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    This concept has been around for ages. During the worst part of a recession businesses and people find themselves in a position of having to sell something, maybe lots of somethings at bargain prices to pay essential bills or because they had to declare bankruptcy. Whole businesses or assets of businesses, automobiles, houses and investment real estate, precious metals, jewelry, collectibles, etc. Lots of stuff lost value in the great recession, especially real estate and stocks. The thing is that you have to be sound financially to buy some of that stuff while its cheap. Being flush with cash helps.


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    It does if cash is worth anything after next crash.


    There are always deals to be had with cash on hand but you become a vulture very easily make sure it’s what you are ok with being.

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    Pick up a second job now. When people aren’t desperate and hungry.

    “Bank” the pay in tangible goods such as guns/ammo and non perishable consumables (TP). Or use it to bolster your pantry.

    Right now my “second income” goes towards bills, but after Easter, it will be divided differently. Half will go towards preps and an improved stockpile of materials and such.

    Many people look down on various types of “work”, but my ‘side gig’ at the C-Store gets us free milk and eggs, and puts about an extra $7500 in the wallet.

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    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Vulture?</span>

    Ever been to an estate sale?  Garage or moving sale? Helped out a coworker and bought something from them cheap?

    Its all relative.

    Even the sales at various stores may apply depending on your viewpoint.

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    I expected somebody to make a vulture comment. Whirl is right. There are no steals at garage sales, only sometimes bargains. I’ve bought a lot of blankets, camo, boots, cast iron cookware at garage sales. People know what their stuff is worth, they don’t give it away for pennies on the dollar. The difference is being able to buy a used blanket for $5 instead of a new one for $50 or a used cast iron dutch oven for $20 instead of $65 or more new. Somebody is going to buy that stuff, why not me, I have a family to protect too!. My point is you have to buy this stuff when it’s available and it’s more available in bad times, which ain’t now.

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    I agree. Only bargins at yard sales. And sometimes that is questionable. We are always looking for a steal or bargin if possible.  Like you say a blanket for $5.00 verses $50.00 is a big savings.  I haven’t been going to yard sales like I used to as most items around here are toys and baby clothes. My youngest grandchild is almost 18 years old now. So sort of gave up yard saling.    I do watch for store closings as I wait for prices to drop at 75 to 80 percent off and then go around and try to find what I can use really cheap. Sometimes it does pay off and other times I have walked out with nothing.  I know when Farm Fresh grocery stores went out of business, I scored big.  But on clothing stores, I noticed they have raised the prices and then take the mark down of 25 to 85 percent. So you really have to be careful… I walk through grocery stores looking fo closeout items, etc. which I got really good prices on.

    I remember when I was  a child and stayed at my grandparents farm during the summer. My aunts would take me to what they called the bargan bin at one of the clothing stores.  It would be in the cellar of the store. They had stuff in there they almost was given away.  Brand new shirts for like $2.00 and pants for as little as 5.00.  I don’t think any store does that now. It was how they got rid of the seasonal things. And there is always goodwill, CHKD which is the outlet for the Childrens hospital here. Very much like a good will store. We have several different ones around here and though it is all used stuff. You can find some great bargans.

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    The bargain basement has become “ross dress for less”

    If you watch, you can get some deals there.

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