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    Hey, everyone! What are you up to in August?

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    Hard to believe it is Aug. already. This year has flown by.  I made salsa to can as well as canned spaghetti sauce for this winter. Still no green beans nor butter beans. They are full of blooms but no beans. Garden has been a real flop this year. It was just way to much rain and with having to replant what we could, I think it was a bit to late. But we gave it our best shot. We have been getting some cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. That has been it for this year. Hoping next year will be better.

    Having to depend on farmers markets in North Carolina this year.

    I have slowed it down a bit on decluttering and getting things done. Guess the office was a bit much as I am really tired now. Need to rest a bit and then get another room done.

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    Mama cando

    Yup, Rain was just too much for our little garden. That and DH forgot to have the plants watered when we went to see the grands down south. Looks like all we’re going to get are the Gypsy Bell Peppers, for some reason they re just going gonzos. Looks like I’ll have to hit the farmers market again.

    Oh Chip and Miss Chloe are getting along well now. She isn’t hissing or growling at him UNLESS he gets too close to her WHILE she’s eating, he tries to “steal” her food while she’s chowing down but that’s because he was in the cattery with about 10 other cats and they ate together from common bowls. He’ll learn, he’s a smart one. He’s already learned not to get up on the sink and table. Well at least while we’re awake, DH says he knocked a couple of my battery operated candlesticks over and the runner was mussed up a bit the other night, LOL

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    Mama cando, glad to hear your kitties are now getting along. I have been filling freezers with meat as it goes on sell. Hoping to start canning more meat within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Going to head to market to get potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn to can soon.

    Still working on getting windows washed and the rest of house cleaned up. Trying to move furniture around to make the rooms a bit more functional. Not that easy to do. And Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it. Time is flying by faster and faster. I really cannot believe we are now in August.

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    Yay, Mama cando! Thanks for the update on the kitties!

    August in Texas– ugh. I’m ready for cold winds, and gloomy skies, and autumn smells. Forget this heat and relentless sun!

    Garden was mostly a failure this year. No squash or cukes, a few tomatoes and a few peppers. Not many pollinators at all. Plus the squash blossoms wouldn’t set fruit even when they were pollinated. Odd. The elderberry cuttings are starting to leaf out. If I get at least eight viable ones, I’ll keep four here and put four down on the land.

    I’ve been reading up on how to get my technician’s license for ham radio. It’s a bit slow going right now, but it’ll be worth it to keep talking to my friend. We really think this will work for her— learning Morse code and feeling the key as the letters come in.

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    Mama cando

    Thanks Little sister Sounds like you’re  keeping busy. I know what you mean about arranging furniture. Ya can only put it in certain spots in the rooms and hope the traffic pattern goes well. Do have one bright note, My friend picked up the chair and footstool to re upholster AND she says it will be back before our cousin comes end of the month. WHOO HOO!! She’ll have somewhere to sit now, HA HA HA!

    Rufusj,  Thanks, I think the calming collar has been good for her too. It looks like she’s stopped over grooming herself and the bald spots are coming back.Sorry about your squash and other veggies though, what a shame. Good news on the elderberry plants though. Elderberry jam (wine;)) YUM!. Hope everything else does better. As for the heat,you could come to Michigan and have ice and snow and ice, just kidding. It’s been really hot this summer and it looks like it might not be a good winter for us. All I ask is that it snows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Makes DH’s efforts in the yard looks so good for the grands coming. Three live down south and LOVE coming up here to play in the snow. Were disappointed last year, cause there was barely a dusting. Although they got about 6-8 inches last December so they could go out and play in it with the baby sister down there.

    Just bought a new stove today. Went to Lowe’s to do a color check on some blinds we need (ordering on line, it’s cheaper and they do free delivery) and went to the appliance area to look around. OOPS Mistake, LOL. Found a REALLY great deal on the gas stove we’ve been looking at, so DH said let’s get it, it’s too good of a deal not to. So I’m getting my gas stove sooner than I thought Yippee!! Won’t have to haul out the camp stove this year for pressure canning, YEAH!! Stay safe and pray for those in El Paso, Dayton.

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    Greetings from the sunshine state.

    Yes the sun is still shining, kind of. Its been a rainy week but no tropical storms. We do however have a Hep A outbreak.

    Been looking at youtube videos on sewing. Super excited to get started, but I need a machine first. One of the thrift stores gets them in pretty regularly, so I am keeping watch.

    Picked up a pole pruner to do tree work.

    Hope everyone is doing well

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    Cecil Beeme

    I found U.S. skinless boneless chicken breast on sale for .89 a pound! I will be canning my little heart out!!

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    That is a great price for chicken breast. Haven’t seen it around here for that price in a long while. You will be busy..  I did get some speggetti sauce canned and now have a bunch of roma tomatoes to can. Will be doing that tomorrow. Granddaughter got all four of her wisdom teeth pulled Monday. She did great. Though she looks like a little chipmunk right now.

    Going to head to the farmers market to see if they got anymore peaches in. I want to get some to can. I am about out of the ones I canned 2 years ago. I canned 2 bushels back then. Going to do the same amount this year.

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    grannyj smith

    This month I am continuing on with making this house a minimalist home and then moving on to prioritizing what I need for six months worth of food and supplies.

    I am moving towards turning the farmhouse kitchen a commerical kitchen in hopes of making some extra money on weekends, but that will take time and money which I had to have the dryer repaired and then order propane this month and that took what money I had left after buying food and paying bills.

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    More inventory as I have been hitting the BOGOs at the market, and reading Daisys book tips and tales from the Frugal kitchen.

    Had an endoscopy for my GERD. Got polyps but they are benign.

    Got smacked with a big medical bill from OT. They just combined 5 months worth of services and said due now. Worked out a payment plan, but gosh I was there 2x a week, they could have checked and I could have paid some each visit.

    Ordered a Wonderbag and a cast iron dutch oven. I like the idea of not having the slow cooker plugged in, plus having a hot breakfast ready in the morning.

    Some local flooding due to the rain, but all is well.

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    Corsaire, Glad things went ok with the endoscopy. I also have GERD and have to have those now and then.

    You will like the wonder bag. I have one and have tried it out a couple of times so far. Works great.

    We are getting green beans now. It has taken forever for them to start to produce. Will be ready to pick by end of week, so will now be able to teach my niece and a friend how to can.  I did make spaghetti sauce and salsa to can but don’t want to start out teaching how to can with something that would be a bit harder. Green beans are the easiest to start out with and then go from there.

    Going to start canning beef soon. I now have a freezer full to can. Have been trying to build that up for canning.  Thought I would have had that done by now but things kept getting in the way.

    Watching for sales on chicken now but so far nothing.  Hoping they will put it on sale soon.

    Grannyj Smith,  You are doing great with down sizing. I still need to get rid of a few more things. It’s going slow but I will get there. I like that idea of using the farm house for cooking for people. I really think that is a great idea.

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    Hi, all! I went through a bit of a bump in the road recently (a couple of falls) so getting back on track has taken some time and effort; but, I’m pleased to say that the road has smoothed out and like GrannySmith I’m seriously focusing this month on getting rid of absolutely everything that I don’t need! Doing the Marie Kondo thing, ie. if the item does not spark joy it’s gone. 🙂 I’m just about finished with category 1: Clothes…lots of bags of good stuff to our local thrift shops.

    I’m still working on my longterm food supplies, getting them stored where I can reach them and all the other prepping items I’ve purchased since starting this program last October. Wow. Where have the months gone? But I feel so good about how well I think I’ve done to be better prepared for living independently no matter what’s going on elsewhere.

    My gardening efforts have produced only a small amount this season, in good part because of the excessive rain: but I remain extremely enthused about gardening as an excellent activity to keep me involved and moving about everyday! My handyman neighbor is going to help me clean out the raised beds and try some fall crops that normally do well in our area, for example turnips which I love and their greens. I’m also going to set out a lot of garlic that should be ready for harvest come next June. And, I’m going to grow spinach in the shed all winter long as I did this past winter. Yeah!

    Learning about and using essential oils has become a new area of interest for me. Lots to learn but I’ve bought a highly recommended book and few basic oils and a diffuser to start. I think the health benefits are worth the money and time.

    Family news: Fairlight (age 16) who has spent the past month in Rome studying Latin will be returning. It will be good to have her back in the States. Hannah graduated from college in May and has landed a full-time job she’s excited about. All the others are headed back to school or college.

    Hoping others will begin to post again as I’m always eager to read about your lives. Where’s oldMountainWoman these days? Have I missed her posts?

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    grannyj smith

    Still dealing with nerve pain from the virus I had, if I could just get a good night’s sleep I wouldn’t be so tired during the day, it seems I just get to sleep at night and the alarm goes off to get my daughter up for the school bus.

    Now we have great grand babies placed in our home to care for,  I want to get them on a schedule in hopes of making things a bit easier for meals, napping and bedtime, so I have some free time to get things done In the house.

    Went shopping at Walmart the cashier gave me a Walmart coupon for twenty dollars off while checking out with diapers, pull ups and wipes and some for ten percent off when I order the babies clothes online.  It’s a small Walmart and we have shopped there since moving here,  so it doesn’t take long for everyone to know a change has taken place in our family.

    Things are going slow on getting the farmhouse kitchen turned into a commerical kitchen, two things they said I need,  a three compartment sink and a hand washing sink.  I have the food handlers permit and the state sales tax number, just need to get the sinks in.

    Been using HEB’s digital and yellow coupons and I get HEB’s weekly sales ad emailed to me, so I am finding a few ways to save me time and money. I had the land line phone turned off and just going to use a cell phone, that is almost a seventy dollar per month saving, so each month I will looking for more ways to save money.




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    Mama cando

    granny j smith, fantastic progress. Sounds like things are moving along.Nothing much to report, got the first pepper off the plants, was delicious,have several more ripening. Have lost the tomatoes.  DH put calcium in ,did a good soil mix and test but looks like all the tomatoes have blossom rot on them. third year in a row. We’re not sure what the heck is going on.

    DIL2 is starting her pre back to school training this week so we’re going to have the grands for 2 days, can’t wait. Either she or Son2 will pick them up after they get out of work. Going to see if they want to stay for dinner and have the grands “help” make it. Grson2 says he does real good on cooking dinner and his sister does good on making desserts. That is a true statement, we went to dinner and she had made brownies. They were excellent. Their puppy dog is getting big and he’s a coffee hound. Seems DIL2 spilled some coffee once and he slurped it up before she could mop it up. He LIKED IT!!.  I had my travel cup full of coffee when we went to dinner at their house and he just wanted so bad to help grandma drink it up, LOL.

    Oldest Granddaughter turned 14 on Sunday and it was dad’s week end with the kids. So she got to spend it with dad.  She is on the schools volleyball team and they had a tournament Friday. They won one but lost two. Son1, DIL1, GRson1 and baby sister were in the stands cheering her and the team on.  Then they all went back to GA for the week end. Just kicking back and getting the house ready for our cousins visit end of the month. Stove is due to be delivered sometime next week, I can’t wait. I’ll need next week to “play” with it so I don’t ruin dinner when cuz comes LOL. Stove is gas, been cooking on electric so I’ll need the (re) learning curve.Hope you all stay safe and have a great Labor Day.

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    Looks like everyone has been busy and time is flying.  Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and Christmas right behind it. I am behind on some of the things I need to get done but working on it.  I wanted to go out to pick green beans, but it is thundering and more rain coming. It has been very hot the last couple of days. Heat index of 101. Hoping to get the beans picked tomorrow or next day. Also need to pull up cucumber plants as they are done and the tomato plants as they are doing nothing. Have been getting just a few green peppers but not many. Butter beans are just starting to form, So hoping to get something of that crop.

    I really hope and pray that next years gardens will be a great one for next year. These past couple of years have been really bad.

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    I am really bad at checking in.

    Getting over a particularly fun bout with the flu. Really need a little sleep sometime this month.

    Got the eldest dropped off at college, the youngest is starting high school. As if I wasn’t feeling old enough.

    Not even close to ready for winter, too much to do.

    But after three months of a completely screwed up work schedule, we are returning to the old ways, and things will settle down finally.

    Hope everyone is feeling better.

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    Whirlibird, Glad you are feeling better. Summer is no time to be catching the flu. Or anytime for that matter.

    I canned 78 pints of green beans yesterday. I then had to clean kitchen.  I want to get some potatoes to can as I was going to do that a couple weeks or so but never made it to market. But first I need to take a few days to catch up on housework. Never did finish washing windows and curtains. So will start back on that Monday.  Right now I am going to take a day of rest and just read.  DH is at market cooking collards for them today, so that gave me time to get things done early this morning that I needed to do while he was away.

    The garden was not doing well at all this year. But I did get the 78 pints of green beans and enough tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce and some salsa. We still have butter beans that are looking like they might start forming in the pods now, Though it is late in the year for them, I am hoping to get enough to freeze. I am going to be looking at Daisy’s canning book on canning beans. I want to make some fast meals for busy days like the last 2 days were.

    Seems everyone has been busy. Stay safe. And please pray that the school year across the country will be safe.

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