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    Well, I just lost what I was typing. Don’t know what happened but it disappeared.

    Granny smith hope your virus goes away soon and you start to get stronger each day. Praying for you.

    Corsaire, the Thrive Life has good products. I am getting ready to order some things I need to stock up on.

    We had some one’s cat get in garden last night and dug up the cucumber plants. So we lost them. Will have to replant so went to get some dog and cat repellant.  I am going to check out some type of fencing that will keep the cat out.

    We are going to have to replace the toilet in main bathroom. Not looking forward to that but that toilet is 52 years old and I am tired of replacing parts.

    DH helped in garden yesterday and is worn out today. Although he did go to Lowe’s with me and walked around a bit. Seemed to have helped him some. He really needs to gain his strength back and do a little walking each day.

    Granny Smith, I think your storm is going to be heading our way this weekend. Just hope it doesn’t drown the garden. Though it does have good drainage. The roots of what we planted as well as seeds could wash out with a very hard rain.  Keeping fingers crossed.



    @grannyj smith look up Paul stamets and his work into fungi and how it can be used in helping humans fight off both viral and bacterial infections including those that are fully antibiotic resistant.


    I and my tribe all use the stuff, I have only ever gotten not feeling good  never sicken over 6 years using stamets  products. I volenteer at ambulance service so get some exposure to nasty nasty stuff.more than a few msra and worse cases  for hours drive to main hospital 200 miles away touching and sitting next to them for whole trip.   I would say after that long being sick try the extracts which is what we use, it defiantly won’t harm.


    grannyj smith

    Thank you for the info on Paul S, I will be reading more on this. I am getting better for I can eat a little more, just having a little pain and swelling in my left side today after having a day out Saturday by taking the kids for lunch and play time in the indoor play area at McDonald’s.

    Doing sheets and comforters today from my teenage daughter’s sleepover, next I have to vaccum and shampoo the two chairs that fold out into beds in her room, I know she should be doing this, but she did a lot laundry Saturday night due to exterminating the house for fleas.  I don’t know if all the rain has caused all these fleas to get on the front porch which has outdoor carpet on it, guess they get on someone’s shoes or pant legs and get in the house that way. I order some flea powder to sprinkle on the carpet to make sure these fleas are gone and my dh is removing the carpet off the porch and spraying it down with flea spray.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms on here, have a blessed day.





    Thought I would check in and say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS ON HERE.   Before my daughter get’s here.  Have a great day.


    Josefina Arenas

    Thanks, Littlesister…Happy Mother’s Day to all on the Organic Prepper!



    Hi, all
    Got my new toy today…a rocket stove! I was trying to think of how I could cook if there were a serious, long-term grid down that would affect not only my electric but gas heat. Settled on a rocket stove for cooking using minimal amounts of wood fuel. It works…so cool…I played with it today and am convinced I could manage this for cooking one-pot meals.

    Some of my tomatoes planted in the raised beds are just not thriving so I’m going to replant these with some that remain in the three inch pots and are getting really big…gardening is still working for me as an activity to get me up and moving. My potatoes planted in an old broken five gallon bucket are actually growing…woohoo!

    I feel very positive about my prepping efforts since joining this group last October! Hopefully we won’t have a serious problems but honestly I feel we are possibly confronting some really interesting times ahead.

    Stay as healthy as you can out there….we are what we eat…best regards to all…


    grannyj smith

    April 14

    I found wide mouth canning bands and rings at discounted prices at Walmart so I ordered extra for canning meats and HEB has ground beef and beef chuck roast for 2.77 per pound, so I am going to use Daisy’s recipe for canning the beef.  I am a little nervous at canning beef,  but if I don’t try I will never be able to secure food for my family.





    Granny that is great. I am checking around now for the best price on canning jars. So far it looks like I will be making a trip to tractor supply. They seem to have the cheapest prices so far.

    Defrosted the freezer today, so that is now out of the way. Got it so I can find everything now.  I have more beef than I thought. So went through it and will be canning beef soon. Also have some 85% hamburger that I will be making jerky with.

    Muffy, those rocket stoves are great. You are going to love it.  I am saving up for a second one so I can cook a couple of things at the same time.


    OldMt Woman

    A quick note.  I caught up reading all of your posts.  Delighted to hear of your adventures, progress, and pray for your challenges, especially health!

    I’m challenged with health issues currently, but all came out good news with the surgery.  Simply still very wiped out from what turned out to be an unexpected ordeal.  Then other life issues have been sprouting and DH and I are both strained to keep up.  Day by day …knocking things off the list.  But all our clearing-out-junk project is kind of at a stand-still for now.

    Weather in the high mountains west has been strange.  Changes seasons every few days….or hours…  {roll eyes}   I’ve been in shorts and tank top ….and bundled up in multiple layers to keep warm.  Same week.  Did wash and put away our winter insulated snow suits tho.  Pretty sure we’re past that stage.  lol

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all  [my bedtime got earlier thru all this…and that’s better]


    OldMt Woman

    Oh…Corsaire with your mylar sheets.  Try on the inside of the windows.  We use just like a curtain and put up and down.  But you could “attach” the thin [fairly fragile] sheets to the inside of the glass.  Cut to fit inside the window framing for easiest result.  Then get a water spray bottle.  Spray the glass all over LIGHTLY.  Not water running down.  Then pat the mylar to the dampened window.  It should stick for a while.  Might have to spray to stick again.  Just with water, mind you.  Can be removed and put up again if necessary.  We’ve found it really cuts down on the sun’s heat but you can see thru it….darkly.

    This also works if you’re using large bubble wrap sheets.  Spray water and they stick.



    grannyj smith

    May 16

    We are doing clean up on the homestead this week, mowing and getting rid of things laying around for the snakes are out now and they get under anything.  Was hoping to be able to get the yard sale things out this weekend, but more severe weather moving in Saturday and then again next week, sure wish this weather pattern would change and not have so much bad weather.




    Old Mt Woman, I will have to try the mylar on my patio door. The afternoon sun blazes through and heats up the den and kitchen. We get a direct hit from the sun on that door.

    Worked at Church with food ministry today.  We just did have enough food to give out. It emptied the shelves. So when I got home, I got DH together as he did not sleep again last night so did not go with me to help this time. Need to check his meds to see if one of those might be keeping him awake at night. But when I got home he had gone back to bed and slept till 12:30. So he decided to go with me to Lidel’s to buy can goods for the food pantry. So we will be unloading that Sunday morning before church.

    DH is cooking collard’s for market tomorrow, so I can get house cleaned up and then start going through things to get rid of again. I have to catch up on the normal house cleaning before I can start going through things again.

    I need to call son in law to go with me to buy a new toilet. I put that off till this weekend. But we are down to only the one toilet in master bath.   Grandson came over for dinner tonight so that was nice. He had been working all week and was off this evening.

    Hope everyone is doing well and those with health issues are feeling better.



    Been an interesting few days…I have TWO tomatoes growing on one of my vines…woohoo!!! some things have not done well – cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts…it’s just been so very wet I think that might be the problem…my potatoes in a broken five gallon can are growing like crazy!! will be fun to see what results I have in several more months…

    humidity has been awful, making me ready to head for the hills…but actually getting ready for a quick run out to Columbia, MO this weekend to watch my 20 yr old granddaughter graduate from the U of MO…she buckled down and completed her degree in just three years…so proud of her determination….she just didn’t want the debt other students are mindlessly (she thinks) incurring. I’m so glad folks are finally beginning to rethink the importance of “higher education.” It simply isn’t for everyone. As I spent a chunk of my life working with students coming out of our public schools who were ill prepared for college level work , I think I can speak with some authority.

    I’m doing a bit of research on water storage. I want to add several rain barrels for watering my raised bed gardens. I’m on a water system here but the rates keep going up and up. And, I think fresh rain water will be better for my gardening efforts than treated city water…maybe not…

    Sure hoping all ya’ll can stay well and enjoy the days you’ve been given on this green earth…:) love your posts!!!


    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All. Glad to see you here.

    It was been awhile. Spring! And hundreds of things to do, now.

    Old Mt. Woman, you said you could stay put if things are slippery. Us, also. My daughter, however, wants us to be out of here by next winter. She and daughter-in-law, think we should work toward that Tiny House and get rid of this big house on a hill. Not going to happen. We are more than prepared to wait out a month if we must. Except for milk, we would be fine. Hubby can drink my soymilk on his cereal.

    I understand encroachment. We have a first floor laundry room. Stuff gets “stuffed” in there whenever we want it out of sight. But, it should all be put away or just plain discarded.

    I hope your health issues resolve quickly. It is no fun.

    Columbia River: no gas stove? Sorry. Our house is partly 30 and partly 150 years old. It leaks like a sieve. No problem with air exchange to keep the house fresh. You must have an electric furnace, then, too.

    I made brownies with black beans. I agree. It tastes like fudge. Keep it in the refrigerator. If it lasts that long.

    Corsaire: I will need to check Aldi to see if ours has a butane stove. That is what I want to put into my basement tornado shelter. Question about butane. If we have a butane CAMP stove, isn’t that the “same”? Butane cylinders. Can the camp stoves be operated inside as a regular “Buffet-type butane” burner would?

    Columbia River: I used to be a blood donor. I started giving for my mother who had two heart surgeries. 45 years ago. I am 0–. I did not have a childhood illness so my blood could be given to babies and burn victims. However, Someone came up with TRALI, transfusion related lung infection, and now I can no longer give. If they identified which protein my blood has, and clearly label the blood unit, my blood could be given to hemophiliacs and others who could be tested for that protein. Even for surgical patients who are prescheduled. But, No. Don’t let the 0 Neg/universal donor give.

    Old Mt. Woman: \0/ Hooray for being clean. /~\ for not recovering well. My mother-in-law was allergic to the sedative they used for a simple procedure and ended up spending the night. I hope yours was simple.

    Mama Cando: Great idea for the pj bear. I had heard bout them and it is a wonderful idea. Glad they also found an urn. Sorry to hear about your husband’s cousin. We never know our time or the reason.

    Little Sister: Failing health comes to all of us. In the old days, it meant a much shorter future. Now, most of the time we can work through it. I keep reminding myself that doctors have a Medical “Practice.” Practice because what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. I hope you two are able to figure this out. Best wishes.

    Corsaire: Send the Cheez-Its to me…

    Muffy 1938: I am looking forward to learning how your potatoes-in-a-bucket turn out. Have you planted anything else with them? How many potatoes? Our grocery store has had both seed potatoes and onions in the produce department. None this year. I must find another source.

    Enjoy your well-earned independence. And, your rocket stove.

    Granny Smith: You can can beef. I did some last month. It was great. It is so nice to have the shelves full of food = ready to go.

    I did it to myself: In the last few weeks, I have been dealing with a digestive issue. Nothing medically serious. I have been trying to boost my pre-, pro-biotics. I hoped they would help eliminate gas, and other issues linked to poor digestion, and eating more dairy/cheese than I should. I started slowly with a month’s worth of Align, then Align Gummies.   Ok, time to try something stronger. I switched to a Spring Valley Probiotic that had about 8 different kinds and 10 billion units. I had diarrhea the next day. I took the pills for a week, figuring the bacteria would settle in and the symptoms would stop. Nope. I went off, and now two weeks after stopping the pills, I am still having issues!, although slowing down I have missed one grandson’s event due to the side effects. I have taken many Imodium to get through two other events, and again today to make it to the ballet recital. I do not like taking such pills. I hope this all settles down soon. It is a bit scary to eat a good meal, and then have it run right through the system. I have not lost more than a couple pounds, so I guess I’m getting some of the nutrition. Perhaps I should go on the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. But, those darn bacteria are there and not going away, which is what I wanted. Oh, well. Managing.

    Garden: I started seeds over a month ago. Only the cabbage had emerged last week. Finally, some of the squash started, and growing quickly. No peppers, and the tomatoes are still at the seed-leaf stage. We have half the old veg. garden beds ready, but no new ones yet. It is raining too much. I did plant our peas, beans, and broccoli. Tomorrow, hopefully the soil will be dry enough to dig and plant some more. The Cole crops will have their true second leaves by then and be ready to plant. Plus put a low chicken wire around them to keep out the little bunnies that find their way under the eight-foot fence.

    The cherry tree and plum tree were full of blooms and bees. I hope there was enough cross-pollination to set a lot of fruit. The ten currant bushes were absolutely loaded! They are five years old and producing so much we must give it away. Canning jars are expensive; at least family gives the jars back.

    My Grandson#1 graduates high school in two weeks. He is feeling his “senioritis:” Finals, papers, getting ready for graduation, prepping for college, getting ready to spend the summer at camp. Camp training starting on June 7<sup>th</sup> with graduation the same night; training continues over the weekend with his graduation party on one of those nights. Doubled up! No wonder he feels stressed.

    I did not have the heart to tell him that college is pretty much like that all the time. He is taking the time to attend his brothers’ band and orchestra concerts, and even a Scout Camporee. I hope it helps him calm down a bit. At least this summer, he is going to be at camp ten miles from me. If he misses something, we can drop it off; the last three years he was 200 hundred miles away in the summer. Grandson#2 was debating about whether to attend the Camporee due to homework. This is one of the first responsible things I have heard him say. Sigh, they are all maturing.

    Best wishes to all. I hope you/we can all roll with the weather and the health issues. Take care and Prep On!






    Olivia Green

    Went garage sale-ing yesterday.
    Found a miter saw & box for $2.. the box is plastic. But as my projects are very minor, figured it’d work alright.
    Also 16 long taper candles @ .50 each.
    And 24 wide mouth & 24 regular mouth pint jars.. all for $6.
    Happy indeed.

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