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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have been using this for a month now with ok results. It’s not as good as ventolin expecially when heavby allergens.</p>
    But it makes you able to breathe without trouble while sitting during and post attack.


    1 lb cheap whole coffee bean not ground not decaf

    26 oz vodka 40 percent

    1 can of caffinated instant coffee


    Peppermint essential oil food grade.


    Pour bean and vodka into blender…. blend till very warm to touch. Strain keep the liquid toss the beans.


    When attack occurs take  just instant coffee for low grade the vodka for medium and both for severe.

    1tbsp of coffee

    1 drop of peppermint

    Cup of water warm.

    Add then mix and chug… no sweeteners mess with peppermint.

    You can add more  peppermint I have done up to 4 drops. Note the peppermint then evaporates from you from your neck upper back , shoulders and head… weird sensation.


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    Crow Bar

    Ah! Well, when my wife gets back from the ME, I might have her try that.

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