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    James Mitchner

    Several of my comments have been delayed due to “Awaiting moderation”.  Why is that?

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    Crow Bar

    This site has been hit by mass SPAMERS in the past.
    Rather then allowing auto-posting, Daisy has put in the human element (her or I) to go in and approve each post.
    The SPAMERs seem to have gotten the idea, I have not seen any in the past few days, and it has become a trickle compared to what it was.
    One morning I logged in to find 101 posts. Of those 101, 100 were SPAM.
    I try to log in a few times a day to approve of non-SPAM content, but not always successful. That life thing.
    Not sure if this site allows for “Trusted Sources,” so that known members can auto-post. Will have to talk to Daisy about that one. Might be a premium upgrade.

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    James Mitchner

    Gotcha!  Yes, spammers had the run of the place for a while.  Made almost impossible to navigate the site.


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