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    James Mitchner

    Yet another victim of a senseless violent crime.  This time on what is supposed to be a peaceful interlude away from the stresses of everyday life on a trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine through remote wilderness.  The lesson, as if we require another one, for one’s self-defense is that no place is all rainbows and unicorns.  Danger stalks everyplace – restaurants, shopping, traveling, home, and even at church.  I’ve been on the AT many times and I never go unarmed.  Unfortunately, the trail crosses into a number of states that deny you your Second Amendment rights and, if found to be armed with a firearm, will not hesitate locking you up for a long time.  As someone said, being found with a firearm you must be willing to accept the consequences.  And, being confronted by a predator, human or otherwise, without being armed with a firearm you must accept those consequences as well.

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