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    I ordered this thing for Halloween , but it came too late . This ” instrument ” has baffled archeologists as to exactly the Aztecs used it for . One theory is that it was used for ceremonial rituals , the other theory is that it was used by warriors going into battle to scare their enemy . The warrior theory would definitely work , as the sound this thing makes , is absolutely horrifying ! It sounds like cross between a human screaming in absolute agony , and an animal screaming in a trap , but more like a human . I had fun with it at work , I stood outside the building , and let it go 4 – 5 people went outside to see if somebody was getting killed lol . Animals don’t like it !  It hurts their ears , and  seems to frighten them . Dogs back off , cats run with their tails fluffed out , they don’t know what it is . This is a curio , but I’m interested to know what it would sound like in the deep forrest . This thing is loud and horrifying .

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    That’s very cool.

    The psychological terror value of a gadget like this cannot be overestimated.

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    Crow Bar

    The hawkers around the pyramids near Mexico city had something like that.  Sounded like a big cat screeching.

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    Read about it, and checked it how it sounds (on you tube), and I can only imagine how this sounds much better (or worse to listeners) in reality.

    Definetly there is use for this in let s say psychological pressure moments.

    Thanks Tolik.

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    OldMt Woman


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    James Mitchner

    Just checked them out on Amazon.  Wow!  All over $100!  Maybe getting naked, painting myself blue, and running out screaming a Rebel yell would work just as good.  😉

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    Peppy P

    Oh the fun I could have with my neighbors.

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    Old Goat

    The kids would love it! And yes its a psychological weapon and signaling device. Very neat.

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