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    Crow Bar

    For the first time in months, we traveled far to visit friends in the city (3hr drive).
    We also dinned out, went out into public, went to a bar.

    So, everyone was enforcing the 6ft rule and masks. But as soon as you sat down, you could take your mask off. I guess COVID does not exist if you are sitting down.
    At the bar, you had to order something to eat per the governors dictate. Cuz, you know, if you are eating food with your pint of beer, Da COVID cannot get you!

    It was stoopid.

    And now they are looking for maybe a national lockdown?

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    It also can’t get you before 10 pm. Thank goodness for THIS “common sense measure.”  (sarcasm, if anyone is doubting my sanity.)

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    Funny and Biden is not president yet. So I do as I want, not as I’m told. I’m a bad girl. what can I say.   Biden’s science advisor cannot call for a nationwide lockdown as Biden is not suppose to be telling the country what they can and cannot do when he hasn’t even been scorn in. And that is not till Jan. 20th. So my take on that, think I best be a good girl now.

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    OldMt Woman

    LOL Crowbar

    Actually they want to have folks sitting in one place instead of mingling with others while having a drink.

    Was it CA where they want you to drop mask, put fork in mouth – take out fork, put mask up?  I can barely type that, let alone coordinate like that while eating. Unbelievable!

    As for the difference between daytime and nighttime COVID cooties…. LOL The only thing I can reason is that more alcohol as it gets later and later means less care about social distancing??? Maybe?  Couldn’t be just control issues, would it?  {roll eyes}

    @daisy I just heard the Denver mayor believes strongly in nighttime COVID cooties. 😉   He’s got the whole city on 10pm curfew with hefty fine if caught out.

    Just my theory but …..could it be that he wants to stop the riots/looting crowd but doesn’t want trouble from those promoting that? So blame it on COVID? Or he might be expecting more uprising after the election is settled? Just my speculation.

    But city curfews give a creepy flashback to WWII. “Papers, please” for anyone working a night shift.


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