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    Have you noticed that there are a lot more food recalls this year? Right now, ground beef, breakfast sausage, and canned corn are on the recall list.

    Ironically, the FDA says that our food is “safer than ever” and that they’re just better at tracing contaminants.

    I’m not convinced.  What do you think? Why do you think we’re seeing so many more recalls?

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    As of three years ago, only 10 corporations in three countries controlled most of the world’s food supply.

    Three companies own 60% of the world’s seeds.

    With corporate mega-mergers becoming the norm, the number of companies that make decisions about what you can buy in your store and how much you’ll pay for it will likely shrink.

    With this lack of competition, I’m not surprised we have all these recalls. Not that I’m a big fan of regulation, but we know that most of the government agencies responsible for oversight are stretched too thin and inspectors can’t/won’t do their jobs. And of course the FDA says it isn’t a big deal- everything they do is designed to keep us swimming along, not worrying about what will happen later. Most people do not want to see past the end of their noses and when something happens, they want someone else to take care of it for them.

    We have got to change the culture in this country, or we’re in for a harder time than we already have.

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    I can say that standards and inspections are definitely up, plus the ability to compare immediately health issues across the country.

    20 years ago, who thought that the lettuce in the salad would be stretched across 8 states and all were touched by the same person.

    Or that a single part in 100,000 cars could be identified as bad so fast.

    More information, faster.

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