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    And on that note, I think I am going to go mountain biking today.

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    It’s not the consuption it is the lack of exercise,  I eat now about 4000 call a day and have been losing 2 lb a month on top of muscle gains for over a year.


    The diabetes thing can be controlled with intermittent fasting… 14 hours no food intake at all. Here sometimes you get breakfast at 5 am next meal is 9 pm if things go wrong.


    As for brain… use it or lose it like any other muscle.



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    Dan the Old Guy

    Being stupid is an ancient problem.  Back in Greece, 2400 years or so ago, Plato argued that democracy could never work because people were ignorant and stubborn and needed to be controlled.  Personally, I go back and forth between Jefferson and Plato as to whether people are redeemable or not.

    Our society rewards stupidity, so why would people fight it?  You are a thief, you break through the roof of a store, you hurt yourself, you sue the store.  That happened and the criminal won.  No, it’s not the cheeseburgers that make people stupid, its the DNA.  We protect the stupid and they breed and have stupid kids, Joe Rogan has a funny bit on that, but it is probably a little too close to reality to be funny.

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