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    Raise your hand if you’re surprised to hear that the new and highly touted COVID vaccine has terrible side effects? And also who’s surprised that the CDC and Big Pharma companies aren’t warning people?

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    I read this article in the MSM a few hours ago. I WAS surprised to see CNBC carrying it. I am deeply concerned about this vaccine. Developed too fast. MRNA design. So many unknowns. But most frightening, I honestly feel there will be a LOT of pressure to take it. I am a healthcare person, and my gut says BE WARY.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    “I Am Legend”

    how it’s started

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      Oh my goodness Matt I had forgotten about that! 😜

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      “I Can Fix This”

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    Crow Bar

    Here, take this shot that might be just as bad as the actual COVID.
    Then come back for a second round!

    I think I will opt for getting COVID directly (we think we already have gotten it).

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    My wife and I had a nasty cold that lasted 3 weeks with similar symptoms, last December. Maybe we had the Wuhan Flu 1,0 (you know, like Windows 1.0, that didn’t really do anything except run a clock and a text generator). Neither of us have gotten a test, although our son did (and came up negative).

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    And this from the liberal news

    AstraZeneca faces more vaccine questions after manufacturing error

    Read in Bloomberg:

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    This is what I have found out so far. This is what is in the vaccine.

    ChAdOX1-5 (recombinant) Recombinant DNA or gene cloning.

    MRC-5 is an aborted male fetus lung of a 14 week old aborted fetus.

    MHRA PEG chemical

    Someone also said they saw this on U-TUBE.  So I am also checking this out as to fact or not. This does change your DNA and I for one and my family are not getting this vaccine. They say it will make you very tired and feeling ill with the first dose. The second dose you will need to take a day off from work because it will drain your energy and make you extremely tired. I think the U-tube channel is TJ preps link to Rumble  channel. I have not checked this out yet.

    Anything that changes your DNA is bad news. Something smells on this vaccine.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    The CDC just told Medical Units to stagger the vaccine given to health care workers “so if there’s bad side effects it doesn’t wipe out entire health care units”.

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