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    And people wonder why they are living paycheck to paycheck.
    They buy a house, two maybe even three times what they need, fill it with furnishings, TVs etc. and then wonder why they barely make ends meet.

    Had a co-worker who bought a house. Sunroom, never used it. Formal dinning room, used it once or twice a year. He ended up having to get two roommates to afford it.

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    Lol my first place was a big house friends each bought s share , was best party pad ever….we fixed it up and sold it in two years everyone doubling their cash…


    Had to take the deck down….. and remove the crappy old falling down barn…. solution bring your own power toll deck and barn wrecking party with a permit for bin fire….. epic  party and deck an barn gone… enough empties to pay for the nails for the new deck.


    Did we mess up he’ll yeah police came by every Friday and sat night but we learned about real life,what you could and could not do with or without permission. How to deal with government beaucracy, angry neighbors. How to get lazy friends to work… beer bbq and girls in bikini work wonders for young male testosterone. Finance and buying and selling of realestate plus how ro deal.with disagreements among friends. How to work out gf issues


    Plus 3 out of the four guys where technical trades so you learned about it when doing it for the house… big show and do. Learned about other things we had zero idea about. found out handy tool of engineering overides on house upgrade inspections. When we re did roof we made a slip and slide down to a above ground pool once it was done….great memories.


    We where taught the 555 rule 5 percent less than you can afford 5 percent more in payment each month 5 percent into improvement of house each payday.



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