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    Jade Jasmine

    Canners are wonderful things and in our case it is where about 40% of our daily food intake comes from. I can a lot. I get things on sale and can it, I grow stuff and can it, I trade for stuff and can it. And its a good thing, because even doing that, I still drop a hefty amount on groceries but I’m able to be picky about it because I already have a good deal on the shelves at home. And the reason for this is: I live with a diabetic. I live with four different food allergies. I live with three picky eaters.

    I have an All American Canner. This thing is utterly awesome. Its beefy, its got clamp bolts, and gauges and weights and vents. Part of the reason I wanted this brand is that there isn’t a gasket on the inside of the lid that will need to be replaced semi-regularly. Buuut…

    What about the rest of it?

    If the pressure plug were to go, one of the clamp bolts were to wear out and come off, the vent pipe got an obstruction I couldn’t get out, the pressure gauge were to break… I wouldn’t be able to can. This means I wouldn’t be able to bulk buy at lower prices to save money, preserve food that we grow, etc, which means my family doesn’t eat as well.

    Having had a friend that went through this while things were less than ideal for money spending, it kind of opened my eyes on the fact that I need to keep a few spare parts around. I’ve been picking up some extras here and there, and extra vent pipe, an extra pressure plug, a handful of clamp bolts, another gauge, just in case. Not because I wouldn’t be able to buy it if it broke, but because it would inevitably break when I really didn’t have the money to spare to buy it and I might have to miss out on being able to keep up with the routine we’ve got going on here.

    Like most of our preps, we like to have extras on hand. I was taught two is one and one is none when it comes to things that you’d sorely miss in a pinch. I want to keep with that mentality when it comes to the this precious item that keeps us eating healthier food. So if you’re a canner and you haven’t considered back up parts for it, you might want to now. 🙂

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    That’s a great point.

    I’m very lucky to have backups that I got for free. I swear all the little old ladies within five miles heard my grandma saying I can and they cleared out their attics/cellars to give me old gear. It has been so sweet!

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      Jade Jasmine

      Its wonderful that you inherited from so many knowledgeable folks! And a boon, it isn’t exactly cheap to get started and canners and all that goes with them can get expensive quick. Lucky!

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    I must agree on the canners. Having backup parts is a great idea. I am looking into getting an all American canner. I like the idea of no gasket. I have a mirro canner. I love it but it does require a gasket. I do have 2 back up gaskets but would still like the next one to be without the gasket. So looking into getting the All American canner. Made tacos using my hamburger I canned last night. Going to be canning and dehydrating a lot more this summer. I am setting up a better place to put my dehydrator so I don’t have to keep moving it around when I am done. I have been setting it on the end of the kitchen counter but that is in the way when I am canning. Getting a table to set in corner of dining room just for the dehydrator where it can stay put all summer. My kitchen is small.

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    OldMt Woman

    I got backups to my grain grinder too….for the same reason.

    My cheap thrift store purchase of a pressure cooker [not canner] was simply so that I’d have an extra weight thing-a-bob.  In case the first one on my got lost.

    Anyone saving extra seals for canners….if you’re in arid country like I am, put them into your fridge.  Not freezer, just fridge for the humidity.  I keep hair bands, and other rubber type things in a crisper drawer.  Else they dry up and crack quick.  I should be keeping Bandaids in there too…since they go gooey way too soon.  🙁


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    Has anyone else noticed that the canning lids now have a label saying they are good for 18 months?  Are they putting less rubber (or whatever it is) on them for the seal?  Does that mean the seal isn’t going to last as long as it used to?  And what about tattler lids?  The thing I don’t like about them is that they don’t ping.  But maybe they will work better.  I am glad I still have a number of the old lids.

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