glad your niece and her family are doing better with their loss. And now to have a drunk driver kill your cousin’s husband. I know things  are rough right now and will continue to keep you and your family in prayer.

    Old Mt. Woman have you tried melatonin. Hubby is using that and it helps him to sleep. We get the 1 ml. and cut it in half. He is now on the full 1 ml. and it is helping him. Better than the prescriptions out there. So much safer.

    Haven’t been to any yard or estate sales yet this year. Need to start checking them out again.

  • #19137


    Congestive heart failure?.LittleSister, so sorry to hear that.

    OldMtWoman, thanks for the updates and the play by play.

    Mama Condo. Gosh, You are a pillar of strength. Thanks for the post

    thoughts and Prayers going out to all.


    Aldi haul today. The Butane stove and some reflective rope. Nothing exciting as far as grocery sales this week, but I have a freezer full of stuff. Started to wean off the junk food, purchased berries instead of ice cream. Need to replace the cheez -its habit with something more nutritious.

  • #19127


    Hi, All
    Been a while since I’ve had time to check in. It’s May but I guess we just keep the thread going? Whatever, my gardening is offering lots of new learning experiences, a bit of success and some “what’s happening here?” events. Still intrigued with the whole thing and happy I’ve been able to share my abundance of plants grown from seed. Have run out of planting space so considering giving up on a few things that just aren’t thriving and putting in those plants that seem to be doing well….one fun thing is the 5 gallon bucket I’m using for growing potatoes. The bucket has a split in the side and I noticed this morning a potato plant growing out of this space. Will be fun to see how this all turns out.

    Prepping: is there ever an end? I think not. Short term as in a few months I’m in pretty good shape. But, I’ve come to realize that in a serious long-term grid down situation, I would really be challenged as my house is gas/electric dependent. There is no way to add a wood burning stove for cooking or heating. Hmmmm…trying to think through how I might adapt. And, water source for longterm grid down…water harvesting using rain barrels?..that could work in my area where we get plenty of rainfall year round. There are answers out there, just have to continue researching….

    In the meantime, each day I remind myself of how truly blessed I am. A roof over my head, relatively good health for an 80 year old, an old but reliable car, a wee bit of savings put by and family and friends who care for me and who would make sure I’m always okay. I love my independence and I think they appreciate my efforts to not become a burden for them if I can do things to avoid that.

    Will be headed out in a few weeks to attend granddaughter’s graduation from U of Missouri…she has decided to do a bit of world traveling before she settles into a job or commits to a permanent relationship with her best friend, Luke. She’s not yet 21 and we are encouraging her to take her time with significant decisions and just enjoy being young. She’s an experienced traveler with passport so she’ll be fine….although we always worry a bit when our young ones truly leave the nest. 🙂 Carolina is still in France but reports happiness with her experience there. She’ll be coming home in June.

    Thanks for posting! Later…my garden duties call. 🙂

  • #19145

    Columbia River

    Little Sister – the biggest things with my mom were no salt (ugh) so we tried various substitutes, none of which she really liked, but cutting her off all the prepared foods (the sodium counts were unbelievable) and making more of her food from scratch helped as did (trying) to get her to walk a little more. She didn’t need to run a race, just walk down the block. She had lots of days when she was “too tired today” which is one of those conundrums as you only get energy by using energy.  Hoping you and DH and Dr get some control over it.

  • #19147

    Mama cando

    Thank you all.  I know my family appreciates all the prayers right now.  Lil sister, Am so sorry to hear about your hubby. Prayers have been going out for all.

    On a happier note , DH decided “as long as we are replacing the french door, we’re going to do the front door as well”. Well we scored tonight. Went to home depot and found a really great door for under 200$s.Seems some one special ordered the door and changed their mind.. It’s a Craftsman style door that fits right in with the style I’m trying to do. Of course we haven’t told our son’s friend (contractor) yet. I know he’ll be glad to have some extra work  We are the only job he’s got on the books after he finishes the job he’s on right now. SO hopefully when he’s done for us there’ll be others on the way for him since construction picks up after May. It’s been tough on the smaller contractors(independents) around here for the past few years. I’m hoping things will pick up for him. We told his wife after she got her license, a few years ago, if we EVER decide to move she’ll get first crack at the house. She teases us that we’re making it easier for her to sell the house every time we have her husband work on it.. She’ll be able to tell  people how the work was done. LOL

  • #19146


    Little sister I am not a doctor nor should this be taken as medical advice.  For my family there where two people with conjested heart problems 70 and 80 percent block.


    One died in 4 months from failure doing exactly what doctor said.


    Other one, heart failure and conjestion is body repose to infection. A lot of this comes from long term infections from root canals, having them removed and the infections treated where the most effective as now at 101 years on 25 of may says it all.


    The other thing is low salt is not super effective as your body needs electrolytes to function unless you have another issue is kidney salt in normal non processed cooking is fine. Get away from white death and get other salts, best is black salt it is from Pakistan himalayas the black comes from a iron rich environment second is the pink stuff from india/ Tibet atleast has trace minerals in it. Sea salt is all poison ad to the toxic crap and radiation in oceans. Remember your body is made from salty water not plain water.


    The cholesterol myth causing damage…. without eating any body produces 2 grams daily.


    This guy is a bit strange but well informed herbalist https://youtu.be/qRTNmIZbS8M

    Best wishes on your husbands recovery





  • #19165

    Amy Dixon

    Old Mt Woman – Glad to hear you’re starting to feel better!  I’m sorry your minor outpatient surgery turned out to be such an ordeal!

    Littlesister – I’m very sorry to hear about your DH’s congestive heart failure diagnosis.  I hope he’ll respond well to treatment.  I know you’ll take good care of him!

    Guess we’re just continuing to post in this thread until Daisy gets back and can set up a May Prep Every Day thread for us 🙂  I haven’t done much hands-on prepping the past couple of weeks – just ordered some products from Thrive Life’s Spring sale to try.  The freeze-dried Granny Smith apple slices and freeze-dried red seedless grapes arrived a few day ago.  They both taste really good.  The FD grapes are particularly yummy – and super sweet!  They look a bit funny though.  Apparently the grapes puff up and split apart when frozen.  So, they don’t stay in their typical globular shape – but they really taste wonderful!  Some freeze-dried mangoes arrived yesterday but I haven’t tried them yet. …  I’m debating whether to buy one of those stainless steel “4th Burner Pots” to use for small batch water bath canning.  Has anyone tried using one for that purpose?  If so, do you think it was worth buying? … I watched the first episode of the new mini-series “Chernobyl” this past Monday night on HBO, which was quite good.  If what that episode depicted was accurate, the hospital in the town near the nuclear reactors didn’t even have Potassium iodide in stock to give people to help prevent them from developing thyroid cancer after one of the reactor cores exploded!  The first episode really pointed out the terrible damage that was done due to the misinformation the nuclear plant manager and his bosses were spreading shortly after the reactor core exploded.  Some of the misinformation was unintentional but some was deliberate!  It was particularly shocking to me when one of the commissioners ordered that the (if I’m remembering this correctly from the show) phone lines to the outside world be cut so news of the disaster wouldn’t spread and cause panic.  Could that happen here?  If it did, how could we get accurate information about a dangerous situation in our area?  Should we be trying to set up alternative lines of communication now to have in place just in case?  Maybe telephone trees?  Maybe word-of-mouth?  Maybe having trusted contacts working in each major industry/agency in our area who could get word to us as to what was really going on?  Maybe having “code phrases” set up ahead of time that they could use to tell us what was happening without getting in trouble with their bosses?  Anyone have any other suggestions about how to set up alternative lines of communication?

  • #19167


    Thrive Life. Thanks for the review. I’ll check it out

    And now, another episode of “this wont work”

    Lots of south facing windows and heat. The plan was to put mylar blankets, on the outside. They were fastened to the hurricane window frames with binder clips.

    Epic fail

    1st. One of the mylar blankets tore as it was being unfolded. This was from
    Swiss-Safe.It got tons of positive reviews on Amazon, but it was junk. It kept taring with rips all over. I had another one which was included in a pre packed first aid kit and it held up.

    2nd.The wind. Binder clips kept coming off the frames and thus the blanket. It just wasnt gripping. It was windy today with 15 mph winds. What ever the solution it will need to hold up to windy days.

    So either use them inside or use the ones for car windshields; they are big enough and are ( sturdier ) than the flimsy mylar sheets.

    I’ll probably need a room ac for the bedroom. I have horizontal casement windows. So either use a portable ac ( which are pricey) or see if I can remove one of them and use the window units. ( affordable and apparently more efficient )

  • #19185

    grannyj smith

    April 10

    I am still ill after almost two months with this virus and I am tried of vitamins and Ensure drinks for I have only gained back two pounds of the seventeen pounds I lost, I now weigh just over a hundred pounds which I hate being so thin.

    The area my dh husband made for the garden flooded with all the heavy rain, he was able to save two tomato plants and one bell pepper plant and get them into gallon container pots.  We have been pounded by high winds, tornadoes and so much heavy rain that water is standing everywhere.

    We did make it out to town to pick up a few things and back home before more severe weather hit last evening,  another round of bad weather coming tonight and tomorrow, this weather pattern has been ongoing for weeks and one can’t get a chance to recover before it hits again.

    I ordered some dry milk and a few #10 cans of macaroni for the pantry, there are so many ways to cook and use macaroni and it’s inexpensive, hopefully I can add a little food each month to the emergency stock.

    Been reading Daisy’s post on canning roast beef and I am going to try canning some next time I find roast on sale along with my friends recipe for canning chicken, at least it will not spoil during power outages, some here still have no power after the tornadoes hit.


  • #19188


    Well, I just lost what I was typing. Don’t know what happened but it disappeared.

    Granny smith hope your virus goes away soon and you start to get stronger each day. Praying for you.

    Corsaire, the Thrive Life has good products. I am getting ready to order some things I need to stock up on.

    We had some one’s cat get in garden last night and dug up the cucumber plants. So we lost them. Will have to replant so went to get some dog and cat repellant.  I am going to check out some type of fencing that will keep the cat out.

    We are going to have to replace the toilet in main bathroom. Not looking forward to that but that toilet is 52 years old and I am tired of replacing parts.

    DH helped in garden yesterday and is worn out today. Although he did go to Lowe’s with me and walked around a bit. Seemed to have helped him some. He really needs to gain his strength back and do a little walking each day.

    Granny Smith, I think your storm is going to be heading our way this weekend. Just hope it doesn’t drown the garden. Though it does have good drainage. The roots of what we planted as well as seeds could wash out with a very hard rain.  Keeping fingers crossed.

  • #19187


    @grannyj smith look up Paul stamets and his work into fungi and how it can be used in helping humans fight off both viral and bacterial infections including those that are fully antibiotic resistant.


    I and my tribe all use the stuff, I have only ever gotten not feeling good  never sicken over 6 years using stamets  products. I volenteer at ambulance service so get some exposure to nasty nasty stuff.more than a few msra and worse cases  for hours drive to main hospital 200 miles away touching and sitting next to them for whole trip.   I would say after that long being sick try the extracts which is what we use, it defiantly won’t harm.

  • #19211

    grannyj smith

    Thank you for the info on Paul S, I will be reading more on this. I am getting better for I can eat a little more, just having a little pain and swelling in my left side today after having a day out Saturday by taking the kids for lunch and play time in the indoor play area at McDonald’s.

    Doing sheets and comforters today from my teenage daughter’s sleepover, next I have to vaccum and shampoo the two chairs that fold out into beds in her room, I know she should be doing this, but she did a lot laundry Saturday night due to exterminating the house for fleas.  I don’t know if all the rain has caused all these fleas to get on the front porch which has outdoor carpet on it, guess they get on someone’s shoes or pant legs and get in the house that way. I order some flea powder to sprinkle on the carpet to make sure these fleas are gone and my dh is removing the carpet off the porch and spraying it down with flea spray.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms on here, have a blessed day.



  • #19214


    Thought I would check in and say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS ON HERE.   Before my daughter get’s here.  Have a great day.

  • #19221

    Josefina Arenas

    Thanks, Littlesister…Happy Mother’s Day to all on the Organic Prepper!

  • #19238


    Hi, all
    Got my new toy today…a rocket stove! I was trying to think of how I could cook if there were a serious, long-term grid down that would affect not only my electric but gas heat. Settled on a rocket stove for cooking using minimal amounts of wood fuel. It works…so cool…I played with it today and am convinced I could manage this for cooking one-pot meals.

    Some of my tomatoes planted in the raised beds are just not thriving so I’m going to replant these with some that remain in the three inch pots and are getting really big…gardening is still working for me as an activity to get me up and moving. My potatoes planted in an old broken five gallon bucket are actually growing…woohoo!

    I feel very positive about my prepping efforts since joining this group last October! Hopefully we won’t have a serious problems but honestly I feel we are possibly confronting some really interesting times ahead.

    Stay as healthy as you can out there….we are what we eat…best regards to all…

  • #19250

    grannyj smith

    April 14

    I found wide mouth canning bands and rings at discounted prices at Walmart so I ordered extra for canning meats and HEB has ground beef and beef chuck roast for 2.77 per pound, so I am going to use Daisy’s recipe for canning the beef.  I am a little nervous at canning beef,  but if I don’t try I will never be able to secure food for my family.



  • #19254


    Granny that is great. I am checking around now for the best price on canning jars. So far it looks like I will be making a trip to tractor supply. They seem to have the cheapest prices so far.

    Defrosted the freezer today, so that is now out of the way. Got it so I can find everything now.  I have more beef than I thought. So went through it and will be canning beef soon. Also have some 85% hamburger that I will be making jerky with.

    Muffy, those rocket stoves are great. You are going to love it.  I am saving up for a second one so I can cook a couple of things at the same time.

  • #19258

    OldMt Woman

    A quick note.  I caught up reading all of your posts.  Delighted to hear of your adventures, progress, and pray for your challenges, especially health!

    I’m challenged with health issues currently, but all came out good news with the surgery.  Simply still very wiped out from what turned out to be an unexpected ordeal.  Then other life issues have been sprouting and DH and I are both strained to keep up.  Day by day …knocking things off the list.  But all our clearing-out-junk project is kind of at a stand-still for now.

    Weather in the high mountains west has been strange.  Changes seasons every few days….or hours…  {roll eyes}   I’ve been in shorts and tank top ….and bundled up in multiple layers to keep warm.  Same week.  Did wash and put away our winter insulated snow suits tho.  Pretty sure we’re past that stage.  lol

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all  [my bedtime got earlier thru all this…and that’s better]

  • #19277

    OldMt Woman

    Oh…Corsaire with your mylar sheets.  Try on the inside of the windows.  We use just like a curtain and put up and down.  But you could “attach” the thin [fairly fragile] sheets to the inside of the glass.  Cut to fit inside the window framing for easiest result.  Then get a water spray bottle.  Spray the glass all over LIGHTLY.  Not water running down.  Then pat the mylar to the dampened window.  It should stick for a while.  Might have to spray to stick again.  Just with water, mind you.  Can be removed and put up again if necessary.  We’ve found it really cuts down on the sun’s heat but you can see thru it….darkly.

    This also works if you’re using large bubble wrap sheets.  Spray water and they stick.


  • #19297

    grannyj smith

    May 16

    We are doing clean up on the homestead this week, mowing and getting rid of things laying around for the snakes are out now and they get under anything.  Was hoping to be able to get the yard sale things out this weekend, but more severe weather moving in Saturday and then again next week, sure wish this weather pattern would change and not have so much bad weather.


  • #19300


    Old Mt Woman, I will have to try the mylar on my patio door. The afternoon sun blazes through and heats up the den and kitchen. We get a direct hit from the sun on that door.

    Worked at Church with food ministry today.  We just did have enough food to give out. It emptied the shelves. So when I got home, I got DH together as he did not sleep again last night so did not go with me to help this time. Need to check his meds to see if one of those might be keeping him awake at night. But when I got home he had gone back to bed and slept till 12:30. So he decided to go with me to Lidel’s to buy can goods for the food pantry. So we will be unloading that Sunday morning before church.

    DH is cooking collard’s for market tomorrow, so I can get house cleaned up and then start going through things to get rid of again. I have to catch up on the normal house cleaning before I can start going through things again.

    I need to call son in law to go with me to buy a new toilet. I put that off till this weekend. But we are down to only the one toilet in master bath.   Grandson came over for dinner tonight so that was nice. He had been working all week and was off this evening.

    Hope everyone is doing well and those with health issues are feeling better.

  • #19305


    Been an interesting few days…I have TWO tomatoes growing on one of my vines…woohoo!!! some things have not done well – cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts…it’s just been so very wet I think that might be the problem…my potatoes in a broken five gallon can are growing like crazy!! will be fun to see what results I have in several more months…

    humidity has been awful, making me ready to head for the hills…but actually getting ready for a quick run out to Columbia, MO this weekend to watch my 20 yr old granddaughter graduate from the U of MO…she buckled down and completed her degree in just three years…so proud of her determination….she just didn’t want the debt other students are mindlessly (she thinks) incurring. I’m so glad folks are finally beginning to rethink the importance of “higher education.” It simply isn’t for everyone. As I spent a chunk of my life working with students coming out of our public schools who were ill prepared for college level work , I think I can speak with some authority.

    I’m doing a bit of research on water storage. I want to add several rain barrels for watering my raised bed gardens. I’m on a water system here but the rates keep going up and up. And, I think fresh rain water will be better for my gardening efforts than treated city water…maybe not…

    Sure hoping all ya’ll can stay well and enjoy the days you’ve been given on this green earth…:) love your posts!!!

  • #19333

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All. Glad to see you here.

    It was been awhile. Spring! And hundreds of things to do, now.

    Old Mt. Woman, you said you could stay put if things are slippery. Us, also. My daughter, however, wants us to be out of here by next winter. She and daughter-in-law, think we should work toward that Tiny House and get rid of this big house on a hill. Not going to happen. We are more than prepared to wait out a month if we must. Except for milk, we would be fine. Hubby can drink my soymilk on his cereal.

    I understand encroachment. We have a first floor laundry room. Stuff gets “stuffed” in there whenever we want it out of sight. But, it should all be put away or just plain discarded.

    I hope your health issues resolve quickly. It is no fun.

    Columbia River: no gas stove? Sorry. Our house is partly 30 and partly 150 years old. It leaks like a sieve. No problem with air exchange to keep the house fresh. You must have an electric furnace, then, too.

    I made brownies with black beans. I agree. It tastes like fudge. Keep it in the refrigerator. If it lasts that long.

    Corsaire: I will need to check Aldi to see if ours has a butane stove. That is what I want to put into my basement tornado shelter. Question about butane. If we have a butane CAMP stove, isn’t that the “same”? Butane cylinders. Can the camp stoves be operated inside as a regular “Buffet-type butane” burner would?

    Columbia River: I used to be a blood donor. I started giving for my mother who had two heart surgeries. 45 years ago. I am 0–. I did not have a childhood illness so my blood could be given to babies and burn victims. However, Someone came up with TRALI, transfusion related lung infection, and now I can no longer give. If they identified which protein my blood has, and clearly label the blood unit, my blood could be given to hemophiliacs and others who could be tested for that protein. Even for surgical patients who are prescheduled. But, No. Don’t let the 0 Neg/universal donor give.

    Old Mt. Woman: \0/ Hooray for being clean. /~\ for not recovering well. My mother-in-law was allergic to the sedative they used for a simple procedure and ended up spending the night. I hope yours was simple.

    Mama Cando: Great idea for the pj bear. I had heard bout them and it is a wonderful idea. Glad they also found an urn. Sorry to hear about your husband’s cousin. We never know our time or the reason.

    Little Sister: Failing health comes to all of us. In the old days, it meant a much shorter future. Now, most of the time we can work through it. I keep reminding myself that doctors have a Medical “Practice.” Practice because what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. I hope you two are able to figure this out. Best wishes.

    Corsaire: Send the Cheez-Its to me…

    Muffy 1938: I am looking forward to learning how your potatoes-in-a-bucket turn out. Have you planted anything else with them? How many potatoes? Our grocery store has had both seed potatoes and onions in the produce department. None this year. I must find another source.

    Enjoy your well-earned independence. And, your rocket stove.

    Granny Smith: You can can beef. I did some last month. It was great. It is so nice to have the shelves full of food = ready to go.

    I did it to myself: In the last few weeks, I have been dealing with a digestive issue. Nothing medically serious. I have been trying to boost my pre-, pro-biotics. I hoped they would help eliminate gas, and other issues linked to poor digestion, and eating more dairy/cheese than I should. I started slowly with a month’s worth of Align, then Align Gummies.   Ok, time to try something stronger. I switched to a Spring Valley Probiotic that had about 8 different kinds and 10 billion units. I had diarrhea the next day. I took the pills for a week, figuring the bacteria would settle in and the symptoms would stop. Nope. I went off, and now two weeks after stopping the pills, I am still having issues!, although slowing down I have missed one grandson’s event due to the side effects. I have taken many Imodium to get through two other events, and again today to make it to the ballet recital. I do not like taking such pills. I hope this all settles down soon. It is a bit scary to eat a good meal, and then have it run right through the system. I have not lost more than a couple pounds, so I guess I’m getting some of the nutrition. Perhaps I should go on the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. But, those darn bacteria are there and not going away, which is what I wanted. Oh, well. Managing.

    Garden: I started seeds over a month ago. Only the cabbage had emerged last week. Finally, some of the squash started, and growing quickly. No peppers, and the tomatoes are still at the seed-leaf stage. We have half the old veg. garden beds ready, but no new ones yet. It is raining too much. I did plant our peas, beans, and broccoli. Tomorrow, hopefully the soil will be dry enough to dig and plant some more. The Cole crops will have their true second leaves by then and be ready to plant. Plus put a low chicken wire around them to keep out the little bunnies that find their way under the eight-foot fence.

    The cherry tree and plum tree were full of blooms and bees. I hope there was enough cross-pollination to set a lot of fruit. The ten currant bushes were absolutely loaded! They are five years old and producing so much we must give it away. Canning jars are expensive; at least family gives the jars back.

    My Grandson#1 graduates high school in two weeks. He is feeling his “senioritis:” Finals, papers, getting ready for graduation, prepping for college, getting ready to spend the summer at camp. Camp training starting on June 7<sup>th</sup> with graduation the same night; training continues over the weekend with his graduation party on one of those nights. Doubled up! No wonder he feels stressed.

    I did not have the heart to tell him that college is pretty much like that all the time. He is taking the time to attend his brothers’ band and orchestra concerts, and even a Scout Camporee. I hope it helps him calm down a bit. At least this summer, he is going to be at camp ten miles from me. If he misses something, we can drop it off; the last three years he was 200 hundred miles away in the summer. Grandson#2 was debating about whether to attend the Camporee due to homework. This is one of the first responsible things I have heard him say. Sigh, they are all maturing.

    Best wishes to all. I hope you/we can all roll with the weather and the health issues. Take care and Prep On!





  • #19339

    Olivia Green

    Went garage sale-ing yesterday.
    Found a miter saw & box for $2.. the box is plastic. But as my projects are very minor, figured it’d work alright.
    Also 16 long taper candles @ .50 each.
    And 24 wide mouth & 24 regular mouth pint jars.. all for $6.
    Happy indeed.

  • #19344


    Oh gosh these gardens how wonderful. Its off season here, so not much as far as gardening, except for tropicals. Mangoes should be ready in June, so I’ll be off to the elderlies to get some. I have a passion fruit vine, but its the sour type. I’ll find a way to make it work

    OldMtWoman.I ended up taping the mylar sheets to the inside of the windows. I’ll spray with water to get them stick

    CinnamonGranny. The Aldi one is not approved for indoors. But one made by Iwatani ( you can find it on Amazon) is. Now what makes it approved for indoors, I dont know

    Some great blogs by Daisy, Dagny and the rest. Lots of things to think about.

  • #19345


    Edit: the Iwanti butane stove. I looked closer at the Amazon reviews and a poster posted the instructions. It says it is approved for indoor commercial restaurants and not to be used in confined areas.

  • #19349


    Cinnamon granny you might have a bio film issue in your digestive tract… this can be fixed with 1 oz of hard liquor (non sweet) 1 drop of thyme and two drops of summer savory essentail oils. This will cause a bathroom break of epic tales. Doing this a few days in a ro till you no longer see the film leaving your backside.


    This burn going down and if you add too much of the oils it burns when you go to bathroom both 1 and 2


    How ever it remove bacterial film then you need re introduce gut flora.  Doing this helps your gut improve digestion and absorbtion because over the years we all have these films build up over time. For more information please look up intestinal bio film.

  • #19365

    Columbia River


    Cinnamon Grammy – We have heated with wood for over 35 years and only used electric heat while we’ve been in the cabin.

    We are waiting on an electrical inspection and installation of the toilets before we can move back “home”  even though things won’t be finished for a while  I am so ready

    got a box of candles at a yard sale for $2 that were from a wedding but basically ready to start sorting and using my things again  and setting aside what doesn’t fit for a giant yard sale

    read about an O2cool battery operated fan and got one at Walmart cheaper than the cheap Amazon price  The ability to move air around in a grid down hot weather situation made me decide to buy a made in China product anyway because I hate heat.  There’s a reason I am Columbia River (Pacific Northwest mountains) instead of my former residence in Texas!

    Enjoy the spring

  • #19374

    Columbia River

    Corsaire- I wouldn’t want your weather for anything but mangoes….. mmmmmm.

    Guess I will keep with my mountain apples, pears, plums, cherries and peaches

    we are able to grow some incredible fruit that would never make it to a market commercially as it just reaches perfection and then goes bad in a week or so. But oh when it is perfect!  Probably like the difference in store bought and home grown mangoes or tomatoes or strawberries.

    Wherever you are and whatever fruit you have – enjoy!

    And we have some of the hardest water around as we just got the results of that test. Oh well. At least it’s water and available.

  • #19375


    Due to all the rain we had and then the cold nights, we are going to have to replant the butterbeans. Seems several of our friends around here have already planted them twice. Tomatoes and green peppers are not doing very well so will have to replant some of those as well.  In another month we should be getting green beans.

    Got freezer cleaned out and defrosted so good to go for that job.  Trying to finish the closet so I can donate all the old clothes. That is top of list right now as Salvation army will be picking up on June 6th. So want to get it all done and put on front porch for pickup for that date.

    Never did make it to get the new toilet. So that is going to hopefully be this weekend as DH now wants to buy a small tiller as well like the one he used to have. So decided to hold off till we can get with son in law to meet us at Lowe”s to pick them up as we no longer have a truck. So he picks up and brings to us. This way he only has to make one trip for both.

    I now have 2 people I am going to be teaching to can food. My niece and one of the lady’s from my Sunday school class. She said she had watched her mother and grandmother both can but never learned. She said she regretted not learning to do it. So I told her I would teach her. She should catch on fast as well as my niece.  Should be fun and looking forward to teaching an almost lost art around here.



  • #19406

    OldMt Woman

    As you may have noticed, it’s been SNOWING all over our western mountains.  Looks like Christmas here…off and on.  All melts nicely so it’s not a big problem.  Good gentle moisture!  But it is being persistent this year.  After lovely warm April, it is kinda harsh to have nighttime temps down in the mid-20’s.  But not as bad as vicious tornadoes and flooding of Midwest.  🙁

    I’m STILL not really recovered.  Switched a med and we’ll see if that’s better.  I don’t do chemical meds, usually.  This is why.  Getting things accomplished this whole month has been set back.  So I’m doing research on what flint [chert] looks like “in the wild” so to speak.  Lotsa rocks here.  Reading up and discover …..when I was trying to get fire from a magnesium bar some months ago….  I don’t think I was striking it with carbon steel.  Not sure it was steel.  Going to try that again soon….when I can get up for more than ten minutes!  Hmph!

    Be careful of this unsettled weather, all of you.

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all.

  • #19430


    Just a quick note to say that for everyone in the Missouri , Oklahoma, and anywhere else that is in the path of these tornadoes, please stay safe even if it means leaving your home for a safer place. And for those in the flood zones as well. Please stay safe.

    It just seems that the middle of the country is really taken a beating. So please to all in these areas check in to let everyone know you are safe.

  • #19423

    Mama cando

    Good morning to all,  sorry to hear about the gastro problems OMW. Not fun. Praying you get better soon.  Went to cousins memorial/funeral last week end and picked up a bug. Head cold that’s trying it’s best to turn into a chest cold. Have been slathered in menthol rub to keep it from spreading.Found out when I went to get the Vick’s they use synthetic Eucalyptus not the real stuff. Store brand still has the real stuff.  Water works is trying to fix a hydrant across the street so they turned off the water to the subdivision. Good thing I woke up early and filled a couple of pitchers and took my meds. Should be back on by 2 today. They’ve been at this since last week. Turns out there may be a leak in the main somewhere near our property, yeah hoo. Front lawn may get torn up again, just hope they get it fixed THIS time. Oh,  DH’s sister sent a message the other day, seems her friends parents are “down” sizing and clearing out a bunch of stuff. She texted DH and wanted to know if I wanted the water canner pot. No I have three already. Then she sent a note,  did I want a bunch of wide mouth jars and a boat load of good rings, YES Please!!. Well energy is all most done time to take my “nap” hope you all stay safe and the weather gets better.

  • #19467


    Hi, ya’ll…been a few days since I posted but I read your posts regularly! Hoping all are feeling better…I made the trip to Columbia, MO for my granddaughters graduation. It was so good to see many family members I don’t see often and to meet new folks who are part of Hannah’s life now….I’m a bit frustrated that the stress of travel seems to be getting a bit too much for me now. That’s a bummer. And, after seeing a few pictures of myself it’s like, OMG, I’ve got to do something about my weight….so I’ve come home really motivated!!!

    My family who live up in MO only a few miles from Jefferson City report that they spent a lot of time hunkered down during the worse of the storms. So sad to see the devastation. But, happy to report they are all well…

    Oh, yes, my weight. I’m actually not that overweight compared to many, but losing about 20 pounds is probably not a bad idea…anyhoo, now I have a new project to add to my gardening and prepping – lose some weight!!! Oh, did I mention I’ve a special event coming up this weekend. Years ago when I was very young, I taught classes in the small rural High School where I now live. Of course, that school was closed and consolidated with other county schools many years ago. Nevertheless, my home room class of 2019 is having their 50th high school reunion and they’ve invited me to attend. Is that cool or what? I’m really looking forward to seeing these “kids” after 50 years! Wow.

    My raised bed gardens are doing okay mostly…some things just haven’t seemed to thrive but I’m enjoying the experience…watching my 5 gal can with potatoes growing in it…my tomatoes are looking pretty good but we’ve just had so much rain I think that has affected everything…may need to do some replanting…

    Wishing you all might enjoy your days as everyday is a blessing…hugs all around…keep posting

  • #19508


    Greetings everyone

    Thanks to all who serve and who have served in the armed forces.

    More thrift store preps. Bowls, kitchen scale and finally a non electric teapot. Also dried beans were on sale. Still could use a pour over coffee maker. I have a metal one, but that tips too easily.

    I am out of Occupational therapy, with 75% ROM. The therapist was ok with it considering my other health issues and I got to him late. I’ll continue to work on it with the splints, strength training ect.

    I found that the paraffin treatment works really well for pain and stiffness. So the crockpot is being replaced with a paraffin bath. Kinda of a one hit wonder appliance, but I’ll be at this at least for the next 5 months.

  • #19539

    grannyj smith

    I always make bread and biscuits with fresh eggs, but am worried I may not always have eggs,  do any of you make bread and biscuits with powdered eggs and how is the taste,  I thought I would ask from someone that would know before ordering any powdered eggs.


  • #19541

    Crow Bar

    Thank you.

    Paraffin treatment?
    Is it the slow heat that works?

    • #19544


      yes and moisture. I find it better than a heating pad because it encapsulates each finger, vs just lying on top.

  • #19546

    Columbia River

    Granny Smith

    i don’t use eggs and think the bread is great but I also use freshly ground whole wheat flour.   Artisan bread and French bread are also egg free.

    Best suggestion would be to find some egg free recipes and try them to see what you think because what recipes others use won’t matter if your family doesn’t like them.

    There’s value in having the same familiar things in a stressful situation because it helps provide stability,  but there’s also value in simplicity.

    Let us know what you come up with

  • #19552


    Glad to hear folks have made it through the storms. They did a lot of damage. Now it is time for everyone to heal up from their injuries and illnesses. Still praying for all of you that have these problems.

    granny smith. Having powdered eggs in your preps is a great idea. It works great in baking anything. As for just doing eggs for breakfast, I have a recipe somewhere in one of my books on using freeze dried and powdered eggs. I need to find it. Then I will post it. haven’t looked at it in a while but think it said something about adding some milk. Though I do have a couple of casserole recipes that I will post when I have more time as well.  I get the oval easy whole egg powder. Cost a little more I think but well worth it.

  • #19555

    OldMt Woman

    I collect information like that too, Grannyj Smith.  These are 3 I’ve heard:

    Substituting a fourth cup garbanzo beans finely ground and a fourth cup of water for one egg.  Works best with a batter type of recipe.  Can use club soda instead of water for things like waffles.

    OR 1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin into 3 Tablespoons cold water PLUS 1 teaspoon boiling water = one egg.

    OR 1 Tablespoon ground flax or chia seed + 3 Tablespoons water. Let set 15 minutes

    Only heard of these – haven’t tried any of them.  YMMV

    Glad to hear of a relief for your hands, Corsaire!

    Congrats to Muffy’s GrD…graduation.  Aren’t those Midwest storms scary!!!  Be careful, everyone.


  • #19596


    Garden report: front yard raised bed not looking well at all!!! son cut some more tree branches that were shading it too much to see if that would help…back yard raised bed is doing a bit better but the container plants on my deck are really showing off….BUT here’s the troubling part…I’ve been trying to go all natural, no chemicals, etc. but something is eating my large leaf plants badly!!! I guess I’m going to have to break down and use an insect spray if I’m going to save anything…even if my garden doesn’t produce a thing I’m still enjoying the effort…gets me up and out of the house….

    Granddaughter #5 turns 16 years old Friday and she’s made arrangements to take her driver’s test that day…things have changed a lot since I got my driver’s license on my 16th birthday so many years ago but not the excitement and thrill of the freedom driving provides…now start the prayers for her safety while behind the wheel…Granddaughter Carolina #3 will be returning from France mid-June…while Granddaughter #1 will be leaving shortly for a 6 week program of classes in Europe as part of her college degree and GD #2 Hannah who just graduated from college will be headed out for a 6 month backpacking trip around Central and South America starting in Costa Rica….i’m excited for them but that concern for their safety in this crazy world is ever present…prayers upward…but they’ve been taught what stupid behavior looks like so we just tell them “don’t do stupid.”

    Someone mentioned eggs: I bought a #10 can of dried eggs, put them into pint size canning jars and sealed the jars with my Food Saver…I’ve found them satisfactory so far in baking projects…

    It’s getting hot and humid where I live…AC having trouble keeping house cool enough…I may need some freon but the service call charge of $95 just to come and look really bummed me out!!! I don’t mind paying a service call charge (time is money) but that seems a bit too much so I’m using fans to help somewhat…looking into putting some sort of film on west facing windows but not sure about doing that myself…

    Nothing to report on weight loss effort…scale seems to be stuck…:) of course, I’ve yet to do any exercise at all…

    Be blessed all…

  • #19611



    I put the mylar blankets ( sheets) on my windows and it does help. I saw on rolls of 2ml  thick mylar used for hydroponics on ebay. Its opaque though, while the blankets let through some light.

    Tomorrow starts our tax free week for hurricane supplies. Gasoline cans for the generator and batteries for me.




  • #19620


    Haven’t had a chance to get the info on the powdered eggs and give you guys the recipe for the eggs as well. But am working on getting to it. I just finished going through clothes the other day and packing them up to go out.

    Spent today shopping groceries for our church ministry. Still have a car load to take to the church in the morning. This is the second car load and the last till end of next month. Someone else will be doing it next time. We try to take turns.

    Garden is not doing well. DH got the tiller fixed so we now have to till half the garden and replant butter beans. Lost some tomato and pepper plants as well. So having to replant them as well. To much rain again this spring. I decided to plant a few veggies in flower beds in front yard this year to see what they would do. They are looking good so far. So that might give us more planting space.

    Also try dish soap and ving. for your plants to ward of the insects. That is what was in my garden book. Mix a teaspoon of ving. and 2 teaspoons of dish soap in a spray bottle of water and spray it on the veggies. They say it works but I have not tried it yet.

  • #19622


    I have the instructions for reconstituting the powdered eggs and will get the recipes on here later when I have more time to type.

    Whole Egg powder

    To reconstitute one egg: mix 2 tablespoons whole egg powder with four tablespoons water.  to make the eggs a bit richer just use three tablespoons of water and one of milk.

    If you are using the powdered eggs in baking, you do not need to reconstitute them. Just add to the other dry ingredients and increase water measurements in the mixture to necessary amounts.

    Hope this helps.

  • #19655

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings everyone.

    The unusual tornadic activity in unsettling and I hope all of you are safe. Be careful. We are not experiencing your problems. Hubby maintains the website for our Ham Radio Club. He added a severe storm tracker to it. I have been daily informed of the storms down Texas way, on the East Coast, tornadoes, hail, etc. I finally had to tell him – stop telling me about storms that are 1,000 miles away, just the ones that are coming our way. But, because he was tracking storms, he found out that the ones that hit our state were not mentioned at all. He spoke to the NWS, and was told it was probably because the barometric pressure was not low enough to register on that site. We still had a couple tornadoes, though. So, don’t rely on just one source.

    We have no children at home and I am wondering how we did it when they were at home and how the families that have “five” children manage it. We have been to programs/events for all 5 grandchildren; more than one in a couple of cases, and at five different locations. Visited someone else’s graduation party. We are tired of driving, yet have three more events this week, including, Grandson #1’s graduation, with his party on the Sunday after that.

    Son-in-law turned 50 over Mem. Weekend. His parents and sister came to the lake for the day. There were a lot of people. It is nice that we can all be together and get along: in-laws and ex s. Just don’t talk politics.

    Namelus: I have not heard of biofilm. It will be worth it to me to check it out. I can go several days now without “issues,” and have learned my “signs” so things are improving. (Eating smaller meals help, too.) I was disappointed to see that Kombucha is made from tea. The info said the caffeine content was like ½ or less of the regular tea. Still, I cannot handle caffeine well, so, I am drinking a type of Kefir.

    Columbia River: Thanks for the ideal about the battery operated fan. It will be ideal for tents.

    Little Sister: Congratulations about teaching friends to can. It is nice to have others that you can talk to, and help. Plus get help when needed when they expand into territory you have not ventured into; yet.

    Old Mt. Woman: Sending you more speedy recovery thoughts.

    Muffy 1938: Yup, gardening and reducing a meal does really help trim that tummy and tighten those legs. It is too bad I cannot exhaust myself in the garden every week. I have dropped about 5 pounds in the past month with the garden work and the indigestion.

    Muffy, can you just cover your plants with a cheesecloth type fabric so you do not need to spray?

    Grandson #1 is getting ready to take his driving test, too. I hate that he has to drive in the big city with so many cars. It isust unsafe for new drivers in the winter. Wishing them safe driving.

    Corsaire: Steady as you go. 75% is better than you had. You can do it.

    Interesting substitutions for eggs. I will need to copy them.

    It has been cool and rainy. I finally turned on the AC yesterday when the temps hit 87.

    Gardens are way behind because we could not till the wet soil. The seedlings are tiny because I had them outside in a plastic “greenhouse” and not inside where it was warmer. They are still too small to plant. I wish I could wave a magic wand and get them to grow. At least the peas and green beans are up. We bought pepper plants since none of those seeds sprouted, and will probably have very few tomatoes because they are way too small. I think I need to rig a greenhouse over the garden beds. On the other hand, we have too many squash seedlings. It may be an orange winter. I will need more recipes.

    Speaking of winter squash. How do you all handle the different winter squash plants. Can you put them together and not worry about cross-pollination if we do not use the seeds? Pumpkin, canteloupe, acorn, butternut, buttercup, Kershaw, and spaghetti squash.   I have at least six of each and I have never had that many sprout before. So no tomatoes, but plenty of squash this year…hopefully no squash bugs — or deer.

    Take care everyone.  Watch the weather and be safe.




  • #19673


    Thanks Cinnamon Granny

    Finally made bread in the bread machine. A little dense, but I found a recipe online with the tweaks.

    It just dawned on me that with all the talk about supplies for hurricane season, nobody is talking about security. I have solar path lights, but those can be easily taken. I have identified dark and vulnerable spots along my homes perimeter and making a list of lights. One spot may not take solar because of the distance to a sunny spot.

    Fans I have 2 usb/rechargeable ones and picked up another one at Aldi that uses AAA batteries. The rechargeable ones last about 8 hours or so on the lowest setting. They work pretty well, as I used them quite a bit last year. Someone usually has a lightning deal on Amazon. Need to give my aldi one a test drive

    ( looks at 02 cool fan  prices at home depot and amazon)  oh heck yea, alot cheaper at Walmart

    • This reply was modified 6 months, 1 week ago by  corsaire. Reason: spelling
  • #19687

    Mama cando

    Good Morning all, Windows and doors are going in now.  DH has all the trim stained and the guys are finding out just how crooked the bay window at the back of the house in living room actually is, LOL. Ms Chloe, our cat is hunkered down in the bedroom sleeping peacefully even with all the noise LOL. Have been looking at estate /garage sales for a few things, read on anther sight, someone scored a ton of  new FD food cans and new Berkey filters cheap. I think she said they were $10.00 a set for the filters.  Wish I could get that lucky. We finally were able to get the veggie plants in the boxes yesterday now that it’s stopped raining for awhile, now just waiting to see if they’ll take and continue growing. Although DH did it again,forgot and planted both sets of salad green discs. OH well my friend will be happy when I start bringing her salad this summer.Still making travel plans for GR Nephew’s memorial end of this month. Talked to my baby sister and found out back in March she had surgery for a PE clot.  I knew she broke her foot early in March but evidently a blood clot developed so she spent her birthday in hospital in surgery. No wonder I couldn’t reach her. She’s terrible about returning phone calls. I just have to keep trying. It’s her job, she has a boss (owns the company) that calls her anytime of day or night, so when she leaves work she shuts the cell off.She can’t wait till she can retire, although she fears once she does that woman will still be calling her LOL. Hey it pays good with decent bene’s and she’ll have a pension/401k when she does leave. So she’s sticking it out for now.

  • #19698

    Columbia River

    We aren’t having storms but are already dealing with smoke here in the Pacific Northwest from the fires – in Northern Alberta!  It really is a small world we live in.

    We are getting closer to moving back home. The power company will be turning off the power tomorrow so they can put up the new box. Then we can reconnect the power and hook up the well, then we can start moving in (I hope) even though it’s not finished. I don’t need siding on the outside to live inside.  They can put that up while I enjoy not being squished in the cabin

    I am painfully aware that my planning over the years was bigger than my space and I will need to start sorting – dishes, crockpots, other kitchen equipment and everything else. Probably just as well I didn’t get a basement- it would be so full.

    The never ending challenge of being prepared versus being neat and orderly. It has me trapped so now I must make choices.

  • #19723


    Columbia River, be careful with that smoke. You don’t need to be breathing that in. I have a couple of friends that had that problem from the fires in CA. messed up their lungs.

    DH is in congestive heart failure and not doing well today. Just good days and bad days. So garden is on hold for this summer maybe. We have had so much rain that we can’t till nor get into the garden to do much of anything and more rain on the way.

    Because of the rain, we have pretty much lost our driveway. Rain got into the cracks and washed the sand out from under it and it is sinking in the middle. So getting estaments on that this week end. Ouch!  that is going to hurt but must be done along with our front porch. Tiled porches don’t cut it. the tile is popping up so going with an all cement porch.

    Well, grandson just popped in so will check in later.

  • #19724

    Columbia River

    Little Sister sorry about DH and garden. Sometimes gardening helps with stress relief but probably not if it’s your honey and he can’t be out there with you. We aren’t getting much gardening done this year either. House is all consuming.

    You could send some rain this way. We are only at 50% of the usual amount of snow pack for this time of year so not much water coming down the creeks and rivers. Bad for fish and irrigation farming and just general water supply. Our dug well usually overflows every spring, but not this year. Lots of seasonal creeks just aren’t there this year. And the drought leads to more likelihood of fires.

    We bought heavy duty masks last year because we had had enough of the fire and smoke – at one point we couldn’t even see the neighbor’s house 3/8 of a mile across the field the smoke was so thick  – definitely not fun.  And the fire was miles away.  Yuck, don’t even want to think about it, but prepping requires that I focus on possible problem areas and that is a big one this year

    Also, it seems like it doesn’t matter if it’s too much or not enough right now, there are huge parts of USA with water trouble. I have a relative working in the Houston area in emergency services. I’m told that the flooding this year is worse than Hurricane Harvey last year.

    Might want to think a bit more about stocking up on some basic groceries while they are available at a decent price.  All the farm ground either is apparently under water or won’t have water.  I just placed an Azure order and wish I had ordered more items. Next month.

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