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    The neighbour is starting with tilling In quick lime ( bacteria), the diatamteous earth (parasite) it also stays fallow for over a year walls where already detoled and iodined.

    No I did not tell them but I threw out leftovers to the dogs lol.  They seem no worse for wear but ewww. When I was way younger and I had a little dog in city I fed it those wet food  that came in tins. Not having alot of money I bought at dented tin place sometimes labels missing, had parents over dad was about to eat it on cracker and was wondering why dog was going nuts..

    cousin did eat wet food said it tasted salty and close to texture of the canned corn beef…. out of hunger I have eaten milk bones…. they are tough and never eat the green ones they are truely awful.


    Off to do some plumbing on new barn.



    OldMt Woman

    Namelus…..toooo funny.  LOL   I’ve eaten a lot of Non-Central USA-Standard foods.  Have legal immigrants in family/friends.  Sometimes I don’t ask but they’re eating it.  So fine, I’ll try it.  But unidentified out of a farmer’s freezer….uh uh!




    Mama Cando: I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. (Sorry it’s later than it should be.)

    We’ve been working on our water storage and cheap meals. We spend the money on Apple Juice for our kids because it helps them stay regular without meds, so we’ve been keeping the containers and filling them with water.

    I got my rain barrel installed this week, and then we had a rain storm the next day. Perfect timing. I’m excited to get more rain.

    Today, we cleaned out some “flower beds” around the edge of our yard, and I’ve decided to use that space to plant some veggies or fruits. I’m trying to figure out what would be best since I’m hoping to plant perennial veggies and not have to mess with them much. (Grapes, strawberries, asparagus…).

    Tomorrow we have to spend the day repairing sprinklers. We will also take some time to hang gun hooks at the top of our closet so we can have a hidden and secured weapon that won’t be reachable by our young children.


    Amy Dixon

    Muffy1938 – I too was saddened by the destruction wrought by the terrible fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.  I saw, and prayed in, that beautiful, historic building when I toured Paris on a school trip many years ago when I was just 15.  It’s a blessing that the main stone portions of the structure were saved from the fire, and that so many of the artwork and relics were rescued by people willing to brave the flames and heat.  I hope that the intense heat did not damage the stonework too much.  I am going to send a modest donation to help rebuild the Cathedral – one small way I can participate in preserving something so lovingly created centuries ago by many people of faith.  Watching the news coverage of the fire, I was particularly struck by the scenes of Parisians (and possibly visitors also), standing in the streets, singing hymns, and praying for their “Lady” of Paris.  It was touching to me to see so many people, even in a bustling modern city, unashamedly expressing their faith.



    Prepperfan with water collection make sure you have screens on top to stop t from becoming a mosquito haven. Algae will also bloom and cover sides, I found a cap full of bleach into a full 3x3x5 foot water cube once a month keeps it to a minimum. Eventually you will need to pressure wash it out.



    Good Afternoon

    Gosh, not much going on. Picked up some herbs yesterday, saw veggies but even though they sell them here, doesnt mean they will grow here.Lettuce, ok in the winter but in April…hmmm no.

    Monday will be the six months since the dog bite. Good news is that I have improved, bad news is that it not where it can/should? be. The OT isnt optimistic. Was kinda gun shy as far as the numbers were concerned after the re-evaluation. I go back on tuesday as I said he would talk to the doctor on friday

    Not having full use of my hands is not an option. I have already made adjustments cause of the fibro. Dont need anymore thank you.

    End vent

    Have a blessed Easter all. May it be filled with peace, joy, hope and strength.



    First I want to say I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

    Our grandson has been over for the week. He is going to be helping us with garden as soon as we are sure hubby will be able to do one this year. He will be finding out about his test on Tuesday. Hired a new guy for cutting grass, so that is taken care of.

    Grandson got a new job that I am not to happy about, but when he is done with school I think more things will open up for him. He will be delivering pizza but will have someone with him. But I am not keen on him doing that.

    Went to sunrise service and then had breakfast at church after. Really nice service. That really makes my Easter. Then family time and dinner. It has been a great day today.

    Now that Easter is over and grandson has gone home tonight, I can get back to the spring cleaning and finish getting things together for summer canning.  Will be teaching my niece how to can this summer. She and her husband are doing a garden this year. She has horses and goats and wants to get chickens. So learning to can will help her a lot. Just wish I could get my daughter interested in canning. She will have no part of that. But she does a small garden every year.


    OldMt Woman

    Sorry to hear about the difficulties with your hands, Corsaire.  Needed for everything!  DH has arthritis in his hands…..”all the way up to his ears” he says.  Hoping not to be eating with his elbows someday, he says.  My friend makes a cream that helps that problem somewhat…I only know it has magnesium in it.  Hope you find something that helps yours.  Fibro is nasty!

    We had fairly nice weather for Easter.  Made ham, sweet potatoes dinner for last nite.  Ate leftovers today.  Low key day.

    Still walking in evening to regain stamina….  Made three-fourths the usual distance tonite.  Was one-half yesterday.  It varies.  Tricky part is keeping enough functioning for the entire return trip to car.  Have only had to recruit help a few times in the past many years.  But…it has happened.

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all


    Cinnamon Grammy

    Happy Easter to all (Or whatever Spring Event you celebrate).

    Yesterday I picked up seeds.  Nope, not heirlooms, my bad.  I just want to get seeds started.  I will look for heirlooms more leisurely and package them for future use.  I have not tried seed saving yet.

    Today, I put to “soak” the squash seeds.  I wrapped them in wet paper towels that are identified  by type.  I want to get a head start so i am soaking them for a day or two.  There is only one month before they need to be planted here.  Then time to start seedlings of the cole crops.

    Last year, my cole crop failed.  One package was not what it said, and the rest just did not come up.  We think it may have been the compost that was bad.  ( Or a rabbit or pocket gopher.) A friend’s wife said,”…cabbage is so cheap at the store.”  She clearly does not have a clue and I am not gong to enlighten her about the need to grow our own.  At mid-70 I doubt they will change their beautifully manicured lawn to grow more than salsa ingredients.

    Vegetable gardening is our big thing.  It all goes in at once and ripens at once.  With global warming, the Springs in MN 4b are more abrupt.  As is the sudden hard frost in the fall.

    I need more jars.  I have no idea how many I have, but I have mostly 1/2 pints and I need pints and 24-oz jars.  Plus another shelf to put them on.  I never thought I would say that I need more jars, or more shelves for my canned food.  Wow!  Increasing a little bit each year, getting better at growing some things, constantly trying something else, adding new garden beds, learning which crops to let climb, companion and staggered planting…all adds up.  Now if we can keep up the fence so the deer don’t eat the seedlings we are in good shape.

    I was outside, sitting on the porch and thought, I should sit in the sun.  I moved the chair and rolled up my sleeves and took off the shoes.  I could only handle 5 minutes at 78 degrees.  From snow a week ago to full sun.

    Hubby has started sawing down the limbs of the tree that fell in tornado winds last September.  There are a lot of branches to take to the city compost site.  Plus, good wood to save for winter wood stove fires.

    Tomorrow I am going to try digging in the veg. garden to see how wet it still is. Hopefully, I can start turning over the two new beds that we had planned. One is going to be a Hugelbed.  It is on a serious slope, and needs a retaining wall, so, why not go ahead and fill it with rotting logs instead of soil.  Less maintenance in the future.

    Wishing everyone a good Spring.



    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings All.

    Good Attitudes!  Old Mt. Woman, Corsaire, keep up the physical work.  Good for you.  The moment we sit and say, “It hurts too much,” or “I’m too old,” is when we may as well just give up completely and move to assisted living.  Fight!  Fight!  “Do not go gently into that good night.”

    It rained most of the day yesterday so the garden soil will be too wet to dig.  Hopefully the temps will rise today, things will dry out, and I can start working. Not 40 degrees today.

    I bought a large rack last year that would have been used in a bakery to store the baking trays when they are removed from the oven.  I am putting the (soon to be) seedlings on that rack and wrapping it with clear plastic to keep it warm.   It worked last year.  Too many seeded pots to keep inside and no greenhouse.  So, seeding some flats today if hubby can get the plastic. I need to cover the plants so the local critters do not dig in the soil.

    I may have said that my Husband is an ornithologist, ecologist, a biologist, biochemist, etc.  Since it was raining, he sat at the window and watched the birds.  It is cool when we get to see an influx of ONE type.  Much easier to identify and learn the differences that way.  With “birding” it is often a matter of looking out the window at just the moment a new bird appears.  Warblers have arrived. If you are a  bird watcher, you know that those little things flit around like the branches are hot under their feet.  Very difficult to get a good look.  As a hobby it is a benign one…unless he is driving.

    I am still knitting/crocheting caps to donate.  I need something to do with my hands while watching television.  As a result, I am trying new patterns, learning new stitches, slowly reducing my yarn stash. VERY slowly.  I would donate for cancer patients and preemies, but my yard is not the right kind for their sensitive skin.  The requirements are specific.

    Tornado training finished here.  SKYWARN sponsored by the National Weather Service has classes each Spring to show us locals how to look for and identify the different clouds and conditions that spawn serious storms and tornadoes.  The NWS radar does not see the lowest 1,000 feet, where the tornadoes actually occur, and need storm spotters’ help.

    Next training I would like to take is CERT.  How to handle local emergencies-Community Emergency Response Team.  When we do that, I want to contact our local police chief in our town of 3,000 and identify ourselves as trained.  Our Ham radio club is in another, larger, town 20 miles away.  I’d rather volunteer in our town.

    Ok, off to find some plastic and cut it to fit my rack. Gotta get those seeds sprouting for mid-May planting.

    Take care everyone.


    Cinnamon Grammy

    No other comments.  Everyone must be busy!  That is what happens is Spring.

    I fixed up my bread rack/seedstarter rack.  Nice warm day here.  No sprouts yet.  Bummer.  Why is it that even though we consciously know it will take at least a week, we check everyday.

    Raked the one set of flower gardens out.  Took a walk with Hubby to check out the vegetable gardens.  The strawberry bed looks good.  We identified several currant shrubs that have branches that rooted so we can transplant them into a different place.  He is working to put a fence around the blueberries that have been eaten.

    Oh, the joy and “pie-in-the-sky” dreams of Spring.  We will see what happens.  We have no flowering trees yet.  The only flowers in the garden are the early small, blue squill, and one Johnny Jump Up.  Pulmonaria is growing, pachysandra is flowering and everything else is still resting.

    Enjoy your Spring.




    This is the time of year when everyone gets busy with gardens and then canning. We have now been able to get the garden tilled and ready to plant. More rain to come on Friday though. But things are looking up. The seeds hubby planted that he said was old have come up. Those seeds must have been 3 to 4 years old and he had them stashed in a bin in garage. So it really surprised me to see them coming up.

    All the grandchildren are home with the youngest who went home Sunday night. So now I am catching things up. need to start getting windows washed. The rains we had really messed them up and they have really gotten dirty. Pollen didn’t help that much as the rain just made the pollen stick to the outside of windows and they look really nasty. So I will not be on computer as much with doing garden and windows.

    I am sure that everyone on here is getting really busy now. So hope all goes well for everyone and your gardens produce a bumper crop.




    Hi, all….I just LOVE reading your posts!!! I’ve been busy, busy, busy continuing my prepping efforts which for right now are focused on learning how to garden. Steep learning curve, but exciting as the seeds I started indoors last month have turned into plants which I put into 3″ pots and have now transferred into the raised garden beds outside….and they LIVE!!! Well, most of them. And, I have so many extras I’m now giving them away.

    My first experience with pest on plants…don’t want to go the chemical route if I can manage naturally. Granddaughter #6 came today and we mixed up some soap, water, oil and sprayed plants. Hoping that will take care of current issue. But, as I read about gardening, dealing with pests of all sorts will be an ongoing task. Whatever, so far it is something new and different for me and that is good!

    Handyman neighbor is helping me get my deck ready for Spring/Summer activities. Fresh water sealer applied and some additional deck furniture. Saw a red Cardinal today and that was cool.

    Scratched my leg on rusty fencing gave me an opportunity to dig into my medical emergency supply. Found some serious antibiotic cream that I slathered on scratches and looks like going to be okay. My first thought was “do I need to go and get a booster shot for ?” but decided to wait and today looks just fine.

    Nearing top of my to do list is to stock in some more flour. Maybe floods this Spring won’t affect availability but I’m just not so sure. I’d rather have a bit more than run short as I love to bake bread. Who doesn’t love a loaf of homemade bread ?; and I find that is something I can give away while suggesting others might want to learn how to bake their own bread. It was a sweet Mennonite lady many years ago who brought me a loaf of bread on my birthday that got me interested in bread baking and I am so grateful to her.

    Been a long day so will say nite all…be blessed, and keep posting…love to know what’s up with your lives…wondering what has happened to Molly and her closet…


    OldMt Woman

    Cinnamon Granny…..yes, we all check our plant babies daily..at least!  Cuz gardeners are a crazy lot and each year we get ALL EXCITED as tho we’ve never seen the tip of a radish leaf begin to break the ground.  LOL   But isn’t it great to still have that wonder….for all the negative in the world?

    Lil’Sister…ugh, pollen.  Hasn’t started here yet.  We get mostly pine pollen.  Yellow all over.

    Muffy….you’ve definitely joined the gardeners. 🙂   Can hear it in how you describe your baby plants and wanting more of them.  You’ve really done well to grow them up to small pots and have enough to give away.  \0/   Isn’t it fun?  The best enthusiasm is early and then when you get your first harvests.  The weeding can get tiresome…tho I really like it but now it HURTS so much.  Enthusiasm can wane by the end of a long season with a big garden and endless produce.  The canning, dehydrating, freezing…it isn’t quite as thrilling after umpteen batches.  But taking a look at canning jars on shelves…soooo ‘purty’.  Or dehydrated food…taking up waaay less space and yet it’s lots of food.  Amazing.

    We took one of the elderlies out to eat today.  The other is …being difficult.  It’s getting to be that season of life.  🙁   But we had a nice meal and Walmart stop.  I finally got some back-up thumb drives.  Something may or may not have gone wrong the last time I backed up this struggling laptop.  I save a LOT of data.  I would be QUITE irritated to lose it.  So now I’ll have a back up.  Then the next time, I’ll use a different thumb drive to back-up.  If it messes up, I haven’t destroyed the original.  Then I’ll just leap frog them.  Want to do that soon.

    Also renewed my supply of near and mid-range [computer] reader glasses.  Lost pair still hasn’t turned up yet.  It will but was old and scratched lens anyway.  I like them at point-of-use.  Or tied to me.  If StuffHitsFan….I NEED to see!  My far vision is fine.  DH is opposite.  We make a pair. QQ

    Now that we have a regular trash pick-up and DH has more free time, he’s making one day a week for clutter clearing in garage/basement.  Yeah, that wilderness area once inhabited by “ratfinkus mutitudinous” and it’s lessor cousins.  ICK!  But since my ancient kitty died and we began to use poison, zero population….so far.  It’s been 6 months but… I’m still holding my breath.  I’ve been fooled before.  Anyway, he’s making slow but sure progress.  But if I catch him throwing out my treasures, he’s in for it!  Hmph.  We tend to see value in different things.  LOL

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all



    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Wise words CinnamonGranny.

    Lately I have been helping a neighbor with her first aid kit, Giving her some surplus as she had nothing and teaching her a few things.

    Doing some minor things around the house and making lists for hurricane season. I am prioritizing in terms of necessity and what will run out quickly.

    I think large/jumbo binder clips may be able to secure solar lights to the gutters. Will have to get some and see.

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